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my diary ~ no more CD for me

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
S: 13st5.5lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 0st6.5lb(3.47%)
((Hugs)) hope you are feeling better this morning!

Don't not lose weight for a bloke.. he'll love you just the same i'm sure! honestly they like us underneath.. and some have the knack of loving us extra cuddly but loving us when we're happier because we've lost weight!

I put on a tight t-shirt the other day.. and hubby was like 'hello'! lol he said it reminded him of the person i was when we got together.. i'd lost all 'sexi-ness' when i got bigger and he missed that.. i know he had tried tempting me into lingerie etc when i was a size 22 it wasnt' happening! lol still isn't yet.. but one day! lol

Anyway... you will do fantasticly! And your 21lb goal is a good one, but you'll kick the date if you stick to plan perfectly... I did! And was amazed to make it 2 stones in 6 weeks. Some have done it alot quicker than that too.

keep going for YOU! And remember we're here for support!
((Huge Hugs))
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thanks, I'm certainly not losing weight for anyone else but me. I feel bad about myself as i am and i know I will feel better about how I look and feel with less fat on me. My stomach already seems a bit flatter (slightly) so thats good.

It's officially a week since I first saw my CDC I went back to see her again today. When I weighed myself last monday I was 13 stone. This morning I was ....12 stone 6 1/2 !!!! yay thats 7 1/2 pounds I've lost. However, I did weigh myself in the afternoon last week and morning today cant be too much different can it?

I forgot to have any breakfast or take any of the packs to work with me today so had nothing but water till after I saw my cdc. I don't think it went too well with her I'm a bit confused, going to post up about it separately to this but I think it's going to hamper my diet. :( I dont want to give up this soon into it. specially through someone else telling me the wrong thing.

have only had about 2 litres of water so far too so need to drink lots more.

Oh maybe tmi but going to the toilet this morning was awful, more blood than anything else so I think I might need some of those husky things or whatever it is people are going on about.


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S: 18st3lb C: 17st7lb G: 11st3lb Loss: 0st10lb(3.92%)
Hi Kati,

Congrats' on your weight loss of seven and half pounds...Weighing yourself at different times each week will fluctuate somewhat but overall it will still work out over the month.

Water is crucial to doing the diet as you have to replace the water you would normally get from the food you eat.

With any change to your diet you will also get bowel change, some get the runs and others get constipated.

I use fibre 89 and that works for me fine but others feel the husks work...Russiandoll has a thread over on the WeMITTS on it and she knows a lot about it.

If you do a walk for a bout 20 minutes a day that will help also along with making sure you drink your water.

In the mean time you could get some Dulco-Lax tablets to help this week as I did have to resort to this myself at the start this time last year until I made sure to take by fibre.

I do hope it gets sorted, I don't like to hear about blood from the back passage as this does sound like a tear, was wondering have you suffered from piles before this?

Love Mini xxx


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Thanks Mini. I'll have a look for the thread on wemitts.
To be honest I'm on my feet all day at work so definately do more than 20 minutes walking and then theres the dog needing to be walked too....

I don't think I've had piles that I know of but I do have a problem with er an old war wound off last year so that'll be why the blood.

I'm a bit disappointed in my loss, I hoped it would be more, but I suppose it would have taken me ages to lose it any other way. I just wish I could see where it's come off, although my fingers seem a bit thinner slightly


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I had the vanilla shake with coffee in it, it was fantastic!!! I have missed having coffee sooo much (I cant drink it black) and it was just wonderful. I need more vanilla's!!

still 12 stone 6 today, lost an inch off chest waist and hips too. My friend asked ysterday how long I'm going to keep up the diet for so I told her till christmas maybe. that was just my instant reaction to the question so that makes me think that I WILL do this. All the doubts I have of whether I'll be able to stick to it or not are all wrong. I really want to be slim so I can be by following this diet. If I was on any other diet I'd have cheated so many times by now but because this one is so strict then I will not cheat. Plus I dont have the hassle of cooking (yay) when the kids aren't here.

If I go by the 3lbs per week loss theory I was working on before then I could lose another 42 pounds by christmas. That would make me just over 9 stone. Wow thats really something I can't imagine.


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Big well done on 7 and a half pounds! Truly nowt to be disappointed with there- I think the big huge losses tend to be from people with tons more to lose. Mind- 7 and a half is a big huge loss I think (I'd been losing 1-2 pounds on my normal diet from August.)
I'm running at about an inch lost on chest/waist/hips too...again bloomin brill in a week!
Am quite nervous about my weigh in this aft- what if I'm a strange dietary misfit and only lose a pound? Erk.
Will try the vanilla with coffee- aren't really getting on with the shakes though I like everything else.

Til Christmas sounds good. I think that'll be me too.

Onwards- day 8!


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thanks Kate, good luck with your weigh in I'm sure you will have had a good loss too.

I'm not a big fan of the shakes either, I like my meals hot and hot srawberry or something like that doesn't seem right. I got a cappuccino one for this week can't wait to try that one. If i like that i might just ask for that and vanilla for the rest of my diet lol


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thanks :)

Ok right now I'm ready to kill my kids (not literally) they wont stop eating loudly and smelly stuff and it's driving me mad. and they insist on being on me. i get one off and another one starts lying on me. I can't stand it right this minute. I wish I could just go out and get away from them fr half an hour or something till they stop eating or till I get this mood out of me but i can't. I can't wait till bedtime!!! shame it's ages away yet.

I don't have the urge to eat something anymore I just feel so angry and irritated at them right now because of them eating.


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I must confess... I've been having a bar every day since I got them on monday. Today is day 9 so I shouldn't really be having them, but the good news is I don't really like them so if they slow my loss this week then they wont in future because I wont be getting them. Well maybe the toffee ones were ok I could get some of them for emergency days. I dont really like the soundof the tetras if they are only banana and chocolate. They might not only be banana and chocolate but thats all people seem to mention and my cdc hasn't mentioned them at all. I'm seriously thinking of seeing if there are any other cdc's closer than her. she's ok but it's half hour drive to hers from work then another half hour home if the traffic is flowing smoothly which it often isn't on that road. So anyway I have 4 bars left, I might as well eat them then they're out of the way and I can carry on with my diet knowing they're available if I MUST have something to chew on but I could quite happily live without them. I don't want to get into the habit of having something chocolaty like that every day anyway because it would probably make me move onto real bars of chocolate when I've lost my weight. Curlywurly's are my favourite! mmmm

Been ok today, had a slight craving for garlic chicken with sweet chilli sauce but that passed. That was because I had to make someone garlic chicken at work and it smelled so nice.

Haven't been telling people about the diet so have been asked today if I've decided to go anorexic! I said no of course, I couldn't do without my soups.

I've had 2 people telling me my face looks a bit thinner because I'm getting kind of hollow bits under my cheek bones. I've always had really chubby cheeks so I doubt they'll ever go.

Still 12 stone 6 this morning when I got up, and at 2 30 when I got home from work. hmmm maybe I lost some weight today then cos I have drank loads of water before I was weighed this afternoon. I know I know I'm silly for weighing myself too much but it's good to see how much difference small things make. Plus it's fun going for a wee then finding out I've instantly lost 2 lbs lol My dog often tries to get on with me though just to make me heavier.

I'm feeling fantastic today, might be brave and go to the gym. On the other hand my house needs to be cleaned and I have to sort out clothes for the twins going on holiday and I have only today tomorrow and friday to buy birthday presents! Plus tomorrow I have to work a full day. But my mam is dogsitting tomorrow so might go to the metrocentre tomorrow night after work instead of going straight home. I've no idea what to get, all I know is one wants a remote controlled dalek and the other one wants pokemon ruby for his gameboy. Pokemon ruby isn't in the shops, I've asked, have to get it off ebay. Hmm might take one of my bars with me to keep me going whilst shopping otherwise it's going to be late by the time I get anything to eat.

Think I better do the cleaning rather than going to the gym...


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well I just spent 3 hours cleaning! usually since i started this diet I've come in from work absolutely knackered and just want to go to sleep so sit there and do nothing (my house was a tip!) but today I've been full of energy. Usually when I start cleaning I get all sweaty too yuk, but I haven't been at all today either. Fantastic. My house is still messy but compared to how it was before it's ok.


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S: 18st3lb C: 17st7lb G: 11st3lb Loss: 0st10lb(3.92%)
Hi Kati,

Your doing really well and a clean house on top what a bonus.:)

I find the water is key and you do have good energy if you make sure to have your three packs and water.

I don't really like the taste of the chocolate tetra but it is very nice when frozen and I do like the taste of the banana one.

Have you tried all the flavours in the bars? I find them all very nice and as such don't feel tempted to go for more chocolate even though it is one of my big weaknesses.

I am looking for more or less the same weight loss as you for Christmas!!!

I have weigh in tomorrow morning...did not shift last week, so hope I have something for tomorrow.

Love Mini xxx


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I've only tried the bars I was given which were..chocolate, orange, toffee and caramel (just tried the caramel today still didn't like it very much) The chocolate one was the worst though.

I hope your weigh in wen't well and good luck for all that weightloss by christmas. I hope we both get to where we want to be by then. Wouldnt that just make the day even better?

Today has been a long day. I was stuck in traffic so ended up being an hour late for work! then I was just so busy after that I have only managed to have about 1 litre of water all day. I didn't get my first meal till 4 pm too, just had my second. But now I have to drink 3 litres of water AND have another pack. I don't think I'm going to manage it all, I'm so stuffed already. I'm not really one for having anything at all on a night time usually.

Just weighed myself half an hour ago too and I'm STILL 12 stone 6! I want it to get less than that (picture me stamping my feet and having a tantrum there) I'm so impatient. Probably one of the reasons why I chose this diet. But I understand it cant all come off at once so if it moves by tomorrow that'll do.

I'm bored, I've got no kids or dog tonight, even the cat has gone out and left me. might go in the bath with a book to waste some time. Could do more cleaning but maybe later. I've been cooking and cleaning all day I don't fancy doing it again.

My boobs are definately shrinking, my bra seems bigger and they're more wobbly than they've ever been. And I can get my ring on and off my finger easier now (it was quite a struggle before)

I've been thinking that since my body will look different when I lose this weight I want the rest of me to look a bit different too. I want people to notice something is different about me. I might get my hair permed, it's really straight right now I don't want a curly perm, just wavy so it has a bit of body to it. If I dont like it I can always straighten it cant I. Maybe I'll get it dyed a different colour too and get myself a tan and have eyebrows waxed and stuff like that. I want to look as good as I possibly can for once in my life


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woohoo the scales have finally shifted!!!! as of this morning I am 12 stone 4 exactly! so thats 2lbs overnight. its fantastic, I cant remember the last time I was this light. only 4 lbs to go til I'm 11 stone something which I haven't been since my kids were in nursery and they're in year 6 now. Plus once I get below 12 stone my bmi will be below 30 so I'll no longer be obese! I cant wait for that to happen, I'm so happy :)

I wont change my ticker till next tuesday though because thats when I'll have been on the diet for 2 weeks, it might go back up to 12 6 by tomorrow you never know.

I just had a hot capuccino with coffee in it, it was horrible I feel sick now. don't think I'll be having too many of those I'll just stick with the vanilla ones with coffee in.

I can't believe that just last week I was praying for the scales not to go above 13 stone and now I'm nowhere near that. It's wonderful, now I can imagine I might actually get to my goal by christmas. I might extend my goal yet though I dont know. The happiest I've ever been wih my weight was 8 1/2 stone but I was still in a size 12. seems weird how I was so much lighter yet only 2 clothes sizes different, ok maybe I'm bursting out of the 16's slightly but not much. I refuse to buy 18's lol. Maybe by about 11 stone I'll be able to wear size 14's again so I definately need to lose that much by christmas to be able to get my bag. Thats why I have a bag on my ticker just to keep reminding me what I'm aiming for right now lol. the only problem is my mother is a size 14 and she still looks huge. So I definately cant stay that size. She's a few inches shorter than me but it doesn't really make that much difference does it.

I feel good, full of energy and my skin is amazingly soft but have a few spots now. I still cant see myself in my head as thin but at least I know it could happen with this diet as long as I stick to it, which isn't realy that hard.

There are loads of thin people come into my shop and buy loads of stuff lke crisps and chocolate etc and I feel jealous that they are so thin and can eat all that, yet I'd never have dared eat it because I am already fat. I think I am jealous that they get to eat what they want and stay thin whereas I'm having to avoid food alltogether just to be like that, then once i get to that stage I still wont be able to eat like that becaue I'd put the weight back on again. It's pretty easy to tell the difference between the ones who eat what they want and the ones who are careful what they eat, but I'm jealous anyway lol.

I read in someone elses diary the other day (cant remember who sorry but it was on here) that by day ten you're suposed to start burning fat rather than anything else. don't know if thats true or not but I hope it is. It's day 11 for me and it would be nice to start seeing some difference in myself.

By the way, the amount of weight I've lost is the same as my dog weighs! so If I want a reminder of how much heavier I was I just need to pick him up and think wow I've lost a whole dog! lol


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Morning Babe
Love reading your post,you sound so happy and positive.
You are doing so well.
The cleaning bug is a bonas,Isorted out cupboards I had not opened for years when I first statred its great the amount of enagey you get.
Now over 8mts and 7.5st lighter the dogs begs me NOT to take her for another walk hehehehe
Can not wait to see what you do in your first 2 weeks.
Keep it up babe you are doing so well.
Have a good day.x


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wow thats fantastic that ou've done so well congratulations!

I bet your dog is loving it really, I need to take mine out more but I have to take the kids too and they moan. I'll just have to make them all go lol.

Hope you have a good day too


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well what a day its been today. It says I was last on here 12 hours ago which is when I left for work, and this is the first chance I've had for a rest since. I should be absolutely knackered. I'm tired but not exhausted but my arms and feet are aching off carrying a huge Dalek and other stuff around the metrocentre I should have taken it to the car and left it while I carried on shopping but I was too dumb. Anyway theres some exercise for the day. A couple of hours of weight lifting lol. The bag they gave me for it was too long it was on the ground if I held it normally so had to hold it up all the way round. Then I got home only for my son to tell me he doesn't want a dalek any more grrrr he's getting it for his birthday and thats that! I've decided to take them ten pin bowling instead of to the chinese restaurant, much better for me that way and they will love bowling.

My friend was terrible at the shops, she dragged me into the thorntons shop and kept going on about food the whole time. She even bought toffees (my favourite) but I wasn't bothered at all I'm so pleased with myself. I did go to buy a bottle of water but the queue was long and the dalek was heavy so didn't end up getting one. Got it now though. I've managed 3 litres already today so it's not too bad that I didn't have any while I was out.

I don't think Ive been tempted by food at all today that I can remember. It's just been too busy to think about eating and I think I must b out of the habit of picking at things at work because I don't even think about doing it now. I'm really happy on this diet now, I love it and can't wait to see some real results.


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More shopping today, with the kids this time though what a nightmare. The twins are off on holiday on monday so ad to buy clothes and stuff for them to take. So I must have spent about £200 today and at least £100 yesterday eek! And none of it on me!!! oh I tell a lie I bought myself some earrings to make sure the holes in my ears dont close up cos I haven't had any to wear for ages.

There seem to be sales on all over the place and it's weird stopping myself from even looking at clothes. I don't want to buy anything the size I am now because hopefully I wont be this size for long. I don't want to buy anything smaller either beause i might not actually get there. So I'll just have to wait till I'm desperate for something new to wear.

I've had about 3 litres of water so far and already had my 3 meals. Don't really like the veg soup so tried it with curry powder in today. It still wasn't great but it was better than without it. Hope I'm allowed curry powder in it.

There must be something wwrong with me. I find it absolutely impossible to sleep past 7 am now. Thats just completely unnatural. I stayed in bed longer in protest purely because it's saturday and I didn't have to be up by any certain time and the kids were still asleep.

Breakfast was fine, just had to complain about someone getting sugar puffs on the floor and the dog got them stuck in the long hair on his ears. Lunch was ok, we went outside at the shopping centre and sat while the kids tucked into sandwiches and cakes and pop from greggs while I had a bottle of water and a bar that I was clever enough to think ahead and take with me. (I'm not usually that well prepared for anything). Then we went to drop something off at my mams and she loaded me up with bags of food to bring home. I was soo tempted to pick at the stuff cos it all smelled so nice. I can't wait till i can eat normally so I wont have those cravings.

I've been in such a bad temper today too. The kids weren't too bad so it really was just me. The bags were heavy and the place was crowded so everyone was getting in my way. I was just so fed up. The kids need gloves too and I couldn't find any anywhere. So I got fed up and came home without them.

I bought them toothpaste each which seems to have disappeared so have to go and buy some more and gloves tomorrow and whatever else I've forgotten. Plus tomorrow is birthday day and I forgot to get wrapping paper. I hope they forget about the chinese restaurant.


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I must talk too much, but never mind back again lol.

I forgot to write that I was 12 stone 4 again today, but that was with clothes on, yesterday was without. I like to get my exact weight without having to guess how heavy my clothes are lol. So I'm hoping my clothes weighed a pound so I ould have really been 12 stone 3 lol. What do you think, jogging pants and a t shirt and undies could way a pound, couldn't they?

I love how flat my stomach feels when I lie down. I just need it to stay that way when I stand up too. I tried a few thins on that were too small for me. I can get into them but wouldn't wear them yet because they're still slightly tight on me. I've come to the conclusion H&M's sizes are smaller than most other shops I get things from so thats my excuse for them not fitting. One of them is a dress which I've never worn. I was too embarrassed to take it back and say it doesn't fit so I kept it. I should be going for a night out in 2 weeks so I'll wear it then. Might be the only chance I do get to wear it with any luck, then might take it back and say it's too big lol. I doubt they'd still have it in stock to change it now though. It's the kind of dress I'll still be able to wear for a while even if it's big though I think so might get to wear it more than once. I don't go out very often now though so might not. A lot of not going out is due to my lack of confidence though and feeling so bad about myself when I do go out. Hopefully as I lose weight I will get more confident about myself.

I usually walk around the shps and every time I catch sight of myself in a mirror I cringe and think how bad I look. these past couple of days I haven't noticed myself really. I did imagine myself to look a terrible sight so when I came home and rushed upstairs to the loo I caught sight of myself in the mirror and thought wow I thought I looked so much worse than that. So maybe m face thinning out slightly has made a big difference. I'm still the same old me who looks a stone heavier though.


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12 stone 3 today yay! I need to lose another 3 pounds then thats a stone off. I can't believe it, it has only been 2 weeks. However I don't feel so good about how I look today. My belly seems huge for some reason. One good thing though.. I actually have visible collar bones now if I have my shoulders at the right angle lol I doubt anyone else would notice though other than me. I don't know if it's something people would normally notice, I do because it's something I want for myself. I'm one of those people who carries weight everywhere so don't have any part of me that looks thinner than anywhere else. My shoulders are awful, too round and flabby arms too. I want nice thin arms and pointy shoulders.

Had a busy day today. Got woken up at half 7 typical on the first day I've actually managed to sleep that late. I didn't want to get up but had to. The Dalek was much appreciated but was broken so had to take it back to the shop and get a new one. spent about 3 hours doing more shopping with the kids then went bowling. Also stopped off to get lunch for the kids, I got myself a diet coke and had my last bar. I don't mind running out of them now because they leave a horrible taste in my mouth. they did come in handy this weekend though. They fit nicely in my bag.

Had to visit my grandma after bowling because it's her birthday the same day as the twins so took her a card and a bunch of flowers. The card plays the grandma we love you song so I had to get that because she always loved it when I was little. It cost £5 though!!!! never spent so much on a card in my life.

Call me a bad mother if you like but I didn't buy birthday cake for my boys, or do a special tea or anything. But they don't seem to mind they've had a good day and went out for dinner so they haven't had nothing at all. One of them doesn't like cake anyway.

I still have to pack their bags for tomorrow yet. They're half packed but I have to iron some stuff and finish the packing. I had to wait till they are in bed so I have some room and till the dog is tired so he's not under my feet or running off with things (which he is terrible for, especially knickers and underpants).

I don't know what I'm going to do for the week with just one kid around. I haven't had just one for 11 years, even that only lasted 12 months so never had much experience of just one. I'm going to have to think of ways too entertain him eek. Lots of dog walking I think. Might ask him if he wants to invite a friend home from school or something.

I was thinking of decorating the twins bedroom while they're away, they can't agree on what colour though. One wants red and the other wants blue. Wonder how tacky it would be to do red white and blue stripes then both would be pleased. hmmm. I might just paint it white and see afterwards.

I should lose 2 pounds by tomorrow with all the stress of this weekend and the exercise with shopping lol wouldn't that be good? already 11 lbs in just under 2 weeks isn't bad though, it could be a lot worse. I'm just too impatient. I've got a friend who always picks me up whenever he sees me (literally) and I last saw him when I first started the diet and wont see him for at least another 2 weeks so it would be great to lose enough for him to notice if he does it again.

I'm so glad I didn't take them to the chinese restaurant today because I really would have given into temptation and eaten. I'm glad I didn't eat although I would love some different flavours and textures to eat. Even walking past pizza hut looked tempting and I hate pizza!