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My Diary....

Hello, you don't have to reply to my thread but just thought it might help me if I type out what I eat during the day - then I can keep an eye on it! However, if you see I'm doing anything wrong/could improve my weight loss anywhere please feel free :) Had a night out on Sat where I drunk lager so yesterday had 2 packets of crisps(!!!) Hence my good day today...

Bran Flakes with SS milk (Hexb & some Hexa)

Tomato Mugshot, orange, banana

Jacket potato, big salad & 28g feta cheese (hexa)

Really fancy some quavers tonight but nothing in so will have a hot chocolate I think for my syns!

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Cereal (hexb) with natural yoghurt

Feta Cheese (28g hexa) salad, salad cream (2syns)
Orange, Banana

Curry (syn free I think) made from chicken breast, onions, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms with spices from our spice rack. Some natural yoghurt (4syns) and a naan (6syns)

Have been doing SW since 1st week in January myself but am off to join a class tonight!
Breakfast today was Bran Flakes with sweetner sprinkled on the top made with SS milk (Hexb & part Hexa)

Lunch was 2 slices of toast (1 Hexb, the other 6 syns plus light butter 2syns)

Dinner was salmon, new potatoes & a big salad.
2 celebration chocolates 4 syns
Branflakes with SS milk & sweetner (hexb & part hexa)

syn free home made soup (carrots, onions, veg stock)
Orange, banana
1 celebration choc 2 syns

Ham & prawns with salad
I really need to make the effort & do this more often! I just don't seem to have time sometimes. Anyway, I'm on my 3rd week of actually doing SW properly (as in joined a class!) and have lost 2.5lb so far. Not as much as I'd hoped, but, I only want to lose about a stone in time for July so am happy for it to come off slowly.

Todays diary went like this!

B. Grilled bacon & tomatoes on 2 brown toast (hexB)

L. Syn free soup. Butternut squash, carrot, onion & stock

D. Salmon, new potatoes & veg. Small portion of sticky toffee pudding.

3 light laughing cow triangles (Hexa)
1 beer
2 biscuits

Haven't counted syns today but I reckon for a Sunday that doesn't seem too bad!! Tomorrow is a new day!
Tomorrows diary

B. Bran Flakes with SS milk (hexb & part Hexa)

L. Syn free soup (Left over from yesterday), strawberries & Melon

D. Salad and pasta & sauce (0.5 syns)

Trying not to syn as probably went over my allowance at the weekend and weigh in is on Tuesday. Will snack on fruit if I'm hungry or a boiled egg.

I know that I've had a gain this week - I can feel it and also my scales are telling me so! But, usually I would chicken out of WI and go next week but instead I'm going to face the scales & try have an extra good week.
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Todays diary...

B. Bran Flakes with SS milk (hexb & part hexa)

1 x light laughing cow triangle
1 x slice mcvities go ahead apple & sultana biscuit (3 syns)

L. Salad with parma ham & salad cream (2 syns)

D. Pork Steak & savoury rice cooked with tinned chopped tomatoes, onion, pepper, mushrooms & garlic.

3rd week weigh in tonight!
Good luck for the weigh in :)
Today (green day)

B. Oats so simple with SS milk (Hexb & part hexa)

L. Leftover savoury rice with chopped tomatoes, onions, mushrooms & peppers. Banana

Snack. Orange & biscuit (3 syns)

D. Jacket potato stuffed with cheese (28g hexa) & onion & beans.
Back to writing down my food. Had a blip the last 2 weeks. Not had a gain but not done SW properly at all & fed up of not seeing results!

2 Boiled Eggs

Philly light(part HexA) & salad on 2 brown bread (hexB)
Kiwi & grapes with 3 tablespoons coconut yoghurt (7syns?? Seems a bit much)

Salmon fillet (HexB) with pasta & remainder of my 100g philly light (part HexA)

I have used my other HexA in my milk - had 2 cups of tea today with SS milk

B. 2 weetabix with sweetner. (b & part a for milk)
L. Salad & syn free soup. Banana
D. Salmon topped with small amount of philly light (a) new potatoes & green salad.

Syns - half a pancake that my son didn't eat. Not sure how many syns it would have been.

Was also weigh in last night & I maintained again! I *will* have a good week :eek:
Today will be EE...

B. 2 weetabix with sweetner (b & part a for milk)
L. Salad, salmon & 2.5 boiled potatoes (salad cream 2 syns). Grapes & coconut yogurt (3 syns)
D. Chicken Jamboree - from SW one pot wonders book, with boiled pots & veg

Snacks. Satsuma, banana
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Thursdays diary will look like... (Green I think??)

B. 2 weetabix with ss milk & sweetner, coffee (b & part a)
L. Pasta mixed with frozen peas, mushrooms, tinned tomatoes & a small bit of mattessons smoked sausage chopped (prob approx 3 syns?)
D. Syn free chips with syn free curry sauce & 2 slices of small brown bread (b)

S. Satsuma with coconut yogurt (2.5 syns), banana, coronation cottage cheese (free)
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B. 2 weetabix with SS milk & sweetner (b & part a)
L. Homemade Tomato soup, 2 ryvita (b) & philly light (part a), banana
D. Asda Curry pot saag aloo curry with 1 chappati.

Syns - 2 glasses white wine.
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Have relaxed over the weekend - food wise not been too bad but had a couple of lager/shandies & a couple of glasses of wine.

B. Chopped banana, satsuma with coconut yogurt (4 tablespoons - 2.5 syns)
L. Pea soup, bread roll (B), banana
D. Jacket pots stuffed with philly light (A) & spring onions, beans & a couple slices of wafer thin ham (B)

2 celebration chocs 4 syns

I am so hoping for a loss tomorrow as I feel i've been really good foodwise this last week. Fingers crossed!
Ok - lost 1.5lb this week, happy but was hoping for more.

B. 2 Weetabix with SS milk & sweetner (b & part a)
L. Ham sandwich on 2 small brown bread (b) & sugar free jelly
D. Lasagne from last night. Syns but not sure how many. Salad.
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B. 2 weetabix, SS milk & sweetner (b & part a)
L. Pasta mixed with philly light (other part a), fruit
D. Probably syn free chips with egg & beans
Will update later.

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