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My Diary

Hi all. I have just started Xenical this week although I have been on it before. I hope this will be the last time, I have seen numbers on my scales recently that terrify me, something has got to be done and I hope by starting this diary and reading it when I'm struggling that will help to keep me on track. First a little about me. I am 41 and am married with 2 boys who are 11 and 7. I am a stay at home mum so have plenty of time to exercise but too much time to eat! I want to do this for my boys, I don't want them to be ashamed of me at the school gate, I don't want to die young and leave them and I really want to meet my grandchildren someday...
I do love my food and plenty of it. I'm not too fond of sweets but love things like cheese and crisps and they are going to be a problem for me. My doctor is very supportive and has prescribed xenical again despite the fact that I have failed on it before. (when I binged I just didn't bother taking the tablets so defeating the whole purpose) I have a husband who isn't very supportive, he is from the "just eat less" school of thought and we know it isn't that easy.
Food so far today;

Cereal bar as I was on the go,

Planning a chicken sandwich with tomato, cucumber, pickles and low fat mayo.

Planning a weight Watchers ready meal with salad.

My diet doesn't vary much, I find it suits me if I can get in to a routine of eating the same things every day with just a small amount of variation. Too much variation and I feel I have done something wrong!

I am quite active, I walk the boys to and from school every day, probably 2 miles in total so I just need to build on that. I am planning to do some Wii Fit, I know it's not much but better than nothing.

This is the first day of the rest of my life, wish me luck!

KB x
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Best of luck KB.

I only started this morning so no words of wisdom from this corner, only support:)

hello just want to say gdluck, and i no how you feel. some people thinks its so easy to just eat less, but its not, im addicted to food and i think about eating all the time, i'm new to this forum as i was on lipotrim previously, i came off a week ago to try reductil, but i just stopped by to say best of luck with youe xenical journey.

Tamzy xx
Thank you so much for the replies. Denise, support is all I need, I have to do the rest for myself so thank you for yours. I see we are both in Ireland and have a similar amount of weight to lose so maybe we should stick together! Good luck on your journey,



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i hope that you find the support you need from this site.. its been such a help for me.. (although not been so good lately!!)

things are looking up for you and if you stay positive then thats the best way...

i dont spend a lot of money on gyms, i just do the wii fit and its getting me there, so dont feel like it wont! just stick to it and you will be fine!!
Welcome Kitty, let me start by saying you're on the right forum for support. I'm doing slimming world but I like this forum better, the people are like family and I've learned loads. We all know how to lose weight, it's doing it thats the hard part! I log on here even when I've got nothing to say to see how everyones doing and also I get a laugh at some of the characters on here, so it can cheer you up as well as support you on your journey. Keep posting, even if you fall off the wagon, no-one judges you and we're all here to help each other. Peace and love, Lizzie.
Hey KB, how was yesterday. I found it fine tbh, though met my sisters for lunch in a Torc Chocolates restaurant of all places!! I ordered the soup and brown bread and never thought to ask for no cream...so out it arrived, doused in cream. Well there was no way on this earth I was going to be polite and eat it....so was morto but asked for another with no cream, and she was sound about it.

Himself indoors had a big pot of chicken stew on when I got home so I had a good wallop of that and full for the evening...

Today's been grand too - I stocked up yesterday on M&S Count on Us ready meals for today and tomorrow, just had a lovely Tikka Masala for my lunch!!

Chat later
Hi all and thank you for your good wishes. D, I've just been to M&S too! Got a few Count on Us meals for a bit of a treat over the weekend, it is probably my hardest time as I tend to have a couple of drinks and then want something to munch on... Can anyone recommend any really good low fat crisps? Most of the ones I have tried taste of cardboard. They really are a big downfall for me so I need to find a replacement. I haven't been doing too badly today and yesterday, I did munch a couple of biscuits when the boys came in from school but there are now none left and it's going to stay that way. Other than that my food is under control, I did some Wii Fit yesterday and today, about 30 minutes each time, and have walked the legs off myself all over town today. I am feeling positive and hope it stays that way. Good luck to everyone

Walkers Baked crisps (I hope you get them down south!)

Not entirely in love with the taste but by god are they low fat
Ahh so I see :) I'm in county Antrim!
Hi again, haven't posted for a couple of days but I'm still here. I am doing well on the diet front and went out yesterday and bought alot of new clothes-seems a bizarre idea since I am trying to lose weight but it has really given me a boost, my positive attitude is back with a vengeance. I decided just cos I was big didn't mean I had to look like a wreck. I also got "The Biggest Loser" for the Wii and did my first workout on it yesterday and loved it. I intend to do more of that today, in between the ironing, cooking, cleaning and getting everyone organised for school again tomorrow. Hope you are all doing well,

Hi Kitty :)

I bought some clothes in a smaller size as well, still can't quite fit into them. Giving me something to work towards

Glad everything is going okay so far! :D


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i love the Biggest loser Wii.... its fab.. really feeling like im getting somewhere...
Me again, just a quick update. I am still doing really well with my diet, I don't know where all this positive attitude is coming from but I'm loving it! This is what has been missing the past few times I have tried to lose weight. I am also loving The Biggest Loser on the Wii, it's very motivational somehow and I really enjoy it. Food is all under control thankfully but I am thinking of coming off the tablets just for a few days. I am going away on Thursday for a long weekend to visit friends which would normally be a problem for me but these friends are health freaks and there will be no fatty food within half a mile of them so that will be fine. Having said that, I would like to be able to go out for a meal with them without worrying about side effects and I certainly don't want to spend any of my time with them lurking around the bathroom. I am feeling motivated enough I think to continue with the low fat diet just not with the tablets until I come back. Any thoughts anyone?


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if thats what you want to do GO FOR IT.. you seem very motivated. just make sure that when you get back get right back on the pill train, and take them again....

Have a nice weekend..... where abouts you going?
Hi Kes, I'm heading from Northern Ireland to Cheshire Thursday to Sunday. Can I ask, how are you using The Biggest Loser? Are you doing the exercises they suggest for you or are you doing your own thing?
Weigh Day

OK this is weigh day for me (just by myself, my doctor hasn't insisted on weighing me for some reason) I started taking the Xenical and low fat diet on a Tuesday so that has become weigh day. I have now lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks! I nearly fell off the scales this morning, couldn't believe it so I thought the scales were wrong. I had my shower and then decided to weigh myself again to make sure and had lost another 1/4 pound in the shower. Must have been really dirty....:D I had set a target of 8 pounds for January so have smashed that too. Anyway I am really delighted with the progress so far and long may it continue.

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