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My Atkins Diary.... here we go!

Hi all.

I'm new on this website but not new to dieting. I thought I would start a thread as I"m starting Atkins today.. It will be good motivation for me to keep logging in and posting what I"m eating and maybe some of you lovely people will have great tips and advice. I'm pretty much doing this thread for myself and hopefully will be informative for other newbies starting Atkins too.

A little bit about my weight loss journey. My heaviest was 2008 when I hit 255 pounds. I'm 5ft 4 and had always been 110 pounds. For various medical reasons my weight ballooned in my mid 20's (thyroid function) I hit major depression and used food to 'fix' my emotions.. something I"m still trying to combat..

In June 2008 I had LAPBAND surgery and lost 40 pounds quite quickly. .. then I plateaued. Last year in October I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer three days a week -I'm not that wealthy... I saved up for a car.. and rather than buy a car I've decided to spend my money on my health. I've lost 22 pounds since October.. but I go to the gym SIX days a week twice a day..and hoped I would see more results.. I was on a Low Cal diet through my gym but it wasn't working for me.. Seriously, how can I eat 1500 cals a day.. burn up to 4,000 cals a day and not lose much weight.. (apparently there are 3500 cals in one pound of fat)..

SO, I'm going to attempt Atkins again. I lost 18 pounds last year in my induction but real life took over and I went back to the bread basket. I didn't gain it back -thankfully- but I know I have to stick to it.. Carbs are my poison. I can feel my body craving more if I mistake a SF jello for a Sugary one.. My body doesn't like sugar.. (even though my mind and tongue does!).

I travel with my work - I"m a private tutor- and spend some time in the Caribbean, it is very hard to get Atkins products here.. so I rely on meats, cheese etc.. but I get sick of the same old thing every day. I struggle to find things to eat. I've started induction EIGHT times this past week and a half.. only to fail by 9pm and head for cereal and milk.. or a piece of toast.
when I get back to the US I'll get onto the MiM recipes.. I think that will help!..

OK. so here goes. I'll post as often as I can with what I'm eating.. and drinking.. and how I'm feeling about it too.. cravings etc.. pressures at work and trying to avoid the dreaded sugar and chocolate!..
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Hi kizzie, great post love, I hope Atkins is the answer for you.
Hi and welcome. Love your post, very honest, also very jealous of your locations!
Best of luck and look forward to reading more of your posts (and step away for the cereal!)
Thank you both! .... My travelling doesn't actually help with my weight loss Vicky.. as lovely as the locations are.. I 'm away from my routine... I never know how long I"m away for either! ggrr.. but we all have our challenges in our daily lives and have to find ways to deal with them.
I did bring some Atkins shakes with me.. so here goes food so far.

Breakfast: Atkins chocolate shake
Lunch: One chicken breast (boiled left over from making chicken stock) shredded and fried with butter, sesame oil, mushrooms, onions and a sprinkling of parsley.
Dinner: Minced steak stirfried with onions curry powder and mushrooms (Not sure which other veggies I can add!)

I've made a huge bowl of sugar free jello.. so I'll have that with cream when the 9pm carb craving hits!

I am also going to make a huge attempt to drink my water! I've filled two 24oz water bottles with Crystal light and hope to drink both today.. I know I should double it.. but I find it physically hard to swallow so much water.. (funny though. .if it were melted chocolate or chocolate milk shake I wouldn't find it so hard! )
Jim. I've just looked through your statistics! wow.. congratulations you on that huge weight loss.. did you do it all on Atkins? You've probably answered this question a million times.. It seems I've found my inspiration!!


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Kizzie - Jim is amazing. He kindly answered a whole lot of questions and it's been put up the top as a sticky - have a read of that :)


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Hi kizzie. A diary is a great idea so look forward to keeping up:D
Thanks guys!.. I've just been for a long walk on the beach with my 'Kindle'.. what did I download today?.. The New Atkins For a New You'... so I'm engrossed...

really need to fight the good fight once and for all!..
this is it.. it's 10pm and it's my HELL time.. I've just banged out 20 sit ups.. and 10 press ups.. two 30 second planks..I've taken a long hot shower.. shampooed, conditioned... moisturised, brushed teeth!.. drank more water.. had a peppermint tea.. anything to take my mind off carbs and milk.. ggrr.. I have a few Atkins bars.. but they just don't 'do it'.. I guess this is the cold turkey bit.. totally MIND OVER MATTER.. there is a horrid intruder screaming at me inside my head.. 'just get the milk and cereal.. tomorrow you can start again.. you know you want it.. and hey. whats a few extra carbs it won't affect you too much'..but I know that damned demon is LYING to me... "LIAR! BUGGER OFF AND LEAVE ME IN PEACE"... this is the 9th time I'm starting induction because that evil carb lover has won his battle so often in the past. I NEED to get through these next few hours before I go to bed.. the cupboards are empty of cookies, cakes, breads and tempting carbs.. but the milk and cereals are all still there.. EVEN the cereals I DON"T usually like!... the boring ones with no flavour.. the ones I wouldn't go for..

Got to keep going.. got to get passed this demon.. I want to LOSE weight. .. and I know how I'll feel tomorrow morning when I wake up and recall the night before.. that awful.. 'oh god.. did I really eat toast and cereal.. right before bed? did I really allow myself to quit after a full day of staying on track why? why that time of night? why?"... OR I could wake up and recall.. 'WINNING THE BATTLE" and having that FIRST day of induction checked off.. ready and stronger to fight another day... I know what's right.. but the demon is shouting so loud that I can't even put my fingers in my ears... he gets louder!!.. *and of course my demon is a man!

I think this online diary could be a life line.. my fingers are going ten to the dozen to stop me heading to the fridge..... Trying to think of something else I can get instead.. if I need to go ... maybe some cheese.. maybe some celery -if we have any!?!?!... just have to IGNORE the milk and the cereal that goes with it..

Reminds me of that book.. 'if you give a mouse a cookie'... If Kizzie sees the milk.. she's going to want to have the cereal to go with it... " ha..

at least I can laugh...

I'll check in again and update with the ongoing battle or hopefully as the VICTOR!
An hour later.. and I think I've won the battle! I stuck my finger in the Philadelphia cream cheese.. (regular and garlic/chive) that satiated my savoury craving.. (and the milk craving) then ate half a peanut butter Atkins bar.. didn't do much for my craving but kept my mouth moving. Drank a two glasses of water with Crystal Light.. and have been watching the tragedy unveiling in Egypt.. terrible distraction. (praying for that beautiful country tonight.. where I was lucky enough to visit a few years ago so sad)

Day TWO induction tomorrow!.. wish my scales hadn't run out of battery!.. I know my weight a week ago. I just hope I haven't gained this past week.. will get my scales fixed when I'm back in Miami on Tuesday..

night all.. *night to me if only me reading! ha.
well done on getting through that craving!

its hard at first, but gets easier.

i am struggling too at the moment, not with the eating, that bit i find quite easy, have lost the cravings long ago, but i am just not losing. nothings. zero!
very demoralizing.

your weightloss journey starts today really, now you have got yourself through that first night, well done!
Morning Kizzie, that's some post there, well done on fighting the cravings. :)


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Well done Kizzie - the cravings are really tough to deal with.

Is there any way you can help yourself more by having something ready - my example is we usually have some flax bread in the fridge (made with yeast not baking powder so much more like bread) - i toast it and have with butter and marmite.....let's you laugh at that nasty voice ...Ha!
Jim. I've just looked through your statistics! wow.. congratulations you on that huge weight loss.. did you do it all on Atkins? You've probably answered this question a million times.. It seems I've found my inspiration!!
I did Kizzie, yes. I tried all sorts of stuff before Atkins and none of it worked for me (mainly due to me I suspect) then I found Atkins and here I am.
Oh and, wait until you've done 50 posts and then you'll see ;)
Thanks Jim. I will look you up as soon as I've posted enough. I'm the same. I've had surgery and followed strict hospital diets, WW, SW..you name it.. but I know my body now and I know partially what causes me to over eat are white carbs and sugar.. so I can't just have 'one square' of chocolate for 'one point'... like most overweight people I suppose..
It was really like going through cold turkey last night. As I said. I want to use this diary. .not just for my food intake (anyone can pick up a diet sheet right?) but I want to put down my emotions too.. even if just for me.. I hope to recognise what my triggers are and figure out why 9pm onwards is so difficult for me.

Just to add, I love the idea of the flaxbread but I can't make or get that stuff while I'm in the Caribbean.
I"m a private teacher and travel with the family I work for. Adding to that, there is SO much food in the house I live in.. I have no control over the foods kept here.. ie there are cupboards of chocolates and cookies.. cupboards of assorted desserts and the freezer is always stocked with many different ice creams and sorbets.. thankfully we also have a lot of meat, fish and cheeses too... When I'm back in the US I'll find the flaxmeal and bring it with me. I LOVE the idea of that with butter and marmite. I LOVE marmite!

**Thanks for the onions tip too.. I didn't know they had carbs.

SO, I made it through the night and woke up feeling victorious!.. Let DAY TWO COMMENCE!

Breakfast: Atkins Strawberry shake

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