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  1. IanH

    IanH Silver Member

    (hopefully this works).

    The picture of me at my brother's wedding August 2008 that showed me once and for all that I needed to do something.


    So in December 2008, I joined Slimming World, and by the time my other brother got married in August 2009 (my first main target date) - i was looking more like:


    Now, 9 or so months later and still going and still loosing (13.5st so far, another 8lbs to go i think):


    It's been an odd journey though. and the amount of times I've had comments about how much I've lost, and not been able to see it myself, that I've produced various collages of pics as I've gone along - just to remind myself how much I have changed when I have the doubts.

    April 28th 2010  - journey so far.jpg

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  3. zpacey

    zpacey Full Member

    Oh wow, double wow Ian!!! You've done so well!!! Congratulations on the massive weight loss! And check out that bmi, you should be very proud of yourself, am sure you feel a million times better and healthier now.
  4. *Anewme*

    *Anewme* Bring On The New Me!

    Oh wow, You have done amazing Ian well done xxx
  5. Dreamer

    Dreamer Gold Member

    Wow! What a fabulous inspiration! Well done :D
  6. IanH

    IanH Silver Member

    Thank you all... Been an interesting journey so far. and still room for a bit more.
  7. Winky

    Winky Full Member

    Amazing Ian, your're an inspiration to us all out there. I love looking at before and afters and you've just averted my trip to the fridge. Well done you!:worthy:
  8. IanH

    IanH Silver Member

    Lol Winky... Glad to have been of service. :)
  9. gonnagetslim

    gonnagetslim size 14 here I come

    Wow amazing! a different person! you should be very proud :)
  10. Berryred

    Berryred Gold Member

    Brilliant well done:D
  11. xsimplymex

    xsimplymex Hopefully due 2 fade away

    Wow! What an inspiration! You should be really proud of yourself.

    It's seeing people's journeys like this what motivates me to carry on and give me the 'If they can, I can' attitude.

    Congratulations x
  12. LVLLM

    LVLLM Gold Member

    amazing Ian - well done !
  13. oneday at a time

    oneday at a time likes to post

    omg. you look like a totally different person in the photos. congratulations on a brilliant weight loss. You must really feel proud of yourself, it wont be long until you get to your goal weight.
  14. zofia

    zofia Full Member

    wow Ian, just wow
    congratulations on the fantastic work you have done and the brilliant weight loss.
    you are an inspiration for others to keep going!
    you can be very very proud of your achievement!!
  15. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    How did I miss this post, Ian you have done fantastically well. Good for you and a large pat on the back mate.
  16. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

    Fantastic :)

    Well done

  17. fitnessqueen1

    fitnessqueen1 Full Member

    You look amazing - well done - such an inspiration.
  18. scottye87

    scottye87 Getting there....

    Excellent job Ian, very well done!
  19. big-dollop

    big-dollop Need To Downsize!

    well done that man
    hope i will be as successful in my efforts
  20. IanH

    IanH Silver Member

    thank you everyone for your kind words...

  21. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    Praise where praise is due Ian.

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