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MrMoJo - Monday - Week 8


Wannabe Mankini Model
Ok I thought I'd post this now, minus my WI details. As I've just taken my 'Week 8' photo's and thought I'd share them with you early.

They might even give some of you a giggle or two :D

Also, any guys out there that might be thinking about do a diet like this, can see the results of just 8 weeks in ;)

So here it is, 'The Naked Truth'


Warning: Make sure you've had you packs at least an hour before clicking on the above link
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wow what great pics im loving the sponge bob pants lol your doing great x


Wannabe Mankini Model
Thanks honey, fingers crossed for a good loss tomorrow morning :D
That should have said you'll not see pics of me in ma scants stupid IPhone.... I see me in ma scants everyday.... Lol xx


Wannabe Mankini Model
Is scants scottish for soiled pants? :D
I'm speechless...LOL


Wannabe Mankini Model
Just had a slow dance with the scales and I'm now in the 15's, w00t w00t!!

I survived the 'Biggie 7 day challenge' and this week I've also completed 24.7km and burnt 2,634 calories from just walking. But that doesn't include the extra calories I've burnt during my toning exercises :)

Lost 5lb this week, bringing me down to 15.12. Thats 32lb lost in 8 weeks and I also lost another 2.5 inches off my chest this week.

So I've included my measurements and losses for the 8 weeks below;

I am now 8 weeks into the 26 weeks I have to reach my goal of 13 stone, and I now have 18 weeks left (including a week on holiday two weeks today).

I'm quite confident that I can reach this more than ever now, but it may have been a different story had I not found minimins!! :D
That's fantastic, well done! New challenge - you have 8 weeks to find a pair of pants to top the sponge bob ones! :D


Wannabe Mankini Model
I'm almost at the half way mark... :D

You have the will power carrie, look how far you've come already!! I'm sure it will get harder the closer I get to my end goal.

Hmmm, I'll see if I can better sponge bob, but they are my lucky pants, been wearing them for 8 weeks, lol j/k :D


Silver Member
Congratulations MrMojo!!! you have done fabulously this week! 5lbs WOW
that is a massive difference ha? :) Have you kept yourself away from the fridge as promised?
I like your pictures! You can already see how you body has changed. Great work so far. Keep it up!!!

PS:what about another TS100% week and next 5lb down?


Wannabe Mankini Model
Yeah I did manage to stay away from the latte's and fridge. Wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be, but I have felt a lot more tired than usual.

I'm going to go back to eating the protein because of all the exercise that I'm doing, but I'm only going to have a Latte on Monday and Friday as a treat for being a good boy :D


Wannabe Mankini Model
Just finishing off my skinny Latte and it's erm Yuk!!

Didn't enjoy it anywhere near as much as I used too. So I will not be having my latte's on Monday's and Friday's after all.


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Okay then, we will see your next week loss. I hope it will be a good one :)
Anyway, if you eat protein, don't forget it does have calories too. Sometimes people add up proteins, because it's easier, because of exercise, because it's 'allowed' and won't kick you out of Ketosis.... and they don't realize they add up calories.
smoked mackerel (1 medium fillet) - 531 kcal
What I'm trying to say is, don't over do. Watch the calories you add up with extra protein and your coffees. It does count. And as you see it does affect your weight loss.
Maybe have a treat once a week, let's say on Friday. You don't need the treat on Monday if you had one two days before, do you? And it will keep you on the track during the week, something to wait for, your Friday's latte.
There are some men here, who goes to the gym or swimming few times a week and so on. And they add up 1 egg before gym. Not ever day, not more, not extra meal. Just one boiled egg. So, maybe just add up something very little before the gym, but not every day.
Okay, I better stop now, cos I could go on and on and on....
MrMojo you are doing great and I'm very proud of you. You can easily lose 5lb a week of you want. But the choice is yours.
I will keep my eyes on you, whatever you decide :)
PS: yes I'm going to be a pain in the ass


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yay no latte!!!! huraaaaaay!!!!!!!!!! :D
love it love it love it!!!!


Wannabe Mankini Model
Definately no more Latte's and I was MrLatte before, might have one or two when I'm on holiday in two weeks, but I won't be on the diet then and I am expecting a 1-7lb gain (hopefully no more).

I don't plan to go silly, I just want to enjoy the break :D


Silver Member
yay I'm on holiday in two weeks too!
But!!!! I will stay TS100% during my holiday :) yes, I'll take my packs with me.
how sad LOL :D
But you know what? I want to be slim as soon as possible. I want to look good this Christmas and be able to wear nice dress, high heels and enjoy nights out. So my goal is to stay good and 100%TS to the end of the year. Then enjoy a nice holiday on a beach without embarrassing myself with my look.
Well, MrMojo, you have two weeks to go. Diet wise!!! you can treat yourself (if you stay good) in two weeks on your holiday! :)
go us!!! we can do it!


Wannabe Mankini Model
I'd probably have taken packs with me too, had we not already paid for breakfast and evening meals :D

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