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my diary starting today !

2 lean bacon, mushroom, onion, egg,
2 ww brown bread Healthy B
butter 1 syn
oil 2 syn

rice and 3 table spoons of chicken curry figure 6 syn

Pasta, chicken breast free
ww creamy mushroom sauce 2 syn

through day
milk in coffee Healthy A
apple, banana, pear,
2 ww low fat youghart

Edited earlier post to add what i act did eat! will do it from now on instead of expected menu!

so total Syn 11 but goin to count it as 14 just incase i measured wrong and only getting used to it

40 min of horseriding :)
1ltr of water
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thanks knitter, just had my breakie was lovely, oh i hope i get to know and understand this diet and know the syn's off by heart the way i knew the ww points
I'm a former WW-er too, it can be a bit of a nightmare trying to get your head round it at first but it works!

Weight Watchers Dessert Recipe Yogurts, Toffee Apple 100g
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
0 Syn on Extra Easy
Original Free
Green Free

Weight Watchers Fat Free Smooth & Creamy Toffee Yogurt 100g

0 Syn on Extra Easy
Original Free
Green Free

I don't know if this helps at all...
and what way does excersise work ? like if u do excersise does it allow you eat more syns?
sadly i dont think so :)
sw works on free food and sins not calories eaten versus calories used= more food you can eat ..but excersise deffo burns fat and tones you up and is good for ya heart etc so its good to do some ...

:eek: not that i do much part from trudging up and down hills with double buggy each day lol...upper arms and calfs/thighs like steel i have-gunna look sooo buff when rest of me catches up :D...

good luck with the plan!
well sat & sun went to pot!!! had salmon for dinnerdance sat night and some fab creamy sauce, and mash spuds and veg would say was all covered in butter ! then had about 13 vodkas!!! ate then yest because felt crap!!
on the plus side i danced all night never got off the floor, so hopefully undid some of the damage :(

but today is a new day and i have untill fri for wi, so hopefully can make it work!!

looking forward to getting back on track, :)
Monday 15th Feb

Banana 8am

2 lean bacon, scrambled egg, baked beans, mushroom & onion done in micro no oil
2 wholemeal toast HEB 10am

Snack 12pm
1 banana, 1 apple, 1 orange, 2 low fat youghart, - made into smoothie

baked potato, beans,
butter, 5 syns !

2 melba toast 1syn (i think)
light mayo (3 syn)


2 alpen light bars (6 syn) i think

Coffee HEa

Total Syns 15

please correct me if i wrong with any of the syn counts, still trying to get my head around it
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hiya :) hows things today?sounds like ya had good time at weekend lol...dont beat yourself up bout it we all do it at one point or an another lol..lol

good luck with this week! x

and thaks for thanking me lol :D
thanks blufizz, feeling good today, foodwise! ate big breakfast plenty of fruit and small lunch, but so full on it , hard to beleive it works !
Tue 16th Feb

2 lean bacon 1 tomato (heated in micro)
2 poached eggs
2 wholemeal bread Heb
butter 2syn

rice curry sauce 3 syn

banana, apple

potato, beans, lean chop
butter 2 syn

cookie 6 syn

spuds fryed in sray light with poached egg

just adding 2 more syns in case i measured wrong

grapes muller light toffee

so total syns 15
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Looks ok. You really need to put quantity of butter and which brand of curry sauce or paste used to help the person reading your post. This can help you if you have counted right or wrong.

Keep going and good luck.


I want to be fitter again
Yeah did notice a couple of things which may hamper your weight loss. Are you having at least one third of your plate at each meal covered with superfree veg? I also noticed you made a smoothie, by rights this would need to be synned because only fruit ate in its raw state is free. What are you eating for your healthy A option ?