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Total Solution My Diary to keep me on track

Well my box arrived a bit later than I expected so this is my first day on TS.

I'm a bit hungry and I'm quite sure this will get worse over the next couple of days but I'll soldier on, lol.

Breakfast - Vanilla Shake with spoonful of coffee

Lunch - Chocolate coconut bar (not keen)

Dinner - Lemon Cheesecake smoothie (Yum!)

I had a bath whilst my OH ate a mozzarella pizza all to himself because I don't have the willpower yet to sit and watch him eat.

I applied for promotion at work today too so hopefully this is the fist day of the rest of my improved life :)
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Day 2 100%

Banana shake
Double Chocolate bar
Chocolate shake

It wasn't as bad today as yesterday because I was very busy at work, I feel like I've drank gallons of water.

Does anyone know if I can still have Apple Cider Vinegar on this?

Thank you
Thank you Jennylin, I was hoping I wouldn't feel like this for much longer, I was thinking I'd struggle to do 1 week rather than 3 months lol.

Day 3 100%

Coconut shake
Chocolate coconut bar (only because I paid for them so might as well eat them)
Blueberry smoothie

No signs of ketosis yet, lots of wind :(
Well done so far, you should be in ketosis very soon, get's much easier then. Took me 4 days but everybody is different :)
Thank you Kingmaker

I have a horrid taste in my mouth today that I can't get rid of even with fresh breath spray ...

100% again

Lemon & Raspberry shake
Double chocolate bar
Toffee & caramel shake (my new favourite flavour)

Still hungry, still soldiering on :)
Hi I'm in CWP but as its similar I thought I'd say hi
The mouth problem is ketosis so you'll soon feel great :)
Thank you all xx

100% again today

white chocolate and raspberry shake
double chocolate bar
pasta carbonara

I couldn't tell you how they tasted unfortunately, all I can taste is my mouth :eek:

My first Sunday, so something different :)

Banana shake
4oz roast beef, 2tbsp cabbage, 1 tbsp gravy, 1 tsp horseradish sauce (235kcal 9g carbs)
White chocolate & raspberry bar

I feel better today :)
Day 7


Chocolate shake
Mushroom soup
Lemon bar

It's my first weigh in tomorrow and I'm so nervous, what if I haven't lost any weight? :(

I have the added complication that I had a partial thyroidectomy 5 years ago and I can't control my weight so I'm scared!

Does anyone know how long I will have this horrible taste in my mouth? I can't taste any of my food lol.
Still on track, still 100% only a miracle has occurred...I'm not hungry!! yay :D

I've still got that horrid taste in my mouth, I can't taste the savoury meals at all for it :eek: I dread to think what my breath is like, even the cat is avoiding me :( lol
Hi bubblebabe

Just recently unfortunately, I think it took me 5 days to get into ketosis and I'm day 10 now xx

Still on track, somebody brought chocolates in to work, a box of Cadburys Roses, but I abstained. I did have a sneaky slice of chicken though :)

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