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Mothers - has your body shape changed after each baby?


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Title probably sounds ridiculous - because of course your body changes - tummy saggier, few extra stones on etc..

What I meant has the actual shape of your body changed. (i.e, pear shaped, hour glass, apple shaped..)

I was more than chubby before I had my daughter, but admittedly was at my heaviest ever a year after having her, when I subsquently lost weight (7stone) it was the first time I remember getting into a size 10 so I cant compare my body shape before and after pregnancy in that respect, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I've recently had a little boy (and piled on weight) but funnily.. I feel like, regardless of by body obviously been bigger, its shape has dramatically changed - when I got to this weight before (13 stone 12) I was definately a size 14 - I vividly remember - now Im a definate size 18. Its strange. From pics etc.. I definately looked smaller last time too...

Could any other mothers share their experiences of this please? Id really appreciate it.
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Hey Nikki,
I think it's more to do with how much fat and how much muscle you have. They both weigh the same but fat takes up more space than muscle, so you can be 13st with lots of muscle and you will look a lot slimmer and be a few dress sizes smaller than someone who is 13st but with a higher body fat %.


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I dont think its necessarily mothers you know. When I lost my weight the first time, I was a size 12 at 10st 7lb (Im 5'4") but there were others who were a 10 and others who were a 14.

Now, Ive piled on the weight again, I was a definate 18 when I was the weight I started last time...now I was a 16. But now Ive lost a bit of weight, last time I was 14, now Im still a 16!

Its very weird!


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This is very interesting. I lost weight after having my first child 11 years ago, I put on 4 stone during pregnancy and then lost over 5 stone after through loads of exercise and dieting and I was very toned, I weighed 9 stone and I was a size 6/8.

I now weigh just under 9 stone but I am a size 10 and it's cos I am NOT toned and quite flabby, but I have had 4 children (4 C Sections) so I can't grumble about a bit of flab!


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Ive noticed im not as taut or streamlined after having Andra. Definately rounded off.


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I have noticed a change in my shape too. My waist was always very small and I had to take everything in. Not now... I have to take everything out!! But as the others have said, its all down to muscle tone.

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