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moving back to ss

Not yet, but would definitely consider it if I wanted to lose weight quicker or I got stuck. I think it's a good idea so that you don't get downhearted and give up.

I also need to go back to SS+ properly I think as I'm addicted to cheesestrings after eating some on a picnic...not affected my weight loss yet, but they will do if I don't stop nibbling on two a day as well as my chicken tea! :)
I think changing things up for a bit can deffinatly give our bodies a bit of a variety and hopefully get it to move on.

I think it gets used to one routine and a change can get things to move again :) Let me know if it works!
im also trying this as my losses have been quite small.

Good luck sweet x
Hi hun, has your weight started to come off again? My weight has just stopped dead in its tracks.

Any tips on how to get it moving again?
hi hun i couldn't go back to ss i found it to hard. not really last week it appeared i had lost 4lb put my scales at home have reminded pretty much the same for a month. the annoying thing is i'm 2lb off normal. i go away a week on monday my wi is wed so on wed i'm stopping and doing atkins in prep for going on hols and going back on cd the day i come home i'm hoping this will get me moving again cause i'm not ready to stop.
i think yours is the week 3 blip alot of people lose very little or nothing on week 3. you should be fine next week.
Yeah I was fearing the 3 week blip. Even though I was prepared and knew it was coming I still cant help being demotivated. I was expecting it and say 'It'll be fine I just keep going and I'll lose sometime'.

Ah well I guess there's no trick, just battle on!
I remember thinking I was stuck around 13st 11lb...that only seemed like a week or so ago, but now I'm at 12st 9lb on my scales...so it definitely comes off - maybe view the weight loss monthly instead of weekly, because in a month, you'll be amazed at the amount you've lost - don't focus on the weekly loss at all. In fact, I'm going to take my own advice and look at it that way from now on! LOL!


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I'm doing exactly the same as you tink! After my weigh in on Monday I'm going to ss for a week. I am trying to shift a stone in the next (final) 4 weeks of being on cd and my losses are slower on 810! I am clearly out of ketosis as I'm always hungry and I have nothing planned at all next week at th weekend so it will e a good week to do it x

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