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Moosey's World!!

Been lurking about for the last 6 days and getting tonnes of inspiration from your diaries, but it's about time I started my own, so here goes.....

I'm just coming to the end of day 6 and I have to say, so far so good! I did experience some bad hunger pangs and a dodgy tum on day 2 but all seems ok now. Haven't got any ketostix so I don't know for sure whether I'm in ketosis or not, but I've been feeling chilly and not particularly hungry so I think I am.
I've tried all of the flavours of shake, soup and bars now and I really enjoy the taste of all of them... Except tomato & basil!!! Couldn't finish it last night, I disliked it so much. Gonna have to experiment with adding flavours to it!

Anyway, reasons for doing this.... I gained around 3 stone while pregnant with my little boy and have managed to lose 10lb of it in the 7 months since he's been around. I've just not felt motivated to eat healthy food!! I used to do kick boxing twice a week, which always helped with controlling my weight but I'm unable to go anymore :(
I've got my cousin's wedding in a month's time and I'm determined to lose at least a stone before then!!

I'm so pleased that I've found this site, otherwise I think I would have caved after day 2!! Thanks to you all for sharing your experiences and inspiring me to continue.

So, there you have it; my diary so far. Got more to say but don't want to bore you all too soon!!
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Welcome :D

Day 6 already? Well done, is weigh in tomorrow? X
Look forward to getting to know you xxx
Weigh in on Weds.

Although I have to confess, I did weigh myself this morning....... I won't reveal but I am pleased!

I've promised myself I'm not going to weigh myself until the official day next week. Won't be easy, I'm a bit addicted to my scales!! But I've said that if I can do a week without cheating on the diet food wise, then I can manage a week without weighing myself! Wish me luck!!!
Welcome to Exante chick.....Im sure you will be looking great for the wedding....good luck..x
Morning all!!
Rubbish night's sleep last night. Little boy decided to spend most of it screaming. Oh well!!
I'm feeling proud that I didn't get out of bed and jump straight on the scales. It's on my mind though, so looks like lots of housework is in order to keep me distracted...yay! :( lol.
Decided I'd give half pack of the vanilla a go, with the spoon of coffee and full amount of water. I thought it was going to be too watery, but I did enjoy it. Tastes a lot like a latte. Much needed after a rubbish night!
Fingers crossed for another nice sunny day! Always makes me feel better!
I've had a very similar night! I find that if I don't weigh first thing I wont go on the scales the rest of the day. Good luck :)
Right....almost time for bed after a pretty pants day all in all! I've been really tired for most of it. Fingers crossed for an uninterrupted sleep. Though I'll probably keep myself awake thinking about my weigh in tomorrow.
On the plus side, I've discovered that I really snack far too much. I didn't stray from the diet, but found myself heading for the kitchen and fridge soooo many times today. Even though I wasn't hungry! Looks like I raid the fridge when I'm tired.
Still, at least I'm aware of that now. Hopefully I will have killed the habit once I'm back on food!
Night all! X
Come on moosey - how much have you lost? :D

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Phew!! Wot a busy day today!! Running about here, there and everywhere. Glad to be home at last!

Anyway, the good news.....6lb lost!!! Woohoo :). On track to lose a stone in 4 weeks. So pleased with myself.

Gotta run...a little monkey is in need of attention. I'll be back later, no doubt! X
That's a great loss Moosey well done, you deserve it x
Yayyyy, well done!!! Xx

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Well done Moosey :D
Thanks all! Am really pleased.

Finally chilling out now...annnnd relax! Could murder a large vino now though. I'm resisting with a Dr Pepper Zero.

I've struggled a bit today. Stayed 100% but I've had cravings for cheese ALL day long. Lol. Glad I resisted the urge. Probably helped that I was out and about.

I'm thinking about Mother's Day and what I'm going to eat. Going out for lunch with my mum and sisters. Won't be able to avoid eating, so trying to plan what I can have, that's not too bad. I figure some kind of meat and salad is the best option and then get straight back into it on Monday. I really don't want to fall off the wagon so early on. Plus I'd like a good number on the scales next Weds.
A great first week :) I know what you mean about mothers day it's my first as a mum so want to join in the festivities but am worried it may derail me :(
Yep, my first Mothers Day too! Told my OH to buy flowers and NO choc as my present from the monkey.

I've decided to be pro-active, so I've looked up the menu online and planned what I can have in advance. Should be ok, as long as I'm not tempted by desserts! Lol

Happy first mothers day Hun! Xx

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