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my diary ~ no more CD for me

Hi Kati,

Nice to look in on your diary for the first time in a few days and see how well you're doing-

bit of a carrying theme going on as well- what with dogs and daleks and being carrried yourself!

Well done on the losses-
hope you enjoy a bit more time for yourself this week maybe with fewer kids around (though it sounds like you're going to miss them!)- maybe you could treat yourself to a manicure or something in preparation for the big makeover you're planning at goal?

I like the sound of that by the way- think one of my treats when I get there will be a pampering afternoon at a salon.
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S: 18st2lb C: 15st1lb G: 12st2lb Loss: 3st1lb(16.93%)
Hi Kati,

There is so much in your diary I can relate to from feeling my collar bones to the flat tummy to waking up early in the morning!

Also the image of myself in the mirror and I find now I like the look of myself and can remember the day in the shop when I realized that I don't look too bad!

Your doing great:)

Love Mini xxx
lol I never noticed having a carrying theme myself. I'm done with shopping for a bit though so hopefully wont have to carry much for a while.

I'm glad someone else can relate to those things, infact i's probably something a lot of people will think about. I've seen a few people posting about how wonderful it is to find bones and things through their skin.

Actually Kate I was just thinking to myself today that I might go and get something done to pamper myself a bit once I get a stone off, then somethin else at the next stone etc, then I'll be well on my way to looking fabulous by the time I get to goal! good idea.

I haven't been having such a good day today though. today has been a bit of a why am I doing this? kind of day. I haven't cheated at all but it is soo tempting. I'm wondering if it's anything to do with the new airfreshener I put in my car this morning that smells like liquorice allsorts. It really smells delicious. But it's going to be so weird just cooking for one child. I can't even take him out really because it would be worse going somewhere and just buying him food. Today has just been awful.

I did get on the scales this morning and I was 12 stone 2 though, which is great but I still don't look any different and my clothes dont seem to fit any different. Well they do but not very noticeably. My jeans are good i suppose, they ame with a belt when i bought them, I had to fasten it on the first hole when I got them and today I had to have it fastened on the last hole to stop them falling down. So I need a new belt soon lol.

I've got enough packs to last till thursday morning, I hope my cdc lets me go to see her on wednesday after work otherwise I'll end up coming off the diet.

Someone tell me this is all worth being thin for
This IS all worth being thin for!!

Sounds like you're having steps forward every day.

I keep forgetting I'd been on a diet for 6 weeks before I started CD though- and it took a good 3 weeks into that before I could really start appreciating the difference in me.

I think maybe a thing about CD is- if you find you can do it and it suits you then through your life you need never put on weight again because you know you could go back to it and rein yourself in if you started putting weight on again.

Anyway...ten pounds in 2 weeks- that's bloomin brilliant! Give yourself some credit.
Thanks Kate :) I really needed reminding about how worthwhile it is today.

As I posted elsewhere on the site I ate today. I think that if I hadn't felt so obsessed with having something to eat then I would have persevered and not eaten. Maybe that would have been a bad thing though since I was feeling faint and it's a half hour drive home from work so if I had passed out at the wheel that wouldn't have been good. Even just being light headed isn't good when driving.

I really want to be thin as soon as I can so I am ready to get right back to SS from now.

My friend came today and said she could really tell I've lost weight. I wore a skir today that I bought a couple of years ago and haven't actually been able to fit into it till now. It's still a 16 though. It's weird how some size 16's are getting big for me and others still tight. I have a pair of trousers that have a lable that says size 16, 30 inch waist. My waist is definately not 30 inches, more like 33. so if 30 is size 16 then how much do I have to lose to be a 14?

I also measured my calves today. they're 16 inches at the widest part. I looked at some boots on ebay and that said the top of a pai of boots was approx 13 inches so thats 3 inches I need to lose from there. It seems so far away.

I was still 12 stone 2 today, it'll probably go back up a few pounds by tomorrow :( oh well lets hope it goes back down again quickly.


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S: 18st2lb C: 15st1lb G: 12st2lb Loss: 3st1lb(16.93%)
Hi Kati,

Your doing well and keep going and put this behind you and it is hardly going to show on the scales.

Lovely to have size 16 getting too big on you...

For every stone you come down it is a size in clothes.

I find I am divided into two sizes LOL!!! Top and bottom, my top is bigger than my bottom. 18/16.

Good luck tomorrow and please don't beat yourself up about it.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks mini, I always imagined it would take more than a stone to drop a dress size. Can't complain about that though :)

I know all about being 2 different sizes it's a nightmare. I used to be a 10 on the bottom and 16 on top purely because of my boobs it was impossible to find clothes that looked right on.

I measured myself today and discovered I have lost 4 1/2 inches off my hips! they've gone from 44 inches to 39 1/2. My waist also has gone from 35 inches to 31 1/2. I love it. Just hope I don't bloat out again now.

I'm completely over eating yesterday now and glad to get back to ss. I've had half a pack this morning and saved the other half for later, so at least I've had something and I wont be tempted to have anything later on.

still 12 stone 2 today. I think I'll try and find some of those Ketosticks so that I know if I'm in ketosis or not. I know I'll have probably knocked myself out of it yesterday but I want to know when I'm back into it. Does it still take a few days when you've only had that one thing? I know I could have chosen better than bread, but it's a sandwich shop so everything is full of carbs. I'm really impatient and dying to get into the 11's. Last time I was in the 11's I lost a stone using weightwatchers and my husband decided I was losing weight because I was having an affair so I gave up and put 2 stone on instead. I don't know when he expected me to have time to have an affair or were I was going to find someone to have it with! He is a major reason why I am so big so I'm very glad to be rid of him :) I do get a bit lonely at times though so hoping that once I'm happy with myself then I might meet someone nice. that bloke I was going to have a date with is pointless seeing at all since he's moving miles away very soon. The only problem is I always have to go to the same places and see the same people all the time. So anyone that takes an interest in me when I've lost weight when they never gave me a second look whilst fat, I won't want to know. I know no one plans on getting fat again after losing it all but it does hapen so if I did put it all back on again then someone like that wouldn't want me any more would they. So I'd rather not go for anyone who has been like that.

Anyway, thats all going to be ages away isn't it. It's not even as if I can get out often to meet anyone anyway. My friends go out every other friday and I can only get out for 2 of those every 2 months. If they would go different days then I could get out more but they wont so it means I'm stuck in on my own for 58 out of every 60 days. Isn't that depressing. I'll have to stop now before I make myself too depressed about it
Well I decided to have a bit of a pampering session today. I went and got my eyebrows waxed and a manicure. I love my eyebrows, I couldn't ever get that effect myself with a pair of tweezers and it didn't hurt anything like I expected. The manicure I am not impressed with I'm afraid so wont be getting that done again. I can do just aswell myself with what I have and my fingers hurt now which they never do when I do them myself.

Havent been tempted by food at all today which is good. Still need to ring my cdc because I run out of stuff tomorrow eek!

Oh the girl that did my nails decided me on never getting a spray tan. She just had one done for the first time and was showing me how streaky and horrible it has gone. She said it's good the first day but after that it's awful. So I wont bother with that at all. I don't really have the patience to go to sunbeds day after day, I'm too lazy. hmm.
It's kind of weird today. I haven't been hungry at all. If I'm not in ketosis shouldn't I have been starving? I forgot to have my lunch till about 8 30 pm, still have one more pack to go and I am not hungry whatsoever. I forgot all about buying ketosticks too till it was too late so I have no idea. If I am not out of it then thats fantastic I should still be losing weight. But i suppose I should assume I'm out of it though then i wont be disappointed when I don't lose much.

It is weird though. I feel quite good too although getting tired now. My son wont leave the dog alone for him to calm down though and it's driving me mad. I want to go to bed I think but got to have that other soup first.


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S: 18st2lb C: 15st1lb G: 12st2lb Loss: 3st1lb(16.93%)
Hi Kati,

Congratulations on losing 4 1/2 inches off your hips:D

Sometimes you can get back into ketosis very quickly and I am afraid it does not work like that all the time...I've tried it:(

I am glad to see you pampering yourself....mind you it sounds like the girl doing your nails could of been a bit too rough if your cuticles are sore afterwards.

My friends have had the spray tan done and I have never heard them complain that it left them with streaks.

You have done very well today and I hope now the rest of the week is good for you.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks Mini :) I'm glad you friends had a better experience with that spray tan. Maybe i was whoever did it for her just isn't very good.

I ended up forgetting I should have had another pack and went to bed without it last night. So thats 2 days in a row I haven't had the 3 I'm supposed to have. I'm making sure I have at least 2 litres of water before I go to work, then I'll have another litre while I'm there . So that will make it easier to make sure I can definately get all three packs down later. Must remember to have breakfast before I go though havent had it yet

Still 12 stone 2 today. I'm glad it hasn't gone up but I would love it to go down by tomorrow. I think I'm addicted to weighing myself lol but it helps me to keep going. I'm not gutted if it doesn't move because I know if I keep going it will move eventually and I just have to wait and see when it happens. Then when it does I get all excited :)

I'm feeleing a lot more bloated today so those measurements I got yesterday are probably nowhere near today. Would love to blame it on TOTM but I don't realy have that so it's all just me.

I've decided to definately change my cdc. I'm going there later to pick up some more packs but she isn't going to be there she's going to leave them out for me . Week 3 and she still hasn't mentioned water flavours or mix a mousse or anything like that. I mentioned that I ate and she completely blanked it. So I think that I need someone a bit more supportive than that. Especially for when i get closer to my goal weight and need to start coming off SS.
Well I've had a productive day I suppose you could say. I went to woolworths after work to get something for one of the twins birthday presents (they were away for their birthday so they decided one would have his birthday last sunday and the other one has his this sunday coming) But I ended up gtting piled up with stuff which I'm going to put away for christmas. Then I went to asda and got even more! So I'm already pretty well prepared for christmas now, wow it's not long to go till it's here. How am I going to lose 3 stone by then? Is it really possible? I really can't visualise myself as slim by then so I'm just having to take it day by day and be happy with what comes.

I decided to try a few old clothes on this morning it was great. I have this fantastic black dress which has been an aim of mine to get into so I can wear it again. It's a size 14 but a loose one, but anyway I put that on and its nearly there! I might need to lose a couple more inches before I can wear it comfortable but that wont take too long will it :) I love that dress. I also tried on a size 14 jacket and I could actually wear that now!!!! nowhere to wear it to though :( that skirt I've been using to try on to see if I can get in it fits me properly now too. Oh and those jeans I mentioned the other day that said they have a 30 inch wait, they fit fine, but they look terrible and veryout of fashion lol so i wont be wearing those except maybe for painting.

I've had a few negative comments about my diet today, but I don't care thats not going to stop me. It's just a bit annoying that people can't just be happy for me that I'm losing weight.

On the positive side though, I got to work today and someone said to me "you're looking rather gorgeous today have you got something planned for after work?" :) I didnt make any extra effort in how I was dressed I just had that skirt on that I couldnt get into before and a black cardigan thing that I often wear. I must be looking better now I'm lighter.
forgot to say I finally bought some ketostix and I'm definately in ketosis :)

I also bought some peppermint tea to try. I love it!! I will definately be using that. If I hadn't liked it I was going to take it into work to sell it to customers and get my money back lol (even though it was only 60p) I think I will take it into work anyway and say thats there for me no one else, and insist that noone sells it to anyone. it gets cold in the shop in winter so will need something to warm me up at times.

Had my 4 litres of water already and it's only 6 pm. Got one more pack to have today so I think I'll make a hot chocolate later on tonight mmmmm


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S: 18st2lb C: 15st1lb G: 12st2lb Loss: 3st1lb(16.93%)
Hi Kati,

What lovely compliments...we do look better when we lose weight...Also I think because of all the water we drink our skin and eyes look very well.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks ladies :) I really appreciate your comments on here it makes me feel like I'm not just talking to myself. Even though I am really writing this for myself so I can go back and see how I've done and what I've felt.

I've been so bored tonight, I was expecting to have my son but his Dad had other ideas so been sat on my own for hours with nothing to do. Nights like this I would usually go to get a takeaway and stuff myself to relieve the boredom. It was pretty hard to resist doing that tonight but I've managed it so far. I went in the bath and got ready for bed so I'd have to make more effort to go out. I threw out any menus when I started the diet so I can't phone up anywhere to order anything too. So thats a reason to feel proud about myself I think.

I think i'll be going to bed early tonight, I'm not really tired just sooo bored


Got a life thank you!
Hi Kati

Well done on getting through the evening. I find night times and weekends unbearable, they are so hard sometimes and like you it is boredom that does it.

That is one of the reasons why I spend so much time on here in an evening - not a brilliant answer as I feel that I should be more active but it is an answer none the less.

Hope tomorrow is better for you.
Yeah I know what you mean I spend too much time on here too. I don't have anyone here with me apart from the kids so if I get tempted I only have my own will power to stop me. So I find if I have this website on my computer during those possible times then I have that extra bit of inspiraton to help me stick to the diet.

I weighed myself again this morning. I am now exactly 12 stone woohoo !!!! My BMI is now 29.8 so I am no longer obese!!! YAY :) If it goes the same way as last week then I'll be in the 11's tomorrow, how wonderful. That is my first stone lost halfway through week 3.