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My Final Focused Slog to the Finish...Weight :P

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by oO~SaDiA~Oo, 23 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. oO~SaDiA~Oo

    oO~SaDiA~Oo Full Member

    Hi Guys,

    A bit about myself - I'm not a newbie to vlcd's or to Slim and Save in particular. It's been nearly 2 years now since I came across the concept of Vlcd diets and started s&s.

    To cut a long story short my first journey was quite sporadic and I did my best to loose as much as I could which lasted until xmas 2012 where I lost nearly 2 stone in total. Being on the diet just made it so much easier for me and I remember how good I felt. I made it work as best as I could and looking back at my old diaries it was the first week that I managed 100%.

    After that I was jumping all over the place before I found myself back on s&s for about a month which involved a couple of cheat days.

    Nevertheless I lost the 2 stone by xmas and I remember it being the first time in years where I felt pretty darn good confidently taking selfies after a very very long time lol.

    Unfortunately despite getting back on the diet in the new year the novelty wore off around April 2013 where I found myself looking at other ways I could shift the weight quickly. That again didn't last long before I found myself back into old habits and putting the weight back on over the next 9 months or so bringing me to the present time.

    Now weighing 5 pounds over my starting weight at the beginning and 2 years older than before my body has not been kind to me.

    The last few months I have found myself going through different kinds of physical problems that are just overlapping the problems I was having to start off with.

    So the last couple of weeks I have been getting my mind back into taking my weight seriously and after speculating over a few choices decided to embark back on my s&s journey as this I feel is the best plan to work with as it requires little planning. Which is exactly what I need right now.

    I have decided to work in 28 day intervals as this works along side the lifestyle 28 day packs and if I can make everything match up I think I will find myself doing it all automatically.

    I just want to get to goal weight now it's been too many years of needing to loose weight and each year I feel I have wasted a huge chunk of my life it's just depressing me!

    So this is it! I will be starting my packs tomorrow 24/06/2014 TUESDAY! I hope to carry on Until 21st July where I hope to have lost at least 1 stone.

    I am super excited to be back on :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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  3. pripri121

    pripri121 Gold Member

    Welcome hun n wil b followin ur journey hun :)...hope u have a fab start n readin diaries on her en the ladies r fab for advice supprt etc :) xx
  4. oO~SaDiA~Oo

    oO~SaDiA~Oo Full Member

    Thanks Hun! I will be stopping by many diaries whilst on this for sure!. Hope it's just as busy as last time I was on this.

    Sadia xx
  5. pripri121

    pripri121 Gold Member

    Hey hun hw did ur first day go?
  6. oO~SaDiA~Oo

    oO~SaDiA~Oo Full Member

    Hey Guys! Starting yesterday didn't happen for me I started off the day quite down i'm in my last year at Uni and everyone got their degree grades first thing and that was it I just shut down! Im currently on deferral for a string of problems which are all weight related!!

    It was another reminder of the struggles iv'e had to endure and to be honest I just wasn't in the right frame of mind. It wasn't the best idea starting this week but I really need to start soon!!:cry:

    I'll be back in a couple of days once I start and update my progress, but I will be hanging around the forum looking in at everyone's great progress to get me motivated again :D

    speak soon

    Sadia xXx
  7. pripri121

    pripri121 Gold Member

    aww hun try nt to wori abt it honestly...u wil get there n deferral is a gd thing :) try nt to wori tho do get wt u mean hate essays doin them stil rite nw so annoyin worst thing eva lol x
  8. oO~SaDiA~Oo

    oO~SaDiA~Oo Full Member

    Thanks Priya! ahh it's nice having someone get it people think studying is easy lol. I didn't go to uni straight away did the 9-5 thing and went to Uni later in my 20's and it's been a lot more demanding of my time and my life! haah but yeah it's a tough gig esp when all you want to do is write and stuff your face to concentrate lol!!
  9. pripri121

    pripri121 Gold Member

    Yup so true i hate it bt still studyin no idea why haha dnt think tis gna help em in any way its js xtra stress on ma head llol bt this is the last thing for some time that wil hpeufly b educational wise lol till i decide wt else if nethjng else i wna do lol....i js soo wna sort na cateer out bt so frufrating lol bt do miss uni days i lived oht n was n amazin hehe pmed u too dno if u got it d
  10. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    Hey Sadia, found ya :)

    looking forward to hearing more from you hun.

  11. oO~SaDiA~Oo

    oO~SaDiA~Oo Full Member

    ahh man you just mirroring my emotions atm!! I feel the same studying with no idea why but I reckon it's down to low self esteem with me! Taking time out to think about your next move is wise. The only problem with me is I'm a sucker for learning I know I should take a year out and focus on getting slim but I'm planning my next career move arggh haha

    Yep I did hun I replied to it too xX
  12. oO~SaDiA~Oo

    oO~SaDiA~Oo Full Member

    Day 2 Wahoo! I'm really happy I got here. Woke up yesterday feeling really positive and just focused on getting through the day had many temptations and near sabotage moments but came away 100%

    Infact by the late evening I started to feel the effects of ketosis or what I remember it being like last time it was like my body remembered. Weird feeling!..

    Anyway on Day 2 now woke up quite tired in fact I spent a considerable amount of time in bed this morning I felt quite lethargic and had what felt like a cold coming on as I remember these symptoms too were what I went through last time but it was more around day 4.

    So taken it easy today peeled away from my bed around 2pm! Have had slight migraines all day but nothing extreme had my breakfast and just finished what would have been my lunch.

    I plan on having my protein meal around 8. I think having the meals this late in the day is helping with the cravings. But I really want to eventually by week 2 get into a normal routine.

    Allowing myself to be a bum this week mwhaha. The weathers a bum too sooo..

    Hoping this ill feeling goes by tomorrow and I honestly feel like this is it now i'v finally got so sick and tired of the lack of my life lately this diet would be the transition to a new lifestyle.

    Fingers crossed! Hope you guys are having a lovely day. xXx
  13. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    Hey u,

    Sounds all good to me.... let us know how u get on with the sick feeling tomorrow. Fingers crossed it passes quick.

    Do you get a metallic taste in ur mouth after the meals? I do.... i bring mouthwash everywhere i go... paranoid of the ketosis breath! Hate the after taste tho eashk!
  14. oO~SaDiA~Oo

    oO~SaDiA~Oo Full Member

    I feel so much better now thanks! I think it was just my body getting used to such limited amount of calories as soon as I had a couple of my packs I started to perk back up again.

    Had my protein meal salmon with rocket salad I decided to add in some broccoli and cauliflower to warm myself back up I didn't measure out how much I actually had but im more than sure it was over the 200g vegetable weight.

    Iv'e just put in all the info into the menu planner on slim and save and im still under 70g of carbs by a long shot the calories are over by 70cal but that's nothing and im pretty sure iv not had as much as iv over exaggerated on the planner.

    Just having my hazelnut shake warmed up which I did before and im feeling all nostalgic hehe:p

    Im so pumped up for xmas and new year I just want to leave this year looking and feeling my best for once please Lord!! haha

    We can do this!
  15. pripri121

    pripri121 Gold Member

    Yaay u sound well in the zone n so early on so goo uu :)...the planner is a lifesaver and 70 cals isn tmuch at all so long as ur within the carbs so well done u...salmon lol before tbis diet i nva hsed to like it bt nw i bludy well love it :)....hope u have a fab day tdai too hun xx
  16. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    Yes We Can ! So am i re the end of this year... we'll get there together :) im dong the same nostalgic thing with my chocci shakes.. put warm water in v v lil bit n microwave it... doesnt come out like a muffin like welighterlife ones used to but its nice n chewy which i love :))

    Ur dinner snds yummy n good that u put in an exagerated amount on the planner...

    N fab that ur ill feelings went away with the packs :))

    Bring in another good day!

  17. oO~SaDiA~Oo

    oO~SaDiA~Oo Full Member

    Thanks gurls! haha Priya I do love my food so love all types of fish *I know shocking*:rolleyes:

    Tara ooh that sounds delish! How did you find lighterlife before this? are the losses similar?

    We can definitely do this!

    Day 3 now just waiting to have protein meal!

    Not felt hungry all day but had some naughty thoughts but just gave me a minute to really think wether I wanted to cheat and telling myself how great I would feel at xmas if I get to my goal weight.

    Decided to look through the other vlcd forums on here and read up the diaries and look at the pics of those who have lost weight and im feeling really motivated!..

    Realised that if the losses on here are similar to the other vlcds then I could potentially loose a solid amount of weight sounds awesome and I know I'm getting ahead of myself! It's an exciting thought! Hope you guys are doing well!
  18. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Well done on finding the zone. You are doing really well. As you know from last time it is so much easier 100%. I had several restarts between my first time doing this and then in September last year decided to really give it my all like the first time I started. It's worked for me and I'm sure it's helped a lot the support I get on here. I'm trying not to freak out about eating again and think of the long game. Stick with it and you'll soon find you're dropping a lovely stone chunk for each of your 28 days. It's well worth it.
  19. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    Hey Chic!

    I think all the VLCDs have similar weightlosses - any diet that keeps you in ketosis will have the same effect as another i think.... for me it has certainly been that way n i've tried a few.... LighterLife was great as the weekly group weigh ins and support were set up to help you understand yourself your eating habbits and how to change them in future etc.... was v v v expenisve though and I much prefer the flavours on this diet, nice to have some packs that actually look a lil like food n taste like food....

    Glad to hear you've had a good day - I cant remember where i read this but each time you make a choice you strenghten your abitility to make that choice again, like building a muscle... so each time you make the decision not to give in to a sabaotaging thought and stick to what you really want to do it makes the next time easier......

    bring on day 3 of 28 :) ''aint no stopping us nowwwww we on the move'' :)

  20. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    Lol ive so done this before... had to send ya!

  21. TaraSW

    TaraSW Full Member

    Day 3 Sadia! Have a fab day... ketosis here u come!

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