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My first Low GI day!

So, I decided to give low GI a go, because my dad's a GP and he was telling me it's the best diet and explained how the blood sugar 'spike' is what makes me CONSTANTLY HUNGRY and that's what makes me binge (well, that and my emotions, but that's another story. And not being hungry can surely help stop emotional eating).

So today I started it, and it went INCREDIBLY! I wasn't hungry for a second, I had SO much energy, and now it's 9.30pm, usually I would be half asleep on the sofa, but actually I just feel great and energetic and happy!!!! Unbelieveable!!

So here's what I ate today:

B: Jumbo porridge oats / skimmed milk / 2tsp agave nectar

S: Boiled egg

L: Tortilla wrap with grilled tuna, salsa and salad

S: Nairn's ginger oat cakes/ strawberries/ raspberries

D: Pasta with home-made pesto

S: One Lindt Lindor

I feel amazing! I've never dieted and felt good before! And I'm not feeling depressed for the first time in SO LONG.

Oh, and I counted all my calories and I ate 1500. And felt completely satisfied all day. AMAZING!!!
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irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Cyclebabe, welcome to the forum. your dad has put you on the right track. GL rocks as an eating plan. I don't hink of it as a diet it is simply a very healthy eating plan that you can stick with for life.
I have almost completely cut out wheat, bread,potato,pasta,rice. Instead I have quinoa, lentiles and pulses, oat cakes and rye crackers.
My top tip is to keep portion sizes small. use myfitnesspal.com to track your overall calorie intake. IT will help keep you focused.
Drink loads of water, at least two to three litres a day.
keep posting
Thanks Molly, your progress is inspirational! Something I wanted to ask you because I know it will come up again... How do you deal with things like eating out, or if someone in the office brings in cake?
Many thanks

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Eating out is something I thought would be a problem. I try to stick with a main course and coffee. If I have to have a starter, I might opt for melon or a prawn salad. Avoid anything too saucy or fired.
For mains, try to stick with fish or white meat. Either eat very few of the potato that comes with it or tell staff you don't eat potato. Often they will bring an extra portion of veg for you!
Dessert: You shoud avoid having it. I do and have coffee instead. If you must maybe have the least calorie ridden one and eat a third of it.
At work, I have no problem declning the cakes and treats. IF it s something I fancy, I take a small piece and maybe leave some of it after me.
At the end of the day, this is a plan for life. There has to be days when you will have a treat. USe the 80/20 rule. i.e. you are good 80% of the time. Remember one thing, when you cheat, you cheat only yourself!!!
I have had several occasions and weekends away and have coped on all of them. Once you get used to making good choices you will be fine.
keep posting


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
I thought tortilla wraps were high GI?

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
In the context of CB's total day's meals it is o.k. to have the tortilla. It is also better if it is made from corn and not wheat. High GI or high GL foods are not banned completely but should be eaten with care.
Also, you can balance it with what else is in the meal. The wrap has tuna, salsa and salad in it. All are low gl unless there is a very heavy dressing added.


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Oooh so is salsa ok to have?
As i have a jar open from sunday that i'd love to have tomorrow with my bean salad! ;)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
should be ok as it is just chilli,tom,garlic,lime juice. Enjoy
Hi, can I just ask if corn tortilla's are really better than wheat as I remember being told by a dietician who had lost 4stone following Patrick Holford that the wheat ones were better in the GL context??

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Corn and wheat tortillas are both medium GI with a score of 50. On a GL rating, you are spot on, the wheat is slightly better but both still rate as medium with values of 12 and 8. When I have a wrap, I tend to leave about a third of the tortilla on the plate to minimise the damage!!

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