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More happy dancing!


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I lost 5.5 lbs this week. Calling it 5 as the stats don't deal with halves and will round up next week.

Really looking forward to next weeks weigh in cos I am 21 st 2.5 lbs now and next week I will be in the 20s instead of the 24 st 1lb I was when I started. 20 is going to sound soooo much better than 24.
I am also over half way there on my 95 days to xmas challenge and there is more than half the time left so that's a good thing too!

:D happy :D happy :D happy :D happy:D

Now all I need is for my mum to get back from her holidays, my CDC to get back from her holidays and between them to organise sending me more of the veggie drink cos I ran out last night.
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OMG I've just realised something else - I've now lost 40 lbs

:) Don't you just love it when you get to a round number!


Going for Goal!
Well done hun, you must feel much better in yourself. Looking forward to some pictures so we can see the huge differences you have achieved.

Hugs x x x
Well done babe keep it up.
Well done ladies!!!!! I have my first weigh in 2moro but im not holding out for anything amazing ( I did have that blip on sat night ) The thing with me is im expecting the same results as last time however i dont think thats gunna happen as I havent as much to lose 2nd time round, who knows eh

Well done, getting into a new stone keeps me motivated ,its such a great feeling isn't it when you see a number you haven't seen on your scales for some time....much better than the feeling you get after a big take-away and wine, which is what I was using to make me happy before cd!
Good luck for next week's weight loss x:)
Well done Alex! Just noticed our start weights are nearly the same! x x
8 stone calorie counting then nearly 4 stone on cambridge. The calorie counting took a long time. I've been dieting for 2 and a half years!! x x
I wish I had found cd when I first started dieting, I would have been finished a long time ago!!!!!!!! x x
Emma - I will put pics up eventually but I want to be in smaller clothes first so that you can really see a difference. My birthday is at the beginning of January so perhaps I will make it something to do for my birthday!

Charlotte - Yes similar start weights. I wish I had discovered CD ages ago too. You have made amazing progress. I am so impatient to get to each next weigh in to see what happens!

Jim - yes over half way and it feels good!!!

It's nice feeling happy about weight that is dropping rather than feeling miserable about weight which is increasing and going to have something to eat to cheer myself up. I can't believe I was so dumb!
Now I keep popping back to the wardrobe to see what else I can fit into again and it's fun!

Thank you so much for all the encouragement everyone.
well done hon i also lost 5lbs this week and since starting CD my weeks just seem to fly by as i cant wait till weigh in day x
Your doing ACE:D:D:D:D:D well done really please for you, keep it up x

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