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Mushy Pea Curry

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by jaxmummy, 2 March 2009 Social URL.

  1. jaxmummy

    jaxmummy Silver Member

    Found this on another site , might have to try

    3 cans of mushy peas
    1 can of baked beans
    onions and mushrooms (as many as you like)
    1 tablespoon of sweetener
    curry powder to taste ( i use the schwartz mild curry powder as im not good with spicy foods)
    fry light

    brown off the onions and mushrooms in some fry light, then add all the rest of the ingredients and leave on the heat for approx 20-30 mins. If you find the mixture to thick just add some water.
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  3. Mrs V

    Mrs V Loves Life!

    Lol...Ive had beans already once today...it might get a bit windy in our house later! Lol
  4. jaxmummy

    jaxmummy Silver Member

    i know they have raved about it on another site and im tempted will let u know if im brave enough to try
  5. susan70

    susan70 Gold Member

    i might try this tomorrow.thanks
  6. loobylou

    loobylou Reached Target. woohoo

    Oh i love mushy peas, will give this a try. Thanks hun. xxx
  7. Liannioso

    Liannioso Silver Member

    Has anybody given this a try?
  8. Vodkamonster

    Vodkamonster Full Member

    We were given this recipe in class last night. Will defo have to try it, I lurrrve mushy peas!
  9. Vodkamonster

    Vodkamonster Full Member

    Made this recipe last night and had leftovers for lunch today. It feels so wrong putting beans into mushy peas! And doesn't look too appealing either! But it tastes quite nice with lots of curry powders and spices in. Had mine with boiled rice and would defo have it again!
  10. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Gold Member

    Am tempted to give this a try tomorrow but don't think would get anyone else in family to eat it so was wondering if can be frozen? If not I suppose I could reduce the quantity I make.....sounds strange mixture but maybe just what I need to give me a boost he he
  11. Kezweazel

    Kezweazel Full Member

    I did it on Friday. Didn't tell Hubby what was in it. He had no idea until I told him, and he loved it and would have it again :)
  12. ilovelife

    ilovelife Wishing and hoping!

    I am doing thid for me din dins on this coming Saturday cannie wait :)
  13. kt_baybeh

    kt_baybeh Gym Addict!!!

    ooh this sounds interesting!

    Would this be syn free on a green day??

  14. ilovelife

    ilovelife Wishing and hoping!

    yes this free on green and ee :D

  15. kt_baybeh

    kt_baybeh Gym Addict!!!

    awesome :D how many does this serve as 3 cans mushy peas and can of beans seems like LOADS for one person??

  16. Fatty_no_more

    Fatty_no_more Slimming for my children

    I had this yesterday and OMG its LUSH LUSH LUSH!!!! xxxx
  17. mummado

    mummado Member

    Oh my god, i am in love!!! This is the nicest curry i have ever eaten. Thank you so much.
  18. sex kitten

    sex kitten Member

    i dont no where this recipe came from but here is 1 i got off a thread and it is fab 1tin of chopped tomatoes 1 tin of mushy peas i put 3 different types of curry powder in and some water then i put teasp of curry paste in and simmer 4 20 mins meanwhile i fry mushrooms and onions in fry light as much as u want then put it all 2 gether simmer 4 15 mins do use curry paste it really makes all the difference and is only 2 sins (paste has oil in thats why there is sins the rest is free
  19. zombiecakes

    zombiecakes Will be slinky!

    Made this for dinner tonight and apart from a little accident with the sweetener, i loved it! OH did too!
  20. helen.h

    helen.h New Member

    hiya ive just looked for recipe for mushy pea curry found yours very easy thank you.wondered if you are louisa?its helen from s.w?thanks again making it for teaxx:):):):):)
  21. Lizabeth

    Lizabeth Full Member

    I haven't tried this recipe but I've tried another version of this where you use tinned tomatoes instead of the beans. Must admit, although it sounds revolting - it's YUMMY!

    Even my hubby loves it although I think he enjoys the reaction from people when he tells them how it's made even better! LOL

    My grandaughter loves it with the SW chips and is none the wiser that she is eating "healthy" food.

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