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Imagine yourself getting on the scales at WI. It'll be scary if you binge tonight, but lovely and triumphant if you resist.
Don't do it, be strong. I'm currently sitting next to my OH who has a big bar of wholenut, and I'm imagining my Wi on Wednesday as a sort of deterrent. It's sort of working.......
what food have you got in that you can eat for free? what day you on? I say... go and eat free food first and then binge ..... if you still need to!!! Usually if you don't fancy free food it's because you're not really hungry and just desperate for junk. You need to resist this and have something sweet but not high in syns like a jelly or something. xx


Slow but sure....
DON'T DO IT SJ.......I gave into temptation last weekend the first time since I started SW and I have spent the week desperately trying to claw back and feeling very sorry and angry with myself too (I STS) - but, it has learnt me a valuable lesson though.......so try to resist or have nibbles that are Free or low in syns, have a couple of milky drinks or Option drinks, have some yoghurts or even a couple bags of crisps - these won't do too much damage, but DON'T go on an all out binge pleeessseeeee, you are doing so well.......X
I do EE but dont fancy any of that lol.
I really fancy some Mikado's but dont have any. Also REALLY want some chocolate digestives, thinking about it ... dont have any of them either!


Slow but sure....
Why don't you paint your nails SJ - take your time give yourself a good manicure and then paint them, you can't eat while your nails are wet......or even wash and style your hair, anything to take your mind off the kitchen, good luck love. X
I had a bath literally like 2 hours ago! Also, I got my nails done Tuesday at Hollywood nails so they are all done and sorted! Lol. Typical.

Im going to go and change our bedding lol.
go have a huge glass of water then...... BRUSH YOUR TEETH...the junk will taste horrible then anyway.....resist.........you can do it....your brain is playing tricks on you - you're not really hungry you just want our normal habit of "treating" ourselves with some rubbish....

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