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My Dukan Diary

Hi all, thought i'd start my diary today as i'm actually feeling really motivated at the mo.

I did one day of Dukan straight from Cambridge a few months ago, but eating again from just shakes let to a massive three month binge! Now i have regained everything i lost, i decided to give Dukan another go. In the last three months, I have "started" weight watchers every single day.....and failed spectacularly! I definately realise that i need a very strict diet in order to stick with it.

So by the end of today i will have completed 7 days attack. Final weigh in in the morning but so far have lost 10lbs so really thrilled with that :D:D:D

I have found this diet so much easier than i thought, i haven't really craved anything or wanted to stray from it. I actually feel a bit sick when thinking of food at the moment? Definately ready for some green stuff tomorrow!!!
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well done hun ....hope everything goes smoothly for you


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Brilliant. Well done giving it another go, and well done for choosing a diet with real food.

Best of luck, a 10lb loss should keep you motivated.
Day 9 today and i had my first pv day yesterday. It was really difficult actually as i just had no appetite for anything :confused:
Had gillette for b/fast, chicken salad for lunch, but really struggled to eat the salad and then chicken, onion mushrooms and peppers stir fried for tea. Really didn't want that so didn't have much. I also had a yogurt.

I've found that i feel a bit sick when i think about food and feel a bit proteined out! No cravings for anything not allowed though, just a total uninterest in food which is a first for me.

Not quite sure what to eat today, will have to get my thinking cap on for something that i fancy, maybe some fish?


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Do try and mix up the proteins else you'll get chicken fatigue quickly.

Fish is a good idea, lovely baked in foil with veg.

Also think about making soup dukandebut is our soup expert ;) there are some on the recipe forum. Good way to have a meal
when not too hungry.
Ooh yes soup sounds good actually, may make some tomorrow when i'm back on p/v. May push the boat out and have some rhubarb too! Think it might break the monotomy a bit.


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Hi well done on your weight loss that's brilliant! You must be so pleased. I would recommend trying fish. I wasn't much of a fish eater myself but now I'm really in to it and cannot resist prawns (they have taken over from my chocolate addiction).

There are loads of cool recipe ideas on here too. Rhubarb sounds good :) x
Day 11 today and so far so good. Have had 2 pv days (was just easier that way) and so have followed it by 2 pp days. Also have lost another 2 lbs!!!

I'm feeling really slim today and have had two people ask me if i've lost weight so feeling really good. Didn't manage to get any lunch today till 4.30, but i wasn't hungry at all. I'm still not craving anything i can't have and am really feeling for the first time that i can do this! The only draw back is that i do feel really tired at the moment, but i'm hoping that will pass.
Need to take a look at the recipie thread now as i'm getting very bored with what i'm eating and when i'm not hungry it's a real effort to eat.
Day 14
So 2 weeks in and i've lost my first stone! I'm really pleased with that and i feel so much better already. This is the point where on previous diets i think i can reward myself with food for doing so well, then put the whole lot back on again.

Yesterday was the toughest day so far, for the first time i really wanted to treat myself with all the food i can't have.My children's Dad picked them up and my first thought was what shall i eat. I'm really trying hard to focus on what brings on the binges while on this diet and i realised that when i'm on my own my first thought is food. Maybe it's loneliness, but it's more a feeling of " this is my time, i can relax, eat, sleep and watch rubbish tv because no one will know", and i get really excited about the thought of eating. Then by bed time i feel sick, miserable, guilty, lazy........... Yet i repeat the same thing EVERY time!:confused: It's absolutely crazy, and my low self esteem has completely wiped out my social life so the food, sleep, guilt, self disgust cycle has become my life, my friend my reward, my comfort.:mad:

Writing this all down and really thinking about it, instead of squashing it all down with more food makes me so angry. Why have i done this to myself? It's completely beyond me right now as to how i've let food take over and become such a big part of my life. The scarry thing is though that i know that it's still there. I know that one tiny thought of,"just once won't hurt" and it will all be over.

BUT, today, i'm going to be ok, because today i'm not going to put myself through that. Today in the fight of Me v food, i'm going to win.:)


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Love your post and resolve Trying Again! Its amazing how many similar threads follow through our eating habits even though we're all here for different reasons. I've never been a binge eater fortunately, but I also have an eating experience that I look foward to and it sounded eerily similar to your's (when Hubby is out for the night, I get excited to have a Chinese takeaway and wine on my own!) I can't pinpoint the reason for it the way you can, but its a bad habit nonetheless and one I'll resolve to break.

Continue with the great loss so far!!! I was down the same at that time and then made it to 20lbs loss in less than 5 weeks at last weigh-in. I hope that helps give some encouragement :)!!
I know exactly what you mean Jess! Before i seperated from my husband, i used to persuede him to go out so that i could have my chinese and wine. I prefered it's company to his! How wrong is that. One of the reasons we then split is that he spent more time out than at home.
20 lbs is fab! And only 12 to go, you must be looking soo good!
Day 20 and i have stalled. Have not lost anything over the past 6 days. For the first time though i'm not disheartened or ready to through the towel in. I feel in control, slimmer, healthy, and i haven't had to endure the binge, guilt, self loathing cycle. I know the scales will budge again soon. So in the fight of me v food, another round to me!!!


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There are remedies for true stalls, so let me know if you get desperate! Meanwhile, perhaps try posting your menus to see whether there's something we can advise you avoid for a while...

Otherwise, credit to you for keeping so optimistic...

(and you two are so restrained. I used to send my ex out, and then follow him out to the nearest supermarket, where I'd buy LOTS of food, come home and eat it. I couldn't eat "our stocks" cos it would have been noticed whereas "my way", which included disposing of all wrappers and leftover evidence before he returned, went unnoticed... aside from my ever expanding waistline!)


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Sounds like you're doing really well and are incredibly motivated!

I'm glad that you're all talking about this..."eating indulgence experience" thing...certainly rings a bell for me! I think I got into that habit when I started having driving lessons on wednesday afternoons during sixth form, home was only round the corner so I'd buy "lunch" in the co-op on the way home, probably enough for a small family and just pig out while everyone was out!

It seems unimaginable now being on Dukan where, as you say, appetite just takes a nose-dive down!

It's really nice to hear that you feel in control and not disheartened by the slower rate of weight-loss during cruise, as you DO feel healthier and I think that's what spurs you on!
Thanks for all your replies, it really does keep me motivated and i'm 2lb down today so it's paid off to hang on in there. Off to London for the day in a min and it will be my first meal out. I'm thinking Steak and salad is probably the best option?


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Thanks for all your replies, it really does keep me motivated and i'm 2lb down today so it's paid off to hang on in there. Off to London for the day in a min and it will be my first meal out. I'm thinking Steak and salad is probably the best option?
Yes, steak and salad is pretty easily available from many pubs and restaurants in London. It's often served with chips, but I just used to palm those off on the friends I was with. :D

Have a good day in London. :)


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How did you get on?

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