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  1. MonsterMunch

    MonsterMunch Member

    I thought I would give this a go after reading everyone else's. Hopefully it will help me keep track of what I'm eating and I'm sure all you lovely people can point out to me when/where I'm going wrong.


    Orange = 0.5
    WW Chicken Risotto = 5.5
    WW Cottage Pie = 3
    Veg= 0
    Diet Coke = 0
    Orange = 0.5

    Total= 9.5 :eek::eek:

    As you can see I'm a lazy so and so and I eat a LOT of frozen microwaveable meals lol.

    Edit: Forgot to say I'm allowed 21 points a day
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  3. Galaxy Defender

    Galaxy Defender *Star*Girl*

    Ooh a new diary :)
    I have quite a few of the ww ready meals too. When you are busy at work they are so easy to make.
  4. MonsterMunch

    MonsterMunch Member

    My problem is I eat them all the time not just when I'm busy at work, haha. I seriously can't cook to save my life, I once made a lasagne and it was so disgusting, it was all hard and yucky lol.

    Frozen meals rock :D
  5. Galaxy Defender

    Galaxy Defender *Star*Girl*

    lol oh dear :p
    But yeah they totally do.
  6. mommyB

    mommyB love it

    hello and welcome. Love ready meals too when i'm in a hurry.
    what are you going to use the rest of your points on,you have loads left
  7. MonsterMunch

    MonsterMunch Member

    Hi mommyb,

    I've just had another orange but that doesn't add much to my points lol.
  8. mommyB

    mommyB love it

    would you like a bit of my courgette?? LOL
  9. vodaka999

    vodaka999 Silver Member

    Is that really all you had to eat yesterday ?

    If you dont eat enough food your body will hold every calorie you out in it and you are going to be doing yourself no favours in the long run.
    Always make sure you use up all your points :D
    You will miss them when they are gone

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