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What Motivates you and what sends you spinning off course?

How do you knuckle back down?

Are you getting better at reading the signs and able to redirect yourself before falling off?

I am struggling right now, feeling fat makes me less motivated but thin days spur me on to get thinner.

My holiday goal kept me focused but Christmas isnt doing it yet(partly I guess as i already fit into my Xmas do dress).

So just wondering how everyone else is doing in general, dont want to lose anymore people before they get to goal.
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I decided that if i want a sts then i can have "that " treat but if i want to keep losing then get a sf jelly i now have a constant fridge full (that way the kids can have them too).....
I have bad days when i feel fat usual totm and i do struggle
I went through a chicken hate but went on to quorn, back on chicken now
The winter will be my worst time as I hate winter and cold and i just want to eat comfort food
But at the moment im thinking that xmas eve i will have 2 days off and i want to be as nr to 11 stone as poss ....
then next year i want to shift the rest be fore disney ...so all mini goals


** Chief WITCH **
Good idea for a thread Jacq. You say you're "struggling". Are you back in ketosis yet?

Keeping motivation high isn't easy, that's for sure... having small targets, and ticking them off is great but as you've already found - if you reach one early, how to remotivate?

I guess one idea Jaq would be to wear your Christmas outfit the very next appropriate chance you have, and buy a size smaller outfit for Christmas. Might that work?

Breaking the rhythm is part of the problem alas...


Goat herder(ess)
I have something very effective to keep me in check. When I did my Attack, I suffered 3 or 4 days of very bad migraines. There's no way I want to put myself through that again, so I am absolutely determined to stay on the straight and narrow.

Another good motivation for me is being able to fit into clothes that I haven't been able to wear for over a year, and looking in the mirror to see a defined waist and nicely shaped legs. If I want to stay that way (and, hopefully, improve even more), then I need to stick with the diet.

Remember how bloated/flabby/out of breath you felt before you starting losing your weight, too. That helps me, too.
Ive just had a look at a pic of me ealry last year on a dog walk with friends. MY FAT LEGS.
thats keeping me motivated on the exercise and the diet. might print it off put it on my fridge.
more motivational than a slim piccie i think!
Health reasons for me - the fear of diabetes is enough to control me!

I haven't had too many temptations (not that I've stuck religiously to this the whole way through:eek:) in that I've known when it's to be non-Dukan and eaten it and moved on rather than thinking I've blown it and carried on with the forbiddens. I'm not sure how to deal with coming back from holiday (I did Dukan-friendly when possible, so I never had a week-long blow-out) but I did 2 or 3 PP days after weekend invitations. "Don't buy it and you can't eat it" seems to work too! Husband likes fizzy water, you can get sugar-free flavoured stuff - my Mum used to drink it.

Oh yes, bloated feeling after overdoing the carbs isn't nice either. Best to avoid (when possible) as far as I'm concerned. Even when I'm on phase IV, I don't think I'll go back to daily carbs (apart from my wee slice of bread, even that I could manage without).
my motivation is my 40th next year,scary as anything,dreading it tbh.

just dont wanna be 40 and a size 14:cry:

when i met my partner i was fit,ran every day weighed 9stone,4 yrs on and i feel iv gone downhill

so loosing a bit of weight makes me feel slim and attractive,lol
I can't believe nobody has mentioned my personal motivator!!!


:) If I get a good weigh in - it motivates me to stick with the diet through the weekend...as I don't want to lose the effort I've put in through the week....

all I need to do now is figure out something motivational through the week to get me to the positive weigh in on the Friday ;) x
Positive weigh ins are great for boosting and giving you the confidence to carry on. Also I like the fact that when I see a pic of me a friend has taken, I dont look as bad as I used to. Putting on a pair of jeans or skirt that used to dig in to me, and now they dont. Findng things in the wardrobe and thinkng,oooh another couple of weeks and that will fit.


Not very good at this!
- wanting to give my current and future health the best chance
- wanting to be able to go into any clothes shop and buy anything I want, not just what will fit.
Ive just had a look at a pic of me ealry last year on a dog walk with friends. MY FAT LEGS.
thats keeping me motivated on the exercise and the diet. might print it off put it on my fridge.
more motivational than a slim piccie i think!
I think that's a great idea! I think I'll hang a picture of myself now on the fridge, and that will motivate me to keep it up.
I did a TFR last year, and lost about 10lbs on that (I don't have an awful lot to lose) And I loved the way I looked, and I loved the way I felt. I had cheekbones! And a waistline. And my Christmas party dress fit so well!
I gained it all back (as usually happens with a TFR)
So I'm so motivated to start again now. I have so many summer clothes that I absolutely love, but just don't fit into right now.
I need to get back to feeling confident about myself
I want to see my waist again
I don't want stuff hanging over the top of my jeans
I use to model and want to feel good about myself in my 40s
I want to get to grips with my weight then tackle my smoking
My motivation used to be that I could shop in Jane Norman.
That's out the window now :(

I guess my motivation now is, to feel confident around the guy I like. Feel a little self conscious at the moment. Particularly 'cause he's quite athletic :confused:

And I'd like to go on a big shopping spree in Dublin, and buy the entire Forever 21 store!

And I'd incidentally also like to get rid of my migraines, but I've long since given up on that dream.
I'll take having them less though
My motivation is definitely my health - I want my blood pressure to lower a lot which is why I'm also much more active than I was at my heaviest. However I also have to admit that, like m-mouse, I really want to be able to buy what I want in clothes shops not just what fits. I can remember doing that, and taking it completely for granted!
What sends me spinning off course is birthdays (I spent hours a couple of weeks ago baking and icing a wonderful cake and then couldn't resist having a slice!) and TOTM. Nowadays I try to swim or sleep my chocolate/banoffee pie cravings away each month. Managing it but it can be so hard.
the idea of getting into a bikini in August motivates me!
I will by no means be any way near my goal weight by then but I will be over the moon if I can lose a little and feel a little more comfortable and confident.
If I ever feel like I might be wavering from the diet I cook healthy treats, dukan cheese cake/cookies/jelly sweets. It almost feels like cheating but the main thing is that you're not.
Also reading some of the success stories on here really help.
Best of luck, YOU CAN DO IT!


** Chief WITCH **
Nowadays I try to swim or sleep my chocolate/banoffee pie cravings away each month. Managing it but it can be so hard.
How about setting about creating a Dukan friendly recipe. It shouldn't be too difficult.. I'm thinking Toffee Muller, banana flavouring, quark, hmm... could catch on! Nothing is impossible on this diet. (We might need BIG helpings of creativity though!)

Red Mich

Likes to read
This forum motivates me, particularly the recipes which keep me sane - PP days are my nightmare, I love the PVs.
I must admit to struggling big time the last few days. I have a husband who's never had any weight problems and a skinny 10 year old who never stops eating!
Standing naked in front of the mirror is a terrifying motivator for me. A more positive one is taking another few pounds of the ticker every week....
Mich x
great idea. def something to help you keep going.

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