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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Kiwichan, 15 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Silver Member

    Down in my dads house for the long weekend. had to stop myself packing my own scales last night and Im becoming a bit obsessed with the scales/ketostix combo. anyway hopped up on my dads scales this morning and I've magically lost 5 lbs overnight even though he has a WW scales too. I think I willl be quite depressed on Tuesday when Im back to reality!
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  3. Lizwhite29

    Lizwhite29 Gold Member

    Haha, I'm the same. Mine ran out of battery's the other week but didnt realise for a while, they kept saying I'd lost 5lb overnight. Kept jumping off and back on and still said the same. I was like OMG then they errored and battery died. Changed the battery and I'd sts lol. Will teach me for thinking I'd lose 5lb overnight lol.

    Wk 1 -8lb
    Wk2 -6lb
    Wk3 -3lb
    Wk4 -4lb
    Wk5 -3lb
    Wk6 -3lb
    Wk7 -3lb
    Wk8 -STS :-(
    Wk9 -STS :-( Again
  4. Chlo

    Chlo Silver Member

    I lost 7lbs over Christmas, I was bragging on Facebook, telling anyone who would listen. The delusion ended when I figured the scales were ropey and I had in fact put on 2lbs (but in my head it was 9lbs)

    Also tried giving a friend my scales to break my habit of hopping on at every opportunity. It lasted 4 days and I had to drive 40 mile round trip to get them as I couldn't cope.

    I love my scales.

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