Muscle aches?


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Hi all,

Was just making hubby some macaroni cheese, was mixing the sauce and I was doing it quite vigorously as it was going lumpy :cry: but my muscles in my arm were aching and had no strength. Is this lack of water in my muscles or something?

Anyone else experienced this on CD?
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i had a little ache in my leg early when i took dog down the woods,dont know why tho

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I always knew this was a sign I was going into ketosis. Pretty sure it was caused by the lack of glycogen (and CDC confirmed this) and the good ol muscles are just doing their work. Doing some light weights throughout 810 really helped me in that sense.
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Could just be normal fatigue but if it continues and if you have more than one cramp a day, it could be a deficiency in calcium, magnesium or potassium in addition to not enough water. I had a bunch of muscle pains a few months back but that was actually due to low thyroid. An electrolyte test at your doc will tell you if you're deficient in anything :)


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The first week and abit on CD my muscles were killing me! dont no if its a side effect of ketosis but i feel your pain! lol!


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Yesterday I've woke up with allot of backache, don't know how I had it. But today I've woke up with not so much.....strangeeee :-s

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I woke up yesterday and my hips really ached. . . Im not sure if its to do with CD or the way i slept. I only walked the puppy round the block so i know it wasnt that.
Thankfully no pain today though.

I hope thats the only pain you get and it goes away and gets better going forward :) x


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how you feeling today hun?