Money Saving Tips


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seeing as money is such an issue for lots of people at the moment, why don't we try and share some money saving tips?

My first one is to plan what you are eating(in my case what my family are eating :8855:) and buy specifically to that list. We used to end up with lots and lots of waste but now ok the fridge is bare by Friday but I am saving £30 a week on shopping!!

Come on, you must all have some money saving tips!

What a great thread :)

I have saved money doing CD.. seriously it is scary what I used to spend on food!!!

My other money saving tip is to review your tariffs, mobile phone and landline phone especially. Move it to a lower plan, we've saved about £50 month like this :)
Nothing has saved me money like CD has. The rubbish I used to buy was beyond belief.... take aways alone!! Amazing!
I agree, great thread! we all need this at the moment i think!!

Definitely have saved money whilst on CD, people gasp at the cost but then i explain that actually i used to spend more than that on 2 lunches out and ad hoc trips to tesco's throughout the week anway! plus not going out drinking either so that saved money too.

i've found ptting kids in school dinners has also saved me money as i'm not nipping to the shops for lunchbox food all the time and buying extra's whilst i'm there!

Shopping at lidl!!

Got grandparents to buy certain things for kids for Xmas to save me buying them and that way they get what I want them to have without me having to buy it.

Cancelled all unnecessary outgoings , gym membership, kids tennis lessons, extra Sky packages, magazine subscription.

Check out ebay before i buy anything to see if i can get it cheaper.

I don't buy newspapers ever, i just read on-line news.

Turned all the radiators down 1 notch and the thermostat a few degrees and made the time the heatings on less (making everyone wear a jumper...i'm mean!)

Current ban on using the tumble drier, we have a free washing line and lots of air!!


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