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my diary.

hi, im new to this site and to the xencial diet so wish me luck :)
i thought i would keep a record of that i ate ect so if u see me goin wrong point me in the right direction :confused:.
so breakfast was,
2 weetabix with semi-skimmed milk and juice,
lunch, a subway salad with ham and turkey and southwest sauce, with a packet of salt and vinigar snack a jacks,
--- tut tut here my lil boy was eating rolos.. 1 had 2 whoops!
tea, is going to be ww chicken tikka with salad,
so does that sound about right?
ive also just bought a excerise bike... which im gonna tackle building shortly..
lol, as hubby is serving in afghan!! xx
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I'd try and avoid the subway sauces, they're going to be loaded with fat and mayo, full fat mayo is not your friend (with xencial) :(

I think they do some kind of healthy eating sub? But I'm not sure what kind of sauce they use (if any on that)
hiya, im doin ok i think.. another 5lb off this week and invested in a excerise bike so feeling very motivated at the min! what about yourself? i just have to get over the hurdle of the docs tomorrow as i was perscriped my xenical about 9-10 months ago and stopped taking them thru stress with the family and aswell i was kinda scared of the side effects,, but started taking them again when my hubby deployed to afhgan and now nearly 3 weeks in with a 10lb total loss but running out of tablets so praying they with understand my situation and perscripe me some more... so fingers crossed!! xx
whilst im here a quick update on my food diary.. for today anyway,
breakfast was the good old 2 weetabix with semi-skimmed milk and a glass of juice,
lunch was a tin of ww mexican bean soup with a chicken and philly sanwich on ww bread and a 5cal jelly,
dinner was a ww chicken tikka and rice with veg to bulk it up with a cadburys yogurt.. naughty but a nice treat..
excerise was 1 hr on the wii fit not sure on calories burnt as wasnt paying much attension as was jus havin fun with my lil boy :) and then a good old 100 cal burn off on the bike before dinner to get my metabolism working.. so overall not a bad day.. i think :) xx
exercise is best when you're having fun doing it :)
it sure is :) how long have u been on xenical? i feel the most motivated i have ever felt recently i think its because im not dieting secretly my family and friends all know im trying to lose weight and i think thats a big help!
i will be slimmer for when my husband returns off his tour.. i will .. i will .. i will!! lol xx
10 months so far. Lost very nearly 5st but I'm still in the obese category so a while to go yet!

and you will :) you have a good goal to work towards!
im hoping to loose about 5 stone also, and then set a new goal, im 17.8/9 ish atm, hoping to get to 17.03 by monday to get my 1st stone off, do u drink much water ect? x
I started at 20st 12 and it's taken me just less than a year to lose the 5st. Which I'm pretty pleased about although I normally only lose about 1-3lbs per week.

I've really upped my water intake recently so I have. I was only drinking about 750mls of pure water however during the day I would drink 3 cups of coffee, 2 cups of tea, a glass of pure fruit juice and a cup of green tea.

I'm now drinking 1.5 litres of water and still the rest too.

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