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Motivation..Bit extreme

WOAH -I've actually lost 19 and half of those! That's pure madness. And awful to think of how many more I'm still carrying! YUK! That's me well and truly focussed. Thanks for that.
eeeeeeeeeeeugh! gross! is that real human fat?


looks so much worse than in my head where it was neat and kind of packaged. Awful

Thanks for that Charl- that definitely reminds me why I'm doing this



Positivity is the key
Good visual.
I had to carry my sleeping small lad into the school to collect his brother, I could only manage to do so for a few minutes. Then I thought about how he and his brother together are almost the combined weight that I have lost and to think I have been carrying that around for so long. That really brought it home to me that I have lost the equivalent of two of my childrens' weight, so I am all for visualisation.

I lost 50 pounds last year - I went to tescos (over a number of occassions) I gathered up 50 packets of tescos value lard and had them all in my fridge (with my water).

I live on my own so this was possible!

I had on the bottom shelf... all the fat i needed to loose, on the middle shelf my goal for the week - for example 4 pounds - 4 packets of lard, and then on the top shelf, all the fat I had lost.

Anytime I felt a bit low I just opened my fridge and looked at what I had achieved. It was very good to see it visually.

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