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I haven't posted much as I've been so busy, but I've decided to take all your very good advice and start a diary!

I am on day three of exante doing TS and I am feeling ok, though I have cheated a bit with the food packs and I've been turning them into muffins, I really can't eat them any other way. Today I had half a strawberry pack and made it into a muffin with half a vanilla pack made into a 'custard' and I quite liked it I also like the bars and I am going to freeze the two half packs from this morning so they are like ice cream that's going to be my dinner! I am determined to do this but have to motivate myself before each pack so I am really worried I will crack!

I weighed myself today and I have lost 6 pounds already, I know it's only water at the moment and for it to mean anything I have to keep going and during the day I feel really cheerful and positive. The evenings I get a bit down and can't see me continuing. My best friend is doing LT and she has been fantastic- today she found out she has lost 21 3/4 pounds in 2 weeks, you can really see how different she looks and she is always at the end of the phone if I need her- I wouldn't be at day 3 without her!

But, at the moment I'm bouncing of the walls I feel so positive.... I maybe back this evening with a different story :)

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Day four: still struggling with the shakes had a vanilla one today semi frozen! But perseveringly with a smile :) feel really well, not hungry really only at feeding times still feeling positive!

Tried to find out how long it takes until we start burning fat- no answer as yet! Yesterday evening to stop me feeling down I did wii zumba, but could only manage 10 mins as I felt so tired- little at a time me thinks!

In 2 hours I'm going to my bosses garden (in the rain!) party and I'm dreading it as there will be lots of food and wine, though hopefully I can walk around so no one will notice I'm not eating, may say I've got an upset tummy. Anyway all good today so far :)

Hi V glad to hear your sticking with it .... its tough but worth it!! Good luck with your rainy garden party very tempting indeed but hope you go on ok! Well its rainy here ..... but I'm indoors just chillin with a can of coke zero and trying to catch up with various diaries. xxx


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wow how do you make them into muffins? or mini cakes that sounds so much fun, i have soups that im trying to use up first as i am not so keen on them and i hate the bars so i am going to eventually do it just with shakes but i didnt know u could make them into muffins or ice cream wow wow wow
Skinniminx- thanks! I never thought I'd get this far! Hope it's going well for you too :) started coke zero today- so pleased we can have it!

AmZie- I have to warn you that I don't think you are supposed to cook them as it can destroy the nutrients and apparently if you do, then only one a day.

Having said that I've weighed it up and decided it's the only way I can stick with it. I got the recipes off of google. Basically mix the pack well with about two dessert spoons of water until it's a really really thick paste and cook in the microwave for about 1 min. It rises up and then falls again and it should be ready if still gooy then another 10 secs but not for too long. Ice cream doesn't affect the content I make up with water like the muffin then freeze, it goes down quicker- when I do cook it or freeze it, I drink the same amount of water I would have added. But like I said, I am really not sure that it is the best way to have them, the people on lighter life post the recipes and they are mixed about whether it's a good idea or not.

I agree about the soups- thought I'd prefer them but really struggling with them! Are you coping well?



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im only on day two, sat right now watching my 2 kids eat a bag of beef mm crisps lol but i havnt had one and i wont have one. This is tough been home alone and kids starving all time, but i am doing it for me so i really wanna keep focused i get married in 9 weeks and know it is possible, i have 3 events coming up though where i will have to eat a bit of something, on the 25th i am at a wedding they have paid for the meal which is soup and roll (i can give the bread to the kids) then its chicken veg and potatoes so i will eat the veg and chicken but give potatoes to my daughter as she loves these and then the pudding, well it can be shared between both kids, i will have my shake in the morning and leave it at that for the day then back on track the next day. I think if i boogie all night i will be fine....then i have my own hen do which will be more drink based, so i am going to do shake and shake for brekkie and lunch but then have tuna and salad for tea and then have diet drinks with a vodka (skipping vodkas from time to time) so hopefully not too much effect will take place and i will use these days as my meal days. I also then have the wedding, i wont be at my goal weight but hopefully half way there or almost half way... so it is going to be a day off, will have 100% 2 weeks before then a day off and get back on it for 2 days before my holiday...on holiday however i am going to reduce the beer intake and choose lower calories, and cut out carbs, try and swim more and run after the kids as much as possible to help not gain too much, then back on it when home to goal! hopefully i can do this, and wont cause too much harm, im on day two and know why im doing this....... good luck xxx
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Well I am shaking like mad sat in the pub this doesn't feel good but I am being good I am going to do it I just hope I don't feel like this tommorow may need 4 shakes today though as I'm feeling really weak doesn't help with 2 miss running wild x


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Kids even
I like your wedding plan- that sounds really sensible. After reading some posts on here I think the asda and tesco meal replacement bars can be substituted for the exante ones and it sounds like they are nicer- maybe that would help when you are out? Shaking in a pub is dedication!! I'm impressed :) I've just spent three hours saying no to all food and drink and I'm desperate now for my bar!

Congratulations for your wedding :) it's good to have a reason to stick to this. It must be really hard to have to cook for your family though and not pick- I have emptied my cupboards and fridge which takes a lot of pressure off- but I don't have kids to feed- I admire everyone doing this and still living around food!!

Can't wait to hear about your progress and lead up to your wedding- fun times ahead for you!! I'll pray this weather cheers up for august :)



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I have made a little mistake tonight.I had a bite of my sons beef and a little bit of cheese I'm only on day two Omg back on it I didn't have my other shake to make up for it lol and I went for a power walk in the rain to remind me to not do it again I was freezing lol
Oh please don't stress! I've had cheese on two nights and a veggie hot dog (shouldn't admit it :) ) I'm on day 4 and I've lost 9 pounds! The first week I think is a bit more forgiving I accept I may not lose much more this week, but it kept me sane and kept me from going off the rails badly! Tomorrow is another day so big smiles you are doing fantastically!!!!
Day 5: still feeling positive but felt so tired today and my arms were achy. Didn't feel like breakfast, I had a bar for lunch and coke zero.

Came home and thought I have to get over this block of drinking the shakes so I got a banana pack whizzed it up with some ice (recipe from someone on here sorry I can't remember where I saw it) and it was so delicious I ate it all with a spoon!! I feel so much happier now. Going to try the soup into a poppadom a bit later. I've ordered a bumper pack just shakes and bars so no more cooking once the soups are all gone! Tonight I am a happy lass :)

Day six- I'm getting into my stride now. Had a very good day, bit hungry at times but nibbled my bar through the day. Used a ketone dipstix today bright purple! Got a bumper pack of shakes today I'm committed for a month now :)

Day seven: 13 pounds- over the moon! :) I've hit my unofficial mini goal too!

A good day again today, tried the chocolate flavour for the first rime- once I got over the shock of the lack of chocolate I quite enjoyed it! Had a few rumbles today nibbled on my bar through the day still got half left so I must finish it off. Feeling quite tired today just had a shower and felt quite drained. I'm looking forward to the weekend!


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