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Motivation HELP Pleeeaasse!!!!

:break_diet:Hi everyone Im new to the forum Ive been searching online for some help.
I started SW in March 2010 and lost 1.5 stone but this last week I cant seem to stop eating,I find SW a really satisfying way to lose weight and have no complaints.I normally do the extra easy plan as I find it the simplest for me.
Im really disappointed and upset with myself as Ive seen really good results and dont want to undo all the good work. Could anyone please give me a kick up the bum PLEASE!!!! I take amitriptyline 10mgs (very low dose) wonder if this could cause appetite increase.#

Thanks in anticipation
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Hi there, you've done really well already! Don't worry, you've binged, it happens to the best of us. Sometimes we honestly just need to get it out our system. Have what you're craving tonight, then get back onto the diet tomorrow. Redouble your exercise efforts. There's a study I have on a usb stick on nutrition, and sometimes just stuffing your face of anything and everything, it kicks your metabolism into gear once you get back on the proper diet. Don't worry about it. It felt good to eat it yeah? But you feel guilty now.
Look back at photos you have of yourself with that 1.5 stone. Now look at yourself. don't weigh yourself, it'll only make you feel worse. Get back on the diet and then weigh yourself after a week or 2. Watch the music channels if you can. It always helps me refrain from eating. All the half naked hot women!

Try not to do it again for another month or so. Have one or two cheat days per month. It can help!
Thanks for the prompt reply I have posted the same thing x2 couldnt find my 1st post.You advice has helped it is normally only 1 bad day I dont seem to be able get fully back on track, but I will really try tomorrow.
The cold weather has had a lot of us notice a substantial increase in appetite - tis perfectly normal, just the bodies way of trying to get warm! The trick is to stick to good, SW friendly things (super-free if poss, although they might not cut it in terms of convincing your body you're warming up hehe), and stop once your hunger is satisfied again.

Doesn't sound to me like you're way off plan, just having a slight wibble - don't worry about it! Just get back on track, and all will be fine :D

Well done on your loss so far!
hi peggypig welcome to minimins :) i have also started taking amitriptyline i take 30mg at night and i have found i have been hungrier and i was wondering if it was the tablets it's a struggle not to over eat sometimes, (wasn't sure if it was just in my mind lol) anyway good luck on ur weight loss journey :)

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