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MusicStar's Diary to get to goal!

Day 1

Weight: 10st 10lb

I went to my first meeting last night and my CDC is very nice. She took her time to explain everything and she give me a little pack about the diet. I weighed in at 10.12. I went to my doc and I got measured as 5'2 but she says my bmi is 29 and a bmi of 25 is 9st. So I think that's wrong as my doc calculated it as 27. I'm going to call her and verify this. I've had my porridge this morning and I'm now just drinking loads of water. Feel ok so far. Just want to get the weight off, lol. I'm going jogging after work and then salsa at 8pm. Hopefull I'll be ok. I haven't told anyone at work that I doing the cd because when I was telling about it they were very negative so I'm just going to keep it to myself. Here we go for Day 1. :)
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Good luck!! You will be fine, and you will get there in no time! x x
End of day 1 and I'm feeling a bit hungry but I'm ok. I didn't manage to go jogging as I was too tired. I did go to salsa which was really good. I'm currently watching Market Kitchen on the good food channel. How random being on this diet and watching a cooking show, lol. Well I'm going to go to sleep now. I feel tired. :)


Needs to stop eating!!
Well done on getting past day 1...and wow salsa..."cha cha cha" lol, think that might be one of the things i do when slim! Good luck for day 2.
Day 2

Weight: 10st 7lbs

Today I feel hungry but I've just been drinking my water. I'm going to have my 2nd shake now so hopefully I feel better after that. I was happy when I got on the scale and saw a loss. It must be working. Was wondering if I did the right thing by doing this diet and I think I have. Here we go for day 2. :)
Day 3

Weight: 10st 5lbs

Today's been ok. I'm still feeling hungry so hopefully that will go away soon. I've had 2 porridges so far and 2 litres of water. If you hungry what do you do? Just trying to keep myself busy. I can't believe I've lost 5lbs so far. This diets amazing. Just wish I didn't feel hungry. I have also noticed that I'm tired all the time. Yesterday I fell asleep at 6.30pm. Yesterday I went to the cafe with my friend and she ordered food and it looked lovely and I just sat there with my shake. I texted my cdc saying i'm hungry and she rang me. My cdc is really nice and supportive. After I finished speaking to her she texted me saying when you walk out of the cafe tell yourself well done for sitting there and not eating anything. Everyone in the house is eating nice food today and its torture. I'm just thing about the end result. :)
Your doing really well. Well done. :) I am on day 4. I also went out with my family yesterday, and its so hard. My daughter left half a late full of food, and I was so tempted to pinch one chip. I didn't and feel so good now. I wouldn't have done that before.
I am starving today though.
You're doing fabulously hun and welcome to Cambridge! I will admit though, I feel a tad uncomfortable with the fact you're weighing yourself every day and posting the weight. It may work for this week, but after that you will find that water retention and just basically normal ups and downs will show on your weighs, and that may make you become despondant in the future. I know it's tempting (believe me I know!) but please try and stick to ONE weigh in a week, or you're starting yourself on a slippery slope! xxxx

Before anyone tries to jump down my throat for saying that, we ALL know how our weight can change from day to day, so don't. xxxx
Nicky big well done for not pinching the chips, that's fab willpower! x
Thanks Nicky29. You're doing well too. Well done for not eating. furrysmudge I know I need to stop weighing myself lol. I need to break the pattern, lol. Just made myself a cup of coffe. I find when I have have a hot drink I don't feel hungry.
Bless you hun, it does get easier I promise! If you can go to a cafe and watch a friend eat and not have anything yourself you will get there in no time!

Try making your coffee and then whisking in a quarter of a pack of vanilla shake. Whisk it to death so it goes frothy then put it in a nice coffee mug and you will almost think you have a latte. MMMMM yummy x
Mmm again, think I will be trying out furrysmudge's 'coffee extraordinaire' - thanks for useful tip as going to cinema on Monday and am thinking that I will be wanting a cappuchino.
You're very welcome. Another tip for cinema goers who are allowed, is to chop a bar up into teeny weeny bits and take it with you. Stops you craving popcorn or sweeties lol x ps I can actually make a bar last me an hour and a half that way......is that sad?
Thanks for that I'm going to try the coffee. I'm not allowed to have the bars just but when I am thats a great idea. I love popcorn so if I can snack on something else that would be good. :)
Day 4

I don't feel as hungry today. I had my first porridge around 10.30 and I'm just filling up on water. I've just relaxed this weekend which is nice. I'm working tomorrow 12-8 not looking forward to it but I said I'd help out. Just put the roast chicken in the oven for my mum and sister. It's weird how I want to cook and watch cooking programs when I'm not eating, lol. Let's see how today goes! :)
Day 5

Weight 10st 4lbs

Just got in. I worked 12-7 then I went to a bbq. I had my shake this morning and I left my 2nd shake at home so I was starving at work just had water. Then I came home and had my shake at 7 then quickly showed my face at the bbq. The food was all gone so I didn't have to worry. Still craving for food. Don't know if this will go away. Looking forward to my wi on Thursday. I hope I see a big loss. Well I'm off to bed got an early start in the morning. :)
Day 6

Well it's the end of day 6 and I am knackered. Finished work and ten then came and done my taboo advanced dvd and now I'm ready for bed. Today has been ok. Just trying to think positive and think of the end result. The lady that I worked with was saying that her friend just finished lighter life. She said its such a bad diet because you're just starving yourself. But she said her friend has lost a lot of weight but she'll put it back on soon. I haven't told her I'm doing cd because she can be very critical. I did slimming world with her for 2 weeks but I stopped going because I was losing weight but I didn't feel any different so I decided to do this. My weigh is on Thursday and I hope I have a good loss. :cross:
Day 8

Weight:10st 3lbs

I had my wi today and I've lost 9lbs. So happy. 12lbs to my first goal and 20lbs until my target goal. I'm gona move up to 810 as I want to move up the plans now as I can't afford to be on the shakes for long. I do feel slimmer which is great. There's a guy at work that keeps commenting on what I wear and that I'm big. He said I shouldn't wear tight tops or trousers as he can see my flabby belly. He really don't know how to quiet he just talks before he thinks. People!
Day 9

I woke up today nice and refreshed. I'm glad its Friday lol! I'm just drinking my 2ltr bottle of water at work. I'm setting myself a goal of 9.13 which is 4lbs. Fingers crossed I can do it. :cross:
Day 16

I've been off the plan as a lot has happened but I'm back on track tomorrow. I'm going back on ss and I'm going to continue my journey to goal. Here we go :)

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