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Morning Everyone

morning dee, the arguments are a bit silly, arent they.

express an opinion by all means but stop telling us what to do or not to do!

what we're doing works for us so leave us be :)


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Exactly what I meant Kels...was hoping you and some of the other girls wouldn't think I was talking about you. Everyone is following their own version of CS and their ideas and what works for them are helpful, it doesn't mean we all have to follow them...I don't agree with people coming on and telling people what they ae doing is wrong! It is hard enough some days to keep going without smart alecs telling you that you are doing it wrong and will make yourself sick :mad:

I think we are all doing very well and losing without making ourselves ill, we are here to support each other not put each other down!

Thats feels better, I have got it all off my chest :D:D:D:D:D:D
we're a support forum and thats exactly what we all do,

you, new dawn and sharon have been super supportive about my whole luke situation i dont know what i would have done without you great ladies:D


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And all of you have been very supportive of me with my diet and my off moments....this forum is a great support system not just for CS but for life in general :D How are things going with Luke...has he mentioned the wedding yet?
i told him i knew about it the other day and i havent really spoken to him since.

i may see him tonight but i dont know yet.

theres not really alot to tell im afraid!
i dont know, ill make my mind up by friday tho!
nooo its just a make or break day in my head!

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