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My Countdown - 20 Weeks to go!

Well some of you might recognise me, but it seems that there aren't many of the oldies about any more. I guess that's the hazard with CD, it's a long hard road and there aren't that many that make it....me included!

I started CD a long time ago and messed around with it on and off for months, I did well to begin with but couldn't keep it up or find the same motivation that I did the first time around.

I lose about 20lbs, but that's all gone back on. I started at 18stone 11lbs and I am back to 18stone 8lbs. My size 22 trousers are tight again and I only own 1 pair of 24's. Which I've kept, to remember how big I was, I hadn't planned to ever have to wear them again.

As my diary title says, I'm now on countdown to my wedding on 2nd July and I have at least 4 stone to lose to get into my dress.

Sooo...here I am again, not sure I want or can do CD again. But I'm kind of out of options, I'm scared that WW, SW or plain old calorie counting is going to work quickly enough. I don't want to have to buy a new dress...
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Laugh in the face of food
I found it, just had a mans look!!! It doesn't matter what diet you do hun, just try and find one that suits you, it's half the battle I think. I want one with the speedy results of CD but with the flexibility of SW ha ha, I can but dream!!! Good luck with it, you can do it! And I'm always around on here if you need anything x
Hi again - glad you've started you're own thread so I can keep in touch.

****BEST OF LUCK****

Just take one day at a time - and once you are past day 3 it'll be plain sailing. There's certainly a huge goal to aim for!

Eek xoxo
Thanks Surf, think I might need to re-download the minimins app.

Hi again Eek, keeping a diary on here is great, as long as you keep posting when it falls apart. I need to re-read my old diary and try to get some of my initial motivation back again.

Currently don't have a CDC, I don't want to go back to my old one, mainly through shame and also because she isn't very supportive :(

But....and a big but, my BMI is over 45 so I'm not actually allowed to do SS. However I know my CDC will let me go on regardless. So not sure what to do? Going back to her will mean serious grovelling as I completely messed her around.

Maybe I'll try emailing her? That'll be less awkward than a phone call!


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Why carnt u do it because ur bmi is 45?
Hi Cornish,

Sorry to be in touch over two threads, but I though it would make more sense this way!

You're not that far over 45bmi at all, one day on CD and it'll probably fall below. I was a bit apprehensive about my CDC at first - she's not horrible but not my sort of person, if you know what I mean. But in the end she's there to supply me with the goods and tell me how much I've shrunk each week. I've warmed to her a bit now, anyhow.

I wouldn't worry about contacting your old CDC again - after all the counsellors are business orientated and if you get in touch it means more sales and more profit for them. Sorry to be a bit basic about it - I'm sure there are hundreds of CDCs (in fact the majority) who really do want to support and care for their clients as their first priority, but if your isn't one at least she has access to a source of size 16 inducing goodies which is after all what you are after!

Hi Kimmie, I can't remember the rules now, but I'm sure when your BMI is over 40 you aren't allowed to do the SS, you can only do 810 or it might even be 1000. Or is it that BMI over 40 you have to have doctors permission, I can't remember the rules! lol
Have just emailed my CDC, not sure if she picks emails up though? We'll see.


Laugh in the face of food
You need to get your doc to sign a form to say they're aware you're doing CD if your BMI is over 40, but most docs should be thrilled their patients are doing something about their BMI, mine was and I'd gone about something completely unrelated to my weight, if they give you stick about it you just need to tell them it's not their "permission" you need by getting them to sign the form, they're just signing to say that they are aware you're doing it!!

I'm in the same boat with my CDC, I'm too embarrassed to go back at my current weight, fortunately I stock piled some CD for just such an occasion, hoping I'd never need it, but here I am, 2st lighter than when I started the first time, but a st and a half heavier than when I quit CD this last time.

Oh bum, I've just looked up and it's snowing again.... It better stop I'm sick of snow :( sorry totally off topic there!!

Whatever you decide to do you have to be the one who makes the decision and that way you'll get the best out of it. Put all past attempts behind you, it's 2011, a new year with no history!!! Xxx
Absolutely, I dwell on the past too much. Need to stop comparing things to my good times and kicking myself for the bad ones. Fresh start!

I am waiting for the snow to start again down here, don't want any. It's just one big old hassle! At least we haven't had it like you guys have!
I started cd when my bmi was 51
Did you have to get doctors permission?
So, today is exactly 25 weeks till the wedding. I regret emailing my CDC now, as really I would rather not go back to her and I just realised how easy it is to get hold of exante and how cheap it is too?

Still, I've contacted her now, so have to follow through with it. I guess the support and checking in with someone is good though, and I do love my tetras!


this time - the last time
Good luck on your restart.
The countdown to your wedding is a great motivator. As my cdc told me..."every morning, and everytime you even think of cheating ..... imagine yourself at the top of the aisle, imagining you are the same weight you are today. Imagine the dress you will need to wear at this weight, and how you will feel. Next, imagine yourself at the top of the aisle, imagining you are your target weight. Imagine the dress you will wear, and how you will feel."
Now I'm only in day 4, but I've not considered cheating for even a second! Hehe!

My bmi is over 40, so I couldn't SS until my doctor signed my forms. I was really worried about it, but I don't think she read it, just signed them to get me out the room ASAP!

Good luck whatever you decide.


Why Be Normal?
Hi Cornishkez --

Emailing your old CDC isn't marrying her. ;)

If she has been doing this a while, then she has a lot of people not follow through, etc. And, as eek said... She's a business woman, she'll get it.

If you think you'd rather do Exante... maybe you do it until you are under 40 bmi and can go to a CDC without a doctor's note (as long as you are confident you are healthy). If you think you need a change or CD worked better for you.

I saw my first CDC last Tuesday -- and "wasn't feeling it". So, I found another in this area and will see her tomorrow. If she seems to be a better fit for me, then I will contact the other CDC and cancel my Tuesday appt. (giving her at least 24 hours notice and apologise).

Now, I could go into all the reasons I am cancelling, but I think I will just give her one truthful one: I would prefer a daytime appt. and, as she works during the day, it isn't possible for her to do that.

Good Luck --

And to answer an earlier question of yours... I think you could lose almost as much on WW over the 25 weeks (and not have the gylcogen regain when you start to eat again aas you would with CD), but WW is hard for me. (I do not know about Slimming World.)

I am not good about portion control or planning. Taking food out of the equation works best for me. So, I am going to try and complete the CD program and move on to either Rosemary Conley or WW to maintain.

MM you're completely right, I'm going to order some exante. I know what to look for and how to do a vlcd, so it shouldn't matter which one I do. If my CDC does contact me then I can still arrange to go and see her. I've got 2 days worth of shakes so hopefully it won't take long to arrive. A months multipack works out at £1.20 a meal, which is pretty good I reckon?!

I was planning on today being day 1, but I didn't get up till late (very late), then went up to the horses without any water or shakes and ended up staying up there all day. Took my youngster out for a nice long walk and then rode my old girl as well, so when I popped to the shop for a drink I ended up getting a pasty! That's the problem with living in Cornwall, every shop has pasties at the counter! Eek!

At least I did more walking than I have done in weeks. Tomorrow will be day 1! That's going to be hell, hitting ketosis while at work. And I'm sure I'm due on in a couple of days.

Looking forward to being in the 17's! My normal heaviest weight was always 17st 13lbs, so here is to getting back to my old heaviest... Lol!
Just having a bit of a ponder, I can't wait until ketosis kicks in. I do get fed up with being so lazy and slobbish, everything is such an effort! My house is disgusting, with 3 dogs you have to stay on top of the housework and I can barely be bothered to do the washing. Like tonight, I have only just put in the clothes I need for work tomorrow?!

Also, I am such a mess. I was looking in the mirror a minute ago and aside from being overweight, my eyebrows need plucking, my hair needs dying, my moustache either needs waxing... Lol!

Poor Scott has got a right one in me!

I really enjoy the energy and motivation that comes with ketosis.


Why Be Normal?
Absolutely -- the ketosis kick and needing to get busy to avoid eating makes for a tidier home.

Now, I am a Green Tea convert. It really gives me an energy boost. So, thanks to Jools for recommending it.

I've tried green tea soo many times, but I just can't force myself to like it. Isn't camomile tea meant to be good for you too?


Why Be Normal?
I've tried green tea soo many times, but I just can't force myself to like it. Isn't camomile tea meant to be good for you too?

Not sure about Camomile tea re: the diet. What my LL counsellor used to say, "From the leaf not the root" - and camomile (I think) is from a flower.

I think it is supposed to be calming.


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