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Must write a diary !!!

OMG I cant believe it ! I had a good week 1 and wrote everything down, but since the weekend where I thought I was doing ok and actually convinced myself I even felt slimmer I've put on 3lb :(

I had a peak at the scales and couldnt believe it. I've got TOTM at the moment and since I'm trying to conceive today is the only day of the month that I feel its safe to have a drink, so I've had a small drink and will draw a line under today and begin a food diary in the morning (I guess wednesday will be my new weigh in day). Part of me feels like I've failed again and part of me is quite determined to get back on track and learn from the lesson. Sorry I'm going off track now, but I want to get it off my chest.

My warning - keep a food diary or else !!!! :D

I cant believe how easy it is to slip without even realising, which makes me think even if you get to target do you still need to keep a diary to keep at target ? Maybe this is one of the downfalls of trying to follow the plan on my own at home ?
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I always weigh heavier when AF is here, maybe the same has happened to you. Wait for a few days and then weigh yourself again.

Are you going to group or doing it alone?x
Thanks I think you're right, I'm not sure about weighing more with AF, but I can usually see a loss shortly after. I'm going it alone at the moment :) Off to get planning for tomorrow now ! x
Grrrrrr - I'm another pound heavier today, I feel like I'm putting on a pound a day, this is driving me nuts (and I'm not feeling able to get back to being on plan) - Help ! (maybe it is just me holding onto everything right now because its time of the month) ?
TOTM Grrrr :( Fingers crossed for your weigh in. I do feel like I have a bloated belly so I guess it could be water retention with me too (or perhaps its food and water retention!).
IME I always gain a little when I am on star week. I ntice because I have always been on some kind of diet and am a serial weigher lol
I'm a bit of a serial weigher too and I do put on normally at this time, its just not usually this much! Another 1lb on today !!!! I'm sticking to plan today and hopefully by tomorrow there'll be a loss !
I've decided to keep to my friday weigh in so I guess that'll be a gain, but there we go ;)
Stop weighing yourself Hun!!!!

Just go by the official weigh in as you could easily go off plan if you see a reading that you dont like. At this moment in time, its making you unhappy, so dont do it!!! Lol
If you do have a gain tomorrow it would generally be down to * week, so just remember to drink plenty of water and the weight will come off next week.
I agree about a diary too...its all too easy to "forget" what you have put in your mouth...or even under estimate syn values etc as you arent looking them up properly.

Thanks hun, I do need to stop weighing..... thats easy to say but I'll weigh in tomorrow ;) After that perhaps I'll challenge myself to not weighing myself till the following Friday. Facing the music tomorrow then, I wonder if it'll be another lb on !

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