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MrsBurgundy's diet, dramas and diary entries!!


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I've been having a little read of other people's diaries and realised that they were both motivational and inspirational, and that in seeing what other people eat a day, i was focusing more on what i was eating!

So, thought i'd add my musings and food consumption to the list as well, in an effort to stay on the straight and narrow!!

I've started fresh today, after a hugely synful last night, but every day counts, and it's weigh in day today so will be a good motivator and incentive!!!

Day 1: (And starting over, so week 1!!) on EE

Breakfast: 28g cranberry wheats (B), Skimmed milk (Part A)

Snack: Fruit pot (Melon, grapes, kiwi, pineapple and mango)

Lunch: Eat smart chicken, garlic & wine flavour pasta & sauce (0.5) and Mullerlight Vanilla Yogurt Sprinkled with Dark Chocolate (Freeeeee!! Didn't realise!!)

Snack: Pret a Manger chocolate crackle popcorn (11)

Dinner: Chicken pieces, pepper and mushrooms mixed with rice and sweetcorn!!

Liquids: Coffee (Also part a for drop of skimmed milk), Diet pop

Syns: 11.5

So far, i already feel like i'm keeping track of everything!! Fabulous!!!!

Good luck to all - we can do this!!! I will get to target, if it's the last thing i do!!

I have several reasons for wanting to lose weight of which i shall share, for what it's worth!!!
As daft as it sounds my motivation is a wedding that i dreamt of!!! :love047:

In my dream i was the blushing bride, with my OH as the groom waiting for me, and I was this ridiculously happy, lithe, slim, beautiful bride and my OH put his arms around me and gave me one of those movie kisses where they swing you round so you're being held below them (iykwim?!) And then it switched to the first dance, and Michael Buble was singing "Hold On" and everyone was beaming with happiness!! Vivid dream, huh?! :D :D ;) :p
Sounds crazy, i know, but i swear i'm not loopy. It was the motivation i needed to get off the sofa and do something!!

Added to that, i wanted to be able to chase my little boy round the park without collapsing in a wheezing mess on the floor!! Now he's learnt what the word "fat" means, i'm trying to avoid is (innocent) insults. :cry:

Plus, i can't wait for the day i can wear a summer dress without worrying about my thighs chaffing!!!! :eek:

My OH is incredibly supportive (even if he's the reason for my once-a-week indulgences!) but has promised that he will sit for a photoshoot (which he hates!!) once i reach my target of 9 stone!!! So, as if i needed more incentive, i have it!!

Anyway, this is a lot longer than i intended, so shall go sort out my lunch!!!

Ciao for now!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Hi Mrs Burgandy
I really enjoyed reading your post. I think it really helps to note down all of your food because it keeps you on track. I like the sound of that chicken garlic and wine combo! Best of luck x


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Thanks mrs may blossom!! The chicken, garlic and wine pasta was lovely!! Will be stocking up on them, felt far more indulgent than just half a syn!!!

Just got back from WI and as predicted had a gain of 2.5lb so am back to original start weight!!!

Onwards and downwards from here though, seeing it as a new start!!!



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katty said:
good luck on your journey :) x
Thanks katty!! Same to you!! Xxx


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Got back from weigh in not too long ago, and have gained 2.5lb (which was expected) I am now right back at the weight i started, and so have decided to start again afresh!!!!
This is my second chance, and having both this diary, a fab forum, and a better understanding of SW i'll be losing before i know it!!! :)

I had dinner when i got back from WI, and it was nicer than i thought it would be, very filling, and had so much that i'll be taking some for lunch tomorrow!! Wahey!! Also, going to buy some ingredients tomorrow to attempt some cakes and sweet treats, though i'm not much of a cook if i'm honest!!
Still, it's worth a shot!!!

Looking forward to Zumba tomorrow!! Having all these bank holiday has really made a difference! But my power walk today made me feel a little better!! Also going to try to walk more. I calculated that the distance to my OH's house is 6.8 miles - so i might attempt that on Saturday before going for a swim - although in all honesty, it may just kill me!! Hahaha!!

Have also joined another thread for those doing the Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred DVD, so ordered mine from Amazon and looking forward to trying that!!!

Feeling a lot more positive than i was before, and looking forward to getting rid of this bulge!!!

I'm off to plan my week!!

Night all! Love and hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Good morning!!

So far, so good!! Feeling inspired and productive!!!
Day 2
Breakfast: 28g Cranberry Wheats (B) and skimmed milk (Part of A), Banana

Snack: Apple

Lunch: Leftover chicken & rice (yummy), with low fat natural yogurt and an Alpen Light Chocolate and Fudge bar (3)

Dinner: Marmite pasta with quark and 2 x Extra Light Laughing Cow triangles (2)

Snack: Several Nutella and plain SW fairy cakes (6.5)

Liquids: Coffee (Part a), water

Syns: 11.5

Will edit as the day goes on!!
Hope you're all having a wonderful day, even if it is raining and miserable!!

Looking forward to Zumba tonight, come rain or shine!!! :)

Love and hugs! xxx
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YAY - you sound so positive and have loads a great incentives!

The wedding - I know you dreamt about a wonderful wedding are you going to be getting married soon as well?

Good luck with your journey!
Thanks Zeke!!

Lol - unfortunately, no! No wedding plans just yet - still waiting for a ring! But it has been discussed!! We're saving for a house at the moment, and i'm meant to be going to uni ASAP to train as a midwife, and so i don't see a wedding happening for a few years yet! My OH has just finshed his Masters and got a job he likes, so it's a good start! Just waiting for me to get my qualifications!!!

As with everything - it all seems to take time!! xxxxxx


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Here's hoping!!! :sigh: :) xxx


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Day 3

Breakfast: 28g Cranberry Wheats (B) with Skimmed Milk (part of A), Activia Strawberry snackpot

Snack: Melon and Grape Duo

Tesco Sushi Variety Pack, 229g (4.5), Activia Cherry Snackpot

Snack: 2 x Nutella fairy cakes (2), Some natural yogurt

Dinner: Lamb Rogan Josh (6.5) and boiled rice, some poppadoms (don't know how many cos all broken in bag) and some dip stuff (no idea on syns-will check later!)

Cofffee (part A), Water

Syns: 13 (+ unknown)

Good morning world!!! Feeling good today, although had a slow start and was nearly late taking my little one to school!! Still, all ended fine!!

I made some nutella cupcakes last night, although i think i used the wrong size case, as they look a little flat compared to the case - still, they taste scrummy!! Will make some more for sure, but with smaller cases!!! Hehehe!!

Also, off out to some leaving drinks tonight, so will be saving some syns for my vodka and diet coke!! Lovely!!!

Have a great day!! Love and hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Day 4

Stayed at my OH last night and just making my way home!! Had a lazy morning and so just had a coffee so far as breakfast!!
Although, the only milk he had in was a purple-lidded 1% type stuff. How do I syn that?!
Anywho, not sure what were doing today! Was going to go swimming but will see if my little one fancies a museum or the park instead?! Not that I mind any of them!!!

Breakfast: -

Snack: Banana

Lunch: -

Snack: 3 x nutella fairy cake (3)

Dinner: 3 x Tex Mex tacos (sw sizzling summer recipe) (7.5) with 0% greek yogurt and muller light Banana and custard flavour!

Liquid: Coffee (part a) with 1 sugar (1), water, Ribena

Syns: 11.5
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Hey zeke!! Back at OH with my little one!! We went swimming in the end, and then went to waitrose to get some dinner, going to try the tex Mex tacos tonight!!!

Yes, nutella cakes are SW!! Look under recipes!!! Yummy!! Xxx


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What did you have for dinner in the end zeke?! Hope it was something lovely!!

Just been measuring out my cranberry wheats and getting utterly fed up with them!! Need some kinda variety I think!!!

Day 5

Breakfast: 28g Cranberry Wheats (b) and skimmed milk (part a)

Snack: Apple and grape fruit bag

Lunch: Jacket potato with cottage cheese & chives (not sure if low fat so will syn just in case((2)

Snack: Banana, 2 x nutella cakes (2)

Dinner: Sunday "Roast" Ready made chargrilled chicken slices, frylight roasted taters, carrots and cabbage!!

Liquid: Coffee (Part A) (1), pepsi max, water, Ribena NAS, Options hot chocolate (part A) (2)

Syns: 7

Have to get some inspiration!! Have been trying various recipes, but it's been getting a tad expensive!! Still, as long as it's working I shan't complain!!!

Following the lead of my friend, I feel I ought to set some exercise goals, but may have to do that when I'm on my pc and not my phone!!! I know that today, I plan on walking around town a lot, but that's about it!!

Had an email from amazon last night that my DVD has been despatched, so could have that by tomorrow!! Eeek!!

Also need to get some fit logs to get my bronze body magic!!!

Anyway, will update later!!!

Love and hugs xxxxx
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Hi Mrs Burgandy
Ive been having honey shreddies for breakfast as 28g count as a HEB (with a ryvita) and they are really nice. I had a look at the 30 day shred forum and am tempted to get it so am really interested to see how you find it. Have a good day x


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Thanks for stopping by! Will have to try shreddies, am off to the shops today so will get some then! Is the ryvita essential, cos if it is I've been doing it wrong! What do you have with the ryvita?! Surely eating it dry would be awful!!

Will definitely be updating how I get on with the DVD! Apparently the first 3 days are absolute hell on earth!!! Still, no pain, no gain!!!

Have a great day mrs may (blossom!)
Love and hugs xxx


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I had to really think then about what I had! I ended up with a mushroom, garlic, onion and turkey rasher omelette. Just what was in the fridge. I need to put some effort into planning meals again.

I have all bran and a banana for brekkie every morning - I know what you mean about it getting boring after a bit but I am all for ease!

Yes - let us know how the exercise DVD goes!

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