Movies - Whats hot and whats not?


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So, who is going to the films these days?

I want to see the new Borat film! and SAW-III - which i heard people were fainting in the cinima and ambulances had to be callled!!!! :eek:

So, what do you want to see/waiting for?????
Well, I have seen Saw III, and if you like gruesome, this film is for you. I loved Saw I, it had a good story to it and it held you in suspense. But this latest one is just gore upon gore! I think I am getting too old for this kind of thing. It had a bit of a twist at the end though which I thought was the best part of the movie.

I really want to see Borat, it looks like a film with a lot of laughs.
the blond bond! that should be good.


i liked SAW 1, but havnt seen the 2nd. Sorta want to see 2 first.

Borat, ali g is amazing in character


I dont know now, saw3, borat or casino royal!!!!