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My first meal

There are probably thousands of posts like this however!
Im sat here thinking of the first "naughty" meal im going to have when i reach my target weight- i know i may not feel like it then however here it is:

Fresh Homemade Italian Bread Basket Selection


A nice homemade Pie

Sticky Toffee Pudding with custard

Lol--- im thinking of food lots tonight!

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I've been doing that as well!! I've got a hit list of things I want.. including a crunchie bar and sausage & mash. for some strange reason, having written it down as "I can have it when I'm done" seems to be helping me not want it right now!! I even found myself reading the pizza menu the other day... not to order anything.. just to dream!!
oh myyyyy god i was just posting in the other thread im craving sausage and cheesy mash with gravy! HOW ODD!!
I do feel so ridiculous with food being this massive to me but i think of it as an addiction im breaking- maybe ppl would say you cant call food an adicition but i can and will haha xxx


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I've never dreamt about food until starting this diet, my menu is very extensive!!!

Weatherby Whaler Fish & Chips, a can of Coke and box of Ferror Roche (SP)

I'll be extremely full after that and I'll have to come back to CD to get rid of the weight I'd gained!

Then Chinese, Curry and Rice with Prawn balls the list is endless........XX



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oh yeah it's definitely an addiction.. trouble is it's also a necessity so it's not like you can just avoid it altogether... well, you can, like now! but not forever...
I went to see my parents on my first night of doing CD, and they had sausage & mash for dinner.. I've wanted it ever since!! either home cooked, with beans and red sauce... or in the pub with nice thick gravy (home gravy is never the same!)


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mmm chinese! that hadn't even crossed my mind!! sweet and sour pork with egg fried rice is my fave :)
Korma! Peshwari naan! Onion Bahjee! Poppadoms! Oh my i hadnt allowed myself to think about my indian takeaways! Errorrrrrr lol xxx


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hahaha, yeah my parents had one of them too!! that didn't get me quite as bad as the sausage and mash though..

korma is my fave, but that's because I'm a wuss and can't cope with spicey things!!


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Bruschetta with tomato and mozzarella, chicken and veggies (or maybe mushroom pizza) and the Coppa Marco from Pappagone. YUM.
see, you've gone all classy on us!!!
sounds yummy though. I think I'll come to yours for tea!


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Only Joking but I hope by dreaming and drooling about food tonight I won't have put any weight on:drool::drool::eatdrink023:as it's my 3rd weigh in tomorrow and I'd love to have lost at least 4lbs to make that magic stone! XX


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I hope by dreaming and drooling about food tonight I won't have put any weight on:drool::drool::eatdrink023:
you never know... if you drool enough you might lose a bit more!! ;)
Roasties- and yorkshires!!!
What are we doing to ourselves!
Is making me laugh though!
Could you imagine if a few of us got together when we had reached our target weights and made a meal each of the above! How funny!
Sausage and cheesy mash with lashings of gravy is still my craving winner!!
stop it, stop it, stop it. All these weeks and I have tried not to think about this sort of stuff. I have been drooling at the thought of a King Prawn curry with all the trimmings. STOP please.
Haha ive only gone 17 days not thinking about it. Sorry for setting the ball in motion! But just think we can sit feeling really proud because although we are talking about these foods and craving we are not giving in!!
Good from us!
Right girls im off to bed now. to dream of food no doubt!
Happy food craving hehe xxxx


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night night!! I'm off soon too.. when I can gather the energy to move..

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