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My CD journey has begun

I got my packs this afternoon. I did originally say that I would start the following morning, but when it came down to it I thought I would start straight away. My first pack was oriental chilli soup and I was pleasantly surprised. I am 16 stone 1lb today, and for the last time ever!!

I go on holiday on August 14th to Italy for 10 days. I would like to lose at least a stone before I go.
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Good luck Angel, and well done on starting today...no time like the present.x
I used to post here on the SW board but discovered that I know every way to cheat. I need to get food out of the way for a while. Jabbathehut, my good friend has given me the motivation I need.


I definitely know what you mean angel - I have done SW for so many years and although it's a great diet, I have so much to lose and I found that knowing the journey was so long made me cheat. This is great as you don't have to think of anything other than what flavour shake to choose.

I am on day 5 and already I am feeling the difference. Good luck with your first week and particularly your first few days x
I never thought i would be nearly 2 stone down only 4 weeks after starting....it is tough at times, but worth it....dont forget to think about massage creams etc to help with stretch marks (I started doing this on day one) not sure if it will help but reckon anything we can do to help make ourselves feel good has got to be a good thing! good luck and keep posting!
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Hi Angel
Good luck and well worth starting today. I am at the end of day 4 and so far so good - feeling better today so its true what they say. There seem to be quite a few of us starting at similar times so we are all in it together. Make sure you take it easy the first few days and glug that water!

Go for it!xx


This is the last time!!
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Well hello! I am so glad you are on board, we'll do this and next time we go away for a weekend (lol) we'll shock the hell outta everyone :D
we'll do this and next time we go away for a weekend (lol) we'll shock the hell outta everyone :D
Will we ever!!!

Anyway, it appears I have successfully completed my first day. Not too sure about the broccoli and cheese soup I had, but it wasn't awful. Love the fruits of the forest and toffee and walnut :D

Managed to drink loads of water, and I must have got loads of exercise walking to the water cooler at work and the loo :p

So that is day one behind me............bring on day two!!!!!
well done hunni, you can do it. i was 16st 1 when i started now im down to 14st 8 , good luck hunni.xx
Good luck, keep us up to date x
Well I am embarking on my third day of CD. I cannot believe I have done this, no food has passed my lips since Monday lunchtime :D. I felt a little headachy last night after I had been to the stables, but when I got home I realised I hadn't had any water for a couple of hours :tear_drop:

I have had a different flavour soup/shake for every meal so far and have liked them all apart from the broccoli cheese one :jelous:

I did a pee test this morning when I woke up and it went pink :party0011: I am in ketosis!!!


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Good luck. the first few days are the hardest, but once your over it, you will start to feel great x
Good morning day four :D:D

I really am sleeping so well at the moment, and it is a lovely feeling waking up and not having a full stomach from the meal the night before!!

Well I couldn't resist this morning, I hopped on the scales..........weighed 99.1 kg I have lost approx 6 1/2 lb :D:D Proper weigh in is Monday evening, so watch this space!!!!

I am kind of dreading the weekend, first one without food. In the week when I am at work it is not too bad. I will try to keep myself busy, shouldn't be too difficult with the horse. Must just remember to keep water with me at all times, I have a tendancy to forget to drink when I am at the stables :rolleyes:

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