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Muller Light Addiction

I was hungry yesterday, and ate 2 of these things about an hour after breakfast, and I enjoyed them so much I forgot to make my dinner lol.

So how many Mullers are you eating a day? how many is advised, I know they are free foods, but there must be an acceptable ammount?

I only eat when hungry but have big appetite (who doesnt) and these settle me just fine.

Also does anyone have any tips to force yourself to drink more water, I still aint drinking enough, maybe 3 glasses a day when it should be 8

Misses says I am going to turn into a Muller Light pot
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I dont know if there is a certain amount you can eat of muller lights. But an old consultant of mine once said that free food is only free food if your eating it because your hungry not just because you can.

Also I hope I dont make things worse for you but apparently Muller lights are 5 for £1 in Asda at the moment.
add some low cal squash to ur water, its free, ive been drinking mine with hot water now its turning cold and it goes down much better. u could altenate it so 1 glass plain, one flavoured.
u can also try sparkling water added to squash or the already flavoured fizzy water!

as for mullers, im not a big fan of youhurt, only have the occasional one. i dont think there wud b a limit tho.
my consultant always says if weight isnt coming off and your eating more than 1 a day (same with bananas) try cutting it down to one. although its free food, everyting in moderation is the key!


I ate my willpower!
Muller lights contain sugar as well so can effect your moods. Does anyone remember the celebrity fit club on tv? The doctor on there said that Muller lights are quite bad because although they are low fat, they actually contain quite a lot of sugar. So I agree with Abigail, see how your weightloss goes and if it doesn't effect it then you should be fine. Also, the lasting satisfaction yougurts from Shape are free too. They are lovely and thick and really do make you feel satisfied for quite a while.


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i luuuuurve mullerlights fave is peach and pineapple i have one over my cereal in the morning and one after lunch and one in the afternoon

and sometimes one whilst i am cooking tea if i a bit peckish

just call me muller!


I ate my willpower!
yeah that one is luvverly but my fave is the toffee one - it feels like I'm having a sweet treat instead of free food.
I slice banana into my toffee one. Banoffee. Yum!! I also slice strawberries into a vanilla one. Like strawberries and cream :eatdrink051:


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I used to eat lots of them when I first started but I'm a bit sick of them now, they're so big and watery, and I'm bored of the flavours. I still miss the chocolate ones from a few years ago though. I sometimes have shape lasting satisfaction or the irish diet yogurts, they're yummy, and have live yogurt culture in so are better for you. Also, plain yogurt is nice with fruit. Anyway, don't worry, tuck in!

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