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My Diary - The Rubber Hit The Road Today!!

Well where to start? I've never done one of these before so bear with me (any advice?)

I started on my diet today - saw the personal trainer yesterday so have been slightly sore today! :eek:

Been running here, there and everywhere for the food and added extras (like omega oil stuff and manuka honey - HOW expensive is that stuff!!) so my poor feet are killing me tonight

Anyway, haven't cheated at all today (it is only day 1 though - but there were plenty of opportunities with my son around!)

I am struggling to drink 6/8 glasses of water a day though - how do you all manage it? (Firstly, I hate plain water and secondly, I want to go the loo ALL the time!)

So, what now? Guess I'll sign off and see what tomorrow brings :)
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Hi Hun, what diet are you doing??
it's not a "named" one - just a local nutritionist and personal trainer (called Step Change or something)

it's basically, 2 weeks detox (no wheat, no caffeine, no sugar/salt etc) and then 4 weeks a bit less strict with one "free" day a week - it is a proper 6 week course thingy

Seems quite simple at the mo - porridge and fruit for breakfast, seeds and fruit snack, salad and white meat for lunch, same snack, veg and white meat / fish for dinner
Sounds very healthy and good for you.

Good Luck hun x


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Congratulations and well done on your weight loss!!!

Over a half stone :happy096:

How is it going with your personal trainer and how long will you have him:confused:

Love Mini xxx
We have (that is, me and my mum - we are doing it together) the next four weeks and then the course ends, but mum is thinking of going for another 6 weeks to take us over / up to christmas (to make us behave!) so a potential 10 weeks

It is the eating differently that is doing it though I think - we are literally on meat and LOADS of veg for 99% meals so the calories are way down to what I used to be having (pizza hut ginormous pizza followed by hagen das all to myself followed with chocolate bar (or 2!)) so I feel really good


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Wonderful to have company on your diet journey:)

The change of diet along with exercise does help to make a difference and you must be feeling your fitness level coming up as well as the inches coming off.

Love Mini xxx
we do treadmill, going up a hard incline quite fast, then we do some toning and lift weights on the machine (pull down from over your head, then slowly release), we also do some boxing and different ways of weight lifting, then some leg work on the leg machine and some muscle building on a "step" and lastly, some more treadmill with some stretching here and there!

It takes an hour to get it all done and by the end I am exhausted!!

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