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Muffins food diary -newbie so help please....

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by MUFFINTOP BE GONE, 18 June 2009 Social URL.



    slimming world
    Ok here goes....
    Wednesday - green day...
    Have my skimmed milk allowance through out the day for cereal and coffees. (hA)
    B- Banana, 2 poached eggs, 2 scan bran (1syn) 42g All bran (hB)

    L - Wholewheat couscous, grated carrot and onion, salad of lettuce, toms, Chicken strips (hB), cucumber, some plain egg noodles to bulk it out, chillies and ginger. Banana
    ww fromage frais fruit (0.5 syn)

    D - Cous cous and roasted mixed veg, Quorn Chicken fillets, spices.
    skinny cow ice cream chocolate (5 syns)

    so i have it at 6.5 syns total for the day.

    Thursday - Red Day
    Skimmed milk measured out for the day.

    B - Banana, 2 scan bran and marmite (1 syn) 42g All bran (hB) mixed with muller light toffee yogurt.

    L - Roasted veg (i made extra last night)
    Quorn Chicken fillet, apple, WW from Frais cherry (0.5 syn)

    D - im having lean pork fillet, and salad and veg. if im still hungry im thinking of fruit and muller light yogurt.

    Please check this for me and let me know if im going wrong (unsure of syn for WW cherry FF) the slimming world site is blocked at work so i cant check it till i get home tonight. :(

    thanks in advance - im loving this forum.
    so helpful and friendly.

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