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They are fantastic I always get moonpig cards now. We did a spoof ok one for my preggie friend with a demi moore pose on the front and she cried when she saw it.
Rach xx


Is so very nearly there!
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We get ours DD from there!?

Fab eh - Ill post a pic of DD when comes! x


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I was so dissapointed when my sister in law got one for my husband!

I say this as I make and sell cards and couldn't believe she spent so much on a card that didn't even have an insert!

Nice thing was my husband said... oh.. thought it would be better than that! :8855: and it was late.


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I use Moonpig all the time but remember to order the card at least 4 days before you actually want them to receive it. Even though it was posted 1st class, it takes at least 2 days to get there!


I do think the spoof movie ones are brilliant!!

I'll post the one i'm getting for my bf when it comes xx


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I'm already planning to get my boyfriend's one from there

i read that too quickly and thought you had more than one boyfriend lol, yea i got my bf one for xmas last year he loved it


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I did one of the OK magazine cover style ones for my friend's birthday using loads of her wedding photos. She LOVED it! She loves a bit of OK/Hello celeb trash and having her 'celeb' wedding featured went down a treat.

I would definitely use it again for novelty/personalised ones using photos.



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Ive used them and received them - I love them, the Oi! one which is the Ok spoof is my favorite xxx


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I used them twice and was well pleased both times. I would use them again


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I use them too. brilliant. But I have a friend who thinks they're very impersonal (personally I think the opposite!)...