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My fight to target.....


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So im once again starting a food diary. I havent been on here in a while, so to re cap as not many will remember me. Im lynsey, im 22 and get married next year eekk to the dress.
I have now followed slimming world for over 2years and have lost 3.7 stone, my target is another 13lbs away. My weight has somewhat yoo yoo'd in the last year and im determine to get to target this year. I am also unhappy about my shape so trying to incoperate exercise will be trying that to.
Feel free to jump on the bandwagon - i will be a bumpy ride lol
Day 1 starts monday morning which is also weight in day - eeekkk ill prob be up tomz as had a dreadful cold all week and not made great choices

L x
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So today is a new day - weight in tonight to see the damage of the last week. On EE today - im going to start giving a few green days a chance again.
This weeks goals are to have 100% days - not putting the pressure on saying week - having them each day will help me focus better.
Another goal is to start exercising again - so this week goal is to start a zumba class on wednesday - just recovering from a nasty cold so hoping that will be well enough for it.


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Breakfast - Tropical fruit bowl - x2 kiwis, 1/2 punnet strawberries, pineapple, FF Dr Onken strawberry yogurt(4syns), dollop of 0% greek yogurt. 1 alpen light bar.
Lunch - Sweet and Sour mugshot - count on us Marks yogurt
Snacks - 3 oranges
Dinner - zesty turkey and bacon parcels, jersey royals, brocolli, green beans and sweetcorn. yum yum.
Blackberries, strawberry and yogurt
Hex A - 250 semi skimmed milk
Hex B - x2 Alpen Light bars

4 - yogurt

need to phone syn hotline as food directory says that dr onken ff strawberry is free so have to clarify that

L x

eeekkk i thought dr onken fat free yogurt was syn free but just checked and its 12syns the whole tub eekkk so thats 4syns.
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Hi hun, thankyou for posting on my diary! You look fab and you will be at goal in no time! When are you getting married? Im engaged but we havent set the date yet ( due to lack of funds lol). Ive entered a couple of competitions so watch this space lol. I think im going to try also to fo 100% a day at a time rather than by week.. I know some people are very good at self control and can be 100% constantly but i realy struggle. Emx


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Hey thanks em - this is a great place to find movitation and ideas so trying to use it alot more from now on.
I have been engaged for nearly four years, getting married 19.8.11 - will be 5years to the day i got engaged (well nearly as time difference as got engaged in vegas).
Yea 100% more sustainable and if not a great day then at least psychologically you still have the next day and week doesnt feel like a waste

L x
Hi, you have done brilliantly so far! You will fit into that wedding dress in no time! Good luck with the eating plan and for your wedding!


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-*so lost half a lb last night and happy as didnt have the best of weeks.


Breakfast - 4eggs, half red onion and 42g reduced fat cheese - yummy omelette
Snack - Yogurt
Lunch - Mugshot, banana, yogurt, 3 oranges
Dinner - Steak, patatoes, brocolli, green beans and sweetcorn, red onion, garlic and chilli marinate.
Strawberries, count on us yogurt, ww dessert yogurt

Hex a - 42g reduced fat cheese
Hex b - Hi fi bar

Syns 0
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Good luck hunni I am sure you will do just great and get into the dress size you want. I am a restarter too however I am finding getting motivated a bit tricky. I lost 2 st last year and then put on a stone at crimbo. I still haven't lost it and as I have said am finding motivation a problem. Hopefully we can help each other! x


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shirley i know all about finding the motivation - im full of it this week but i think every week is different - i always find a small goal can help - do you have anything coming up
L x
Not really I think that is half the problem! I am heading off for 2 weeks to visit my inlaws in England and we have a 40th Birthday party whilst we are there so that is a little motivation. Last year I had my brothers wedding and that was such a great motivator as I really wanted to look good in the photos as I knew they would be seen by everyone! I think half the battle is getting my head in the right place if you know what I mean! I am going to start a new diary on here so that will hopefully help me stay on track!

Hope you are having a good day!


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Today i feel huge - ridiculous i know but not feeling great today. However onwards and upwards.

Breakfast - Weetbix x2, banana, semi milk and sweetner.
Snack - x2 oranges and hi fi bar
Lunch - ham and cottage cheese muffins, large salad, carrot sticks. Fresh strawberry and yogurt
Snack - marshalls pasta
Dinner - (on my own tonight so a quick comfort tea). Roast pots, quorn sausages, x2 boiled eggs, beans, mushrooms, steamed mixed veg, patatoe waffle (2.5syns)

Hex A - 250 semi skimmed milk
Hex A - 250 semi skimmed milk
Hex B - Hi Fi Bar
Hex B - Weetabix x 2

SYNS - Waffles 2.5syns
Hi Fi Bar 6 syns
Alplen light 3syns
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Breakfast - Punnet each of strawberrys and blackberries - mullerlight
Lunch- Will consist of baked patatoe, beans and hex a cheese
Dinner - 5 bean chilli and msassive salad. yogurt, banana
Snack - marshall pasta, pear, apple, x2 oranges and yogurt

Hex a - 42g reduced fat cheese
Hex a - 250 semi skimmed milk
Hex b - Hifi bar
Hex b - x2 alpen light bars
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Breakfast - pear apple, banana, strawberrys, melon and blueberrys.
Mid Morning - 42g All Bran and semi skimmed milk
Lunch - Ham and Ryvita x2 (syned), tub of cold ham and carrot batons. x2 yogurts.
Dinner - x2 salmon fillets, batchelors rice, brocolli, asparagus, carrots and green beans. Yogurt

Hex A - 250 semi skimmed milk
Hex B - 42g All Bran Cereal

Syns - Ryvita x2 - 3 syns
Marks and spencer praline chocolate bar - 9.5 syns

Running total of syns - 29
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Breakfast - hex a and b
Snacks - apple, x3 oranges, pear, yogurt
Lunch - lunch out - beef and black bean sauce and boiled rice
Dinner - Steak, patatoes, huge vegetable pile and green beans, strawberries, yogurt and merignes. yogurt

Hex A - 250 semi skimmed milk
Hex B - 42g All Bran Cereal

Beef and black bean sauce 6 syns
Mergine (?sp) - 3syns
sauce 4 syns

Running total - 42 syns
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great ready your food journal, on the syns for meringue (nests) are:-

mini (5g) 1 syn all plans
average (15g) 3 syns all plans hope that helps


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Breakfast - hex a and b, fruit bowl and yogurt
Lunch - little bit lazy today so had batchlors pasta (2syns), x3 oranges, yogurt x2
Dinner - Chilli Turkey and Rice, yogurt, melon, blueberey, x2 kiwis, strawberrys.
Hex a 250 semi skimmed milk
Hex b weetabix x2

SYNS - 3 digestives - 9syns
pasta 2 syns

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MONDAY - EE - Weight in day -

Breakfast - x2 kiwis, strawberrys, melon, blueberries, Yogurt.
Snack - weetabix and milk, apple, pear, yogurt
Dinner - Chilli con carne and rice, x2 mullerlights

Hex a - 250 semi skimmed milk - hex b - weetabix x2

SYNS - hi fi bar x2
Total 12/50
Remain for the week - 38
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