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My diary to sucess (I Hope!!)


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This year i have decided im not going to ignor my weight problem anymore im 25 this year and need to sort it for good! Iv never been small but this is a joke!! so in january being 18 stone, shamefully the heaviest iv ever been!!! I joined SW, I lost 8lbs and then kind of lost the flow for a few weeks, binged but only put on 2lbs, so after booking a girly holiday in July I have decided I dont want to be a beached whale next to 3 skinny friends and quite spare of the moment phoned a CDC.

I booked an appointment for the following week and actually got my head tuned into wanting to do this!! I started cutting back on carbs and felt so positive about it actually working this time, I have used CD 4 years ago and lost a few stone for my 21st bday and then ignored the diet, i never followed it 100% and had really bad side effects, this time i feel so different about it its mad!! but good!!

So im on day 4 and feel amazing, My start weight with CDC was 17.9 but this morning im 17.1!!! thats after 3 days, so am being weighed monday and hoping i can crack to the 16's i am so excited about this diet its unreal. Iv told only the people i need to and had mixed responses, my family are happy for me and mums comment today that i had put on a bit of weight only made me more determined to do this!! shes very supportive and so is the BF and there the main people i need to be on board!!

So im hoping to use this diary for my distraction and motivation to help me through and inspire me, iv spent the last week reading diaries of other dieters and feel the support here may be what i need, even if just reading peoples diarys!!

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Morning i know what you mean about being the bigger one on a girly hoilday, i was that im Malia crete in 2008.!

Stick with the diet and you will be fine make sure you go up the plans too, keeping the weight off is the hardest.!

Good luck .x


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good luck girl!


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OK I dont know how i done it but 1st WI done and to my amazement.... 10.5lbs!!!!! thats in 51/2 days!! i actually cant believe it!! i thought maybe 7 going by my scales but i think i like my CDC's ones better!!!

I have stuck to plan Weds-Sat but sunday I had the bf's parents doen unexpectidly and we went out for lunch, i chose a ss+ meal of chicken and veg, and left the mash, was v pleased with my choice, and had a couple of drinks in the evening, with that in mind i thought the scales would be 5lb maybe but am sooo happy its unreal.

Thanks for your words of encouragement, i am actually kind of enjoying this diet atm, weird as it is its working with no side effects!! this makes me think i can do it long term to loose the lbs i need to!!


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you can do it after a while you don't miss all them fatty foods lol

summer will be here think of the summer dresses you will fit into.!x


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thanks, im thinking of the holiday and thats helping lol, im not really missing food, more the chewing and socialising part of it, but this isnt forever and when im feeling better about myself and confident then that will be more than worth the short time out spent on CD.


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aw, really pleased for you. its my first week back after a month so if i even lose half of what you lost i will be really pleased. this thread has really inspired me! good luck for next week.


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thank you leeds123 it is such a good feeling. good luck for your return week
ah seems to have worked now!!! had tried earlier and wouldnt work! thought i was doing something wrong! lol
Another sole source day nearly done!! and no side effects after sundays meal!!! if it continues like this i will be one happy "skinny" girl soon!!
day 8 - it was going too well, i now have cystitus, not great with all the water as i just dont want to move off the loo!!! have had some cranberry juice today to try and help it, probably not allowed but just want to clear it up asap!!!
ok today not as good, starving all day for some reason and caved in and had some chicken after work!! its totm so not helping as usually i would feel sorry for myself for days with chocolate and bad things!! oh the joys of being a woman!!
tomo i will try for ss all day, need to get back into this have kinda bn floating along since sunday and thats not good!!
so today at work im quite happy working away and out of the blue my close male work mate looks at me and says actually u can c the diets working already..?? i brush it off hes not the most suttle person and doesnt usually know when to say the right thing so i just thanked him and carried on, however within an hour a female collegue who i havent seen for a while also commented that "my diet" was obviously working as i looked better. she is a very blunt lady so this was very complamentory!

Now 2 comments both from people who wouldnt usually notice has to make me feel good, oh and the other lady doesnt actually know im doing CD, she last knew i was on SW and lost 8lbs, so with this loss aswell its just over a stone as i put 2lbs on b4 starting CD.
my weigh in is monday pm, i have been good today and just done ss, and intend to keep on ss now. I think after a massive loss in 5 days i rebelled, against what im not sure? lol but heads back in it now, 9 wks to holiday so thats an insentive to keep me back on it!!

today has been hard, at the end of totm so doesnt help but have kept going, headache kicked in at lunch so popped some tablets and used my 4head stuff, gulped the water down and it went quite quickly!! feeling positive tonight, so fingers crossed i can get through today ssing!! then tomorrow is another day!!

im not good with the compliments, im not used to them for too long iv bn in the shaddows of life, so accepting them was very hard!!
had a sneeky peek on the scales this morning and am not happy, they dont appear to have moved all week!!! worried now wi monday will be the same, not sure how id cope with that?!

so suceeded in a SS day yesterday and had soup, the leek and potatoe one, started off thinking this is ok, but towards the end my mouth felt like it was cemented together and had a foul taste, the only think i can compare it to is smelly feet!! vile!!

today has been another SS day, am feeling proud of myself, lots of easy temptations i could have given in to, but the feeling of completing a whole day SS is more desiring that the food ATM!!

Iv decided to set my goal as 4stone atm, that will be the lightest iv been by more than a stone in my adult life, so i dont want to aim too low, when i get there i will re asses and see how i feel with it all but 5 stone goal just seemed a marathon!!
is it weird that i feel thirsty when on a liquid only diet?? iv drunk 4 shakes today, 2 litres of water and am over halfway thru the 3rd ltr, i am drinking loads but still feel thirsty??

advice welcome!!

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