My this Balanced on SW

Hi, Back on SW after a long layoff , is this balanced for a day on SW , I dont have time to do much else during the week to cook and by the time I get in I have to fight for the kitchen with housemates.

Breakfast ...Toast , Marmite

Diet Coke

Lunch...Pasta , Tuna mixed with natural Yogurt

Dinner Jacket Potato with Beans
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all for my little man x
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It's not too bad, maybe use your HexA for cheese on your jacket potato and beans, and double check your toast counts as HexB! Add some fruit and veg as snacks!!!


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Er you don't have any fruit or veg!!! On all plans you have to eat at least 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day. You also don't seem to have any syns, you should be having between 5 and 15 every day. Syns are a really important part of the plan, so it's important that you have them.

Also, what plan are you following?


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Nowhere near enough to eat in my opinion....could you keep that up forever? The point of SW is to find an eating plan that is not a quick fix but is need fruit and veg in there and syns as has been mentioned ;)

Happy Holidays

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I couldn't agree more with what has already been mentioned.

You could search the threads, there has been a lot of discussion about quick meals, on the go meals, etc. You could also take a look at the food diaries for ideas on quick meals.

What did you eat pre SW?