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My Food Diary

Well guys I have finally got round to starting a diary of my own after recieving so much inspiration from other peoples.

I am also hoping that by writing a diary on here that it will help me stick to plan as I have fallen off the wagon recently.

So here goes with todays menu!:)

Breakfast - 2 boiled eggs and FF yogart

Lunch - SW leek and potato soup - V large bowl

Dinner - Breaded fish (2 x HEB), sauteed potatoes (cooked in frylight) and vegtables ie. carrotts, peas, broccolli and cauliflower.

2 Mini Mint Aero - 10 syns
FF yogart

Mint and Nettle tea and Green tea (lots of cups!)

Total syns 10 syns

I usually try and go for a walk a couple of times a week however as my little girl is ill I won't be able to today.:tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:

Please feel free to comment on my menu and add suggestions to meals!! :gen144:
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Trying again!!!
Yay, that's great that you have started a diary Shirley, I love reading people's diaries!

Hope your little girl is starting to improve, these things take time (2 of my friends little ones had F&M disease, not nice).

Your food looks good hun ~ I don't like green tea, I take the easy way out ~ capsules!! xx


Helloooooooooo.... and about time as well!!! LOL!!! Maybe you can inspire me now hun as last couple of weeks been crap with capital c!! LOL!!!
Getting there!

Hey Guys, glad that you are on here to check my menus and vet my eating. I thought that posting my food on here it would help me to be good!!Thankfully Elle is feeling a bit better today although she keeps poking the ulser on her face as it must be sore - it sure looks it! and i'm home today looking after them and trying to get housework done! (its so not happening!)Anyway last night I decided not to have my glass of wine and had 2 mint aeros instead (I bought the slightly larger bars than the mini mini ones so had 10 syns instead of 7.5 but still on track!). I really do want to get rid of some lbs before this wedding as my little boy is going to be page boy so I feel that I will be seen more now and as its my brothers wedding I won't be able to avoid the family pictures!!So today I am having:Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled using milk (HEa) with fresh seasoned tomato, scallion and 1 slice nimble toasted with quark. (1/2 HEb)Lunch: Massive bowl of SW leek and potato soup,(I have become rather addicted and the kids love it) and FF yogartDinner: Chicken and tomato pasta using chicken breast (HEb), passata, fresh tomatoes, peppers, onions, cellery and motzarella chesse (HEa) on top. I will have this with a slice of nimble bread toasted with quark and garlic salt (mixed together) - toasted it tastes a little like garlic bread - yum!Drinks:Green tea and mint teaSnacks:Banana, FF Yogart,Mini mint aero 5 synsUnfortunately I won't get to go for a walk tonight either as my OH is taking part in a charity &quot;its a knock out&quot; and we are all (hopefully) off to watch him - dependant on whether Elle is feeling well enough. I'm really looking forward to seeing him getting soaked! how sad is that??!!</p>
OOOOh not sure what is happening with my post I did put in all all neat and then tried to edit but its not letting me!! strange.... I hope you can all make sense of it! x


hehe!! I did just about make sense of it!! It sounds lush... wish you lived closer so I could pop in and help you eat it all!!! lol!!!!
Hey guys I have put some photos on here for you to have a look at I hope to update with some more recent ones as soon as I have some taken (I always seem to be behind the camera!!).

I was also wondering how do I add a ticker on here???



Trying again!!!
Love your photos Shirley ~ your wee girl is such a cutie!! You are looking good huni!! Hope Elle is feeling better xx

Hope you had a nice night out and it's not sad wanting to see your OH soaked, I would be the same lol. I agree with PandaGirl, your food sounds delish, might try that garlic bread with my next pasta dish, thanks for the idea.

As for the ticker click on mine which will take you to the ticker website and enter your details or go to the blue section at the top and click on tutorials and go to the thread about posting tickers. Hope that helps xx
Thanks Mary I shall that a go!

Well am back to work today and Elle and Callum are with mum so all happy. Wee woman is feeling better but still sleeping loads and poking her spots!!

We all went along last night to see Jon not only get soaked but his trousers fell down!! :eek: Thankfully it was only his bum on show although I was rather mortified as I was stood with loads of people from his work!! :kissass: It rained really heavily so the kids and I retired to the car with the heaters on full blast so missed the end so still not sure if his team won (he legged it to the car as soon as it was over!) but it raised money for charity and was a bit of fun so I don't think anyone was bothered about winning!

I had a sneaky jump on the scales at mums this morning whilst dropping off the kids and its showing a loss of 4lb so far this week!!!! I am praying I will still have it off on Friday (plus more would be a miracle!) so am really excited!

Anyway for today I shall be having:

Breakfast: 2 x toast (heb) with mature cheddar (hea) and ff yogart

Lunch: Left over Chicken and tomato pasta from last night (heb) with no cheese this time! FF yorgart

Dinner: 2 Quorn sausages with SW chips and veg (brocolli, cauliflower peas and carrots) with a tiny bit of onion gravy (boveril)

FF yogart (may be eating too many of these but helps my sweet tooth!)
Mint Aero - 5 syns

Mint and nettle tea and green tea with cranberry (am rather addicted to the latter!)

Total syns = 5!
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Hey... 4lb.. thats great!! Keep up the good work and you'll be sure to have lost more!!
Fantastic news on Elle feeling better. Had a peek at your photos and you are all gorgeous!!! And sounds like you all had fun yesterday despite the rain!!!


Trying again!!!
That made me giggle about Jon's trousers ~ it's like something that would happen my hubby!! You will look back on it and laugh. Sounds like you had a fun time which is the main thing and really glad your wee girl is starting to mend.

Well done on your loss hun, that is so fantastic AND you still have to Friday! Not a lover of herbal teas but keep thinking that drinking green tea would be better than taking the capsules ~ where do you get the one with the cranberry Shirley? Might be worth a try! xx


Trying again!!!
Morning Shirley, how are you to-day? It's sunny here in Co Antrim, what about where you are? I've the kids to-day so going to go a walk and bring a picnic, will keep them entertained for awhile! Good luck for WI tomorrow xx
Hey guys,

Well I woke up with the lark this morning and thankfully Elle is feeling much better! I have managed to get most of the housework done, with the aid of my 2 wonderful kids (apart from when I had to seperate them because they both wanted to hoover the living room!).:)

Mary I get the green tea with cranberry in Tesco, its made by twinnings and is really refreshing, I usually leave the bag in while drinking it to help get the cranberry flavour through more. You should try peppermint tea too, its lovely after a meal and really refreshing (however does remind me a little too much of mint aero!).:D

The weather here is quite nice today and I am hoping it was last as I need to get some shopping done, pay bills and go to the bank so will be all over the place, kids in toe and really don't need to get wet along the way. I am hoping to find a beautiful dress as well to wear to my brothers wedding - at the right price of course so I have my fingers crossed!:airquote:

Well today I will be eating:

Breakfast : 2 toast (heb) with cheddar cheese (hea) and a FF yogart

Lunch: Sml pasta with tomato, cellery, garlic and onion.

Dinner: Spagetti Bolognaise made with lean mince beef (heb) tomatoes, passata, cellery, peppers, onions and the odd carrott! and of course pasta!!

Mint Aero - 5 Syn

Green tea with Lemon, Green tea with cranberry and Peppermint tea.
Glass of wine 4.5 syns

Total Syns =9.5

We went for a mile walk last night and am hoping to get out again tonight however it is all dependant on how long I take to get the shopping done!! (and probally by the time I have walked the lenght and breadth of Newry I will have covered a few miles!!).

WI tomorrow and I am hoping that I will still have my 4lb off, I know I shouldn't have really wi mid week in case I have put on by Friday so next week I shall try and resist the scales (I think I may have to avoid my mums bathroom altogether!!).

Good luck for tomorrow too Mary. Fingers crossed x
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Morning Guys, yesterday I had rather an eventful day, I found a dress that is lovely and looks really flattering on however it is black and not sure about wearing black at a wedding. I will take a pic of it on and post it on here for you to give me your opinion. I'll let you know when I do.

I also scratched - dinted my new car yesterday:cry:. I was so upset and still feel sick to death now. I just can't believe that I did it! I bascially was pulling into a parking space next to a trolley bay (the glass ones with the metal bumpers round the outside) and didn't see the metal bumper in my mirror at all until I had hit / run into it. 2 guys heard the sceech of the metal and came over to help me get out of the parking space and re-park safely. It wasn't until I got properly into the space that I could see the metal bumper in my mirror. I was so cross and upset at myself as I have only had the car 3 weeks and although she is second hand she was immaculate and my pride and joy! (at least she is fully paid for!). The guys at work and Jon think that it would probally be worth getting a new door (I scratched and dinted the whole lenght of the rear passenger door) as I had to do further damage to get the car out of the parking space in order to repark! However I can't afford to do anything until early september when we have the wedding etc over us and are back to normal!

I still feel sick this morning and woke up bloated and sick so was surprised to find that I have still lost 4 1/4 lb this week I honestly thought that I would have not lost as much with the horrible bloating.

At least I have a loss this week to make up for the fact that I am a terrible driver!:confused:

We are all heading to the north coast tomorrow for Jons birthday so I am expecting to be a bit naughty however I do want to try and stick to SW as much as possible however we will be having lunch and dinner out so it will be hard especially with the lure of ice cream and fish and chips!!

Anyway for today I am planning:

Breakfast: Scrambled egg with seasoned fresh tomato, Banana

Lunch: Jacket potato with cheese (HEa) and beans, FF yogart

Dinner: Quorn burgers with SW chips and veg or salad

Supper: 2 x toast (heb) with ham (heb) and 1 sliced boiled egg

Mint aero mini - 5 syns

Peppermint tea and green tea with cranberry.


Trying again!!!
(((Hugs))) Shirley ~ that is awful about your car, especially since you have only got it. At least it can be fixed hun, try not to let it spoil your trip to the coast tomorrow.

Well done on your fantastic weight loss ~ you totally deserve it hun.

The past 3 weddings I've went to I've worn a black dress though one had a lot of silver in it and the other one had flowers in bright colours ~ tbh anything more or less goes nowadays ~ one of the weddings we went to the bridesmaids wore black and the cake was the same colour, in fact the whole wedding was themed black and ivory and it was lovely. Will have a nosey when you post your pic.

Are you off to Portrush then? Hope the weather holds for you ~ have a lovely time anyhow xx


Starting over
ah, bad news about the car, but it can be fixed .

Fantastic weight loss this week, did you do anything different? Enjoy your visit to the coast:)
ah, bad news about the car, but it can be fixed .

Fantastic weight loss this week, did you do anything different? Enjoy your visit to the coast:)
Thanks hun, I didn't really do anything different this week apart from just allowing myself 1 or 2 small syn treats.

I haven't used my 15 syns a day so I think that this has helped. I did a lot of walking last week (and ate a lot of rubbish) but I think that it takes time for exercise to catch up with your body if that makes sense?

I'm feeling a lot happier about my wee car thankfully. All the guys at work have been out to inspect it (I work on a civil engineering building site) and they think that its not too bad and given me advise and told me about their various crashes over the years which made me laugh. Thankfully they are a great bunch of lads that would never see me stuck. I will be really sad at the end of the year when the works are complete and I shall be looking for a new job (I would normally move to a different site but with the downturn I doubt there will be another site to move to and it would have needed to have been within commuting distance too so unlikely!) I may have to take up estate agency again... baa humbug!!;)


Trying again!!!
Hope you had a lovely time at the coast Shirley, I love heading up that direction. My best mate lives in Ballintoy and her view is beautiful ~ looking at Rathlin Island. I work part-time doing 2 different jobs so they only work out about 8 hours each per week. Both are temporary but I love them (library and helping adults read and write). Maybe by the end of the year things might be a bit brighter.

Here's to another good SW week xx
Sick as a dog!

Hey guys sorry I haven't been on in a few days as I have been really ill.:cry:

I went to the dr yesterday and he confirmed that I have a kidney infection and a cold. It has really knocked me for 6 and am only back to work this morning. Thankfully the anti-biotics will be starting to kick in and have already started to reduce my temp which at times on Monday was as high as 102.

Anyway over the weekend before I got poorly I took Jon and the kids to Portrush, the weather wasn't great but we really enjoyed ourselves and my diet was well and truely out of the window!!:doh:

I have managed to stick to the plan however since Monday so I am hoping that having this infection and cold won't upset my WI on Friday too much.:rolleyes:

So for today the plan is::eat:
Breakfast: 2 bread (heb) with cheese (hea)
Lunch: Couln't face any
Dinner: chips, veg and peppered grill steak - yum

Snacks and Drinks
Green tea with lemon and diet coke (I have been craving diet coke as I have it ice cold and soothing on my throat. I don't normally have fizzy drinks so a bit unusually for me).
Ice cream - medicinal purposes to help my throat and sore mouth 6 syns
2 rice crispy squares - small 10

Total Syns 16 :jelous:

I hope everyone is ok and had a great weekend x
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Trying again!!!
Sorry to hear you are poorly Shirley, hopefully the antibiotics will do the trick, try to get rest too ((((hugs))))

Glad you had a nice time in Portrush, it's hard to resist treats when you go to the seaside isn't it? Sure you are back on it which is to be applauded with feeling crappy, take care xx

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