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  1. Feathers

    Feathers Silver Member

    Before i start, please understand that i am not doing this to get feedback, although, any and all feedback will be welcome :)

    This is more for me to put down how i am feeling about food and how it is effecting me emotionally. I know i could do all this in a Diary i could keep at home but, even the thought that someone might drop by with a comment is a nice feeling :)

    No matter what i am doing, eating or feeling each day, i will put it all down here.

    Today i think i feel at my worst! I haven't stopped eating even although i'm full! I feel tired and awfull and want to cuddle up in bed with a book and let the world go on without me today. I have no energy..

    I keep leaving messages in different threads asking about different diets and looking for advice. But... i realise it doesn't matter how good the advice is or how good the diet is, "if my head and heart are not working together in this struggle" then there will be no progress!

    I'm going to try and get back on track with Cambridge starting tomorrow. I will try and get on here as much as i can just so i can log how i'm feeling and what i've done etc.

    Whether i fail or get past my first day, i will log on here :)

    Right now i just want to sleep which is terrible at 5pm!!!! :wave_cry:
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  3. Jools

    Jools Gold Member

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    Hi chick

    I think its nice to see other peoples thoughts written down. Im so like you hun. I can't stop eating I really can't ... Even when I am full I am wondering what I can eat next. Maybe one day I will just pop and be thin! I can hope anyway!

  4. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    Heya hun, best of luck for tomorrow :) were all here for support if and when you need us :) xx
  5. Feathers

    Feathers Silver Member

    Aww Jools ((hugs))

    In a strange way it's kinda nice to know there are people out there who do admit to feeling this way and doing as i do. It's not nice for any of us but at least we don't feel totally alone :)

    I'm feeling more positive after finding out about the Porridge!!!! We can eat this while doing s/s!!!! :) I have Porridge every morning right now so i'm feeling more motivated now than ever!

    Along with the Porridge of course, we have the Strawberry Tetras to try :) Linda said that there is no date yet for the Strawberry Tetra but the Porridge will be available for the CDCs from Monday!

    I tried to phone my CDC tonight to find out when she was ordering them but no luck. I'll try again tomorrow. Do you like Porridge? I hope you do as this may help us (if it tastes nice..) get back on track ;)

    PLEASE feel free to come here and put down your thoughts, feelings etc :) I'm going to add something every day no matter how small or big so i will always reply to you.

    Cya tomoz x x
  6. sue121

    sue121 always lurkin around!

    your not gonna fail your gonna do gr8 ..i know its difficuilt well it was 4 me i had years of stuffin my face with rubbish.. just grit ya teeth and drink loads and keep in mind that next week theres porridge if u like it on cd so a bit more choice . loads of support on here ...U CAN DO IT ...U WILL DO IT good luck xx
  7. Feathers

    Feathers Silver Member

    :) thanks Sue!

    I just met you on the "Porridge thread",lol, and i'm still chuckling away :)

    Yeah, i'm still going to try and get started tomorrow on the diet but i'm honestly thinking,... that knowing i can try the Porridge and hopefully like it,... it will be easier this time to get started and keep going!! PLEASE GOD!! ;)

    You started 2wks ago and have lost 15lbs? FANTASTIC!

    Go girl! ;)
  8. sue121

    sue121 always lurkin around!

    lol i think ive lost my mind ova the porridge. little things eh:) but its these moments that make this bearable. and i honestly thought there was no way i was gonna do this on day 5 ...but i can honestly say hand on heart its a lot easier now ... still gonna have ups and downs wen the food monster calls but never gonna take my eye off the goal xx
  9. Feathers

    Feathers Silver Member

    That's it! It is the small things that can make every difference on this diet as it's so tough! Your doing great though and this porridge is going to make all the difference to many of us :)

    Here i am on Day 1 weighing 14st!!! I also lost 15lbs in my first 2wks so i'm silently hoping to be 13st in 2wks time when hubby comes up from London :) By then we'll all be well into our porridge!! Yeeha! ;)

    Had my first pint of water and i'm now sipping on my hot choc Tetra!

    Cya later x x
  10. Feathers

    Feathers Silver Member

    Just updated my ticker ... 5st to lose!
  11. minime

    minime Gold Member

    Hey Feathers, 1st step towards a new more positive you. Have a good day today, glug that water to keep you going. You should also check out Icemoose's weekly newsletters as they might help you -
  12. Feathers

    Feathers Silver Member

    Thanks minime :)

    How are you doing?

    I signed up for Icemooses weekly newsletters at the weekend ta! Looking forward to his first one :)

    That's me just finished my 3rd pint of water and my second Tetra as a hot choc! Still trying to get hold of my CDC so i've left a message asking when she'll have the porridge in. If she doesn't get back to me today i'll phone again tomorrow.

    Off to take my Jack Russell "Buz" for his walkies ;)

    Cya later x
  13. tizzy44

    tizzy44 Full Member

    Cambridge Diet

    Hi there feathers, I am on day two! I have tried to stick to cd on several attempts over the last year and failed every time, but yesterday i decided to look through the galleries of before and after photos, WOW is all I can say, I found 3 sets of photos that amazed me as the befores looked pretty much like mine, (I rushed for the camera and took some straight away) and to think that I can look as good in just a few months is amazing, I have 7 stone to loose!
    So keep your chin up and take a look at the inspirational slideshow, trust me it works.
    All the best from Tracey
  14. Big Bird

    Big Bird Full Member

    Slimming World
    Hi just wanted to say we are all here for you. Just pop on if your feeling down, there is usually always some one around, and the support you will get is the best and will make a difference when you need a gentle nudge. Here are some :vibes::vibes:and a :hug99: X
  15. Feathers

    Feathers Silver Member

    Thankyou becky for your support :) means so much to know there are people out there who do actually care xx
  16. Feathers

    Feathers Silver Member

    Tracy, thankyou :)

    I must have a look through those pics! Well done so far to you!!!!! What i'd give to wake up one morning and say "I've done and dusted Day 1!" :)

    Keep strong! ;)
  17. Feathers

    Feathers Silver Member

    Tracey i spelt your name wrong :( I am SO sorry!! :(

    Please forgive me? lol!
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  19. Feathers

    Feathers Silver Member

    Thankyou Big Bird :)

    Thankyou so so much!! I need to hear what you've just said right now and my next message will explain...
  20. Feathers

    Feathers Silver Member

    I did so well up until 4.30pm when it all went horribly wrong!! I'm not beating myself up over it and i don't care how many Tetras i waste trying to get back on track!

    Tomorrow is another new day and fresh start for me, and i will TRY, and keep trying, EVERY, day till i get past Day 1!! :)

    I even have a plan ;)

    My "weak" times are from 3pm onwards. So, i've arranged to take my son to the movies which means leaving the flat at 4pm, movie starts 4.50, but really 5.10ish of course, won't get out till after 7pm and won't actually be home till near 8pm THEN.... straight to bed!!!!

    Wake up next morning and - CHING! CHING! I've made it past Day 1 :)

    I will be taking my 3rd Tetra with me incase i cant wait till i get home and of course my water. Don't really want to drink it as it will mean pulling my son out from the movie so i can go to loo :(

    My CDC didn't get back to me today :(
  21. abz

    abz Gold Member

    aw honey. roll on tomorrow :D

    i am looking forward to this porridge stuff too. i really hope it's nice, ha.

    abz xx
  22. Lynn8124

    Lynn8124 Gold Member

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    Sounds like a good plan there.:) Let us know how it goes.
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