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My first weigh in - day 6


Slowly but surely x
Ive written in my minimins diary that I was not happy at being weighed on day 6 as my CDC had to change her diary to fit me in on her rounds BUT!!!!

:D I lost 8lbs! :D

Im on 810 don't forget and on day 6 so Im pretty chuffed with my fat arse self.

I lost
1 inch off what used to be my waist
1 inch off my child bearing massive hips
2 inches off my big mamma bust
1 inch off my bingo wings
1.5 inches off my wobbly thighs
2 inches across the top of my back

Im on 810 again this week and next week I'll drop to SS+ but maybe not....depends on my losses.

Now don't take this with a pinch of salt nor roll your eyes but MINIMINS is a top reason why I cope. Ive made some lovely freinds who don't judge me by my work, by my disabled daughter or by my appearance (unlike peole in my real life right now).

Loves you xx
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My husband = My hero

ahhh hunni thats fabulous!! 8 whole pounds gone forever!

over the moon for u, and so so pleased you find support on here!!

heres to the next 8lbs and every other lb thereafter! xxxx


Slowly but surely x
oh lovelylauren - you really are lovely! I read your diary and Im an ex pad - know what its like to be a wife!

Im counting on you to get down to your dream weight for you hero of a husband (and he is a hero - dont ever forget that!). I enjoy reading everyones stories, it honestly gets me by when im thinking of chewing the dogs tail or licking inside the fridge.


My husband = My hero
lmao all thats on the inside of my fridge at the moment is penicillain... our very welcome to a lick i doubt it would take you out of ketosis haha my cupboards are like mother hubbards!!

he certainly is a hero, we tell him every day!

thankyou for your support, i hope i can give you the same!!

bet your just thrilled today! makes you desperate for your next weigh in doesnt it!! xxx


Slowly but surely x
yes! Next tuesday can't come quick enough.

I love my mint choc shakes (I have two a day) and my beloved choc orange bar that I chop into a squillion cubes so that I can savour it and make it last an hour. Then I have fish or chicken for tea with a few veggies. I invented a recipe where I wizz a turkey breast in a food processor, add an egg, sage, spring onions and a bit of sage. I mold them into meat balls, cook them and have a dollop of cottage cheese with it. It makes this diet seem like a doddle.
Hey Rumbly....

Congrats on your first weigh-in! So chuffed for you :D

Liking the turkey thing...shame I can't have any lol


Gold Member
we love you. thats why we dont judge you!


Slowly but surely x
Aw Kes and GG - you are such good slimming pals. This forum is my absolute lifeline xx
I've just bought a pint size coffee mug from Heatons and am sitting with my first "latte" of the day (vanilla mixed with coffee). It's taking me ages to drink!

Saving a fortune on the dishwasher as there is only me in the house! And now with my new mug I only have one mug, my blender and my jug to wash :D


Slowly but surely x
Good on your GG.......and if you lick your cup out, it wont need washing at all!


Gold Member
Lol.. if i could get in there I would. That's why I don't have the porridge; there is so little of it I licked every ustensil/dish involved in the process.


Slowly but surely x
Oh GG, Ive been there a million times :)
Its worth sipping it slowly and savouring it, isnt it?
Loves ya xx


please try again
Wow! Well done on your 8lbs loss, Hon. You are doing brilliantly. :)


Slowly but surely x
thanks gorgeous girls x

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