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My food diary

Hmmm ok I started one of these a while ago at home on a piece of paper and then got really lazy and stopped writing! Lets hope I last longer this time!

Breakfast makes me feel really sick-the only thing I can really eat is fruit throughout the morning-does that count as breakfast?


I was running late for work so had no fruit and left my little packed box of fruit at home:( Usually I would have a box filled with blueberries, cherries, grapes and strawberries-yummmm :)

I had a cup of tea when I got in to work-one sugar, very little milk

For lunch I had a bowl of spaghetti in a tomato sauce (which I made last night) with some rocket salad.

And for dinner i'm going to have balsamic glazed steak with green beans-apparently it's 339 cals and low gi which is perfect for me!

Will also be doing 30 minutes of my Davina aerobics dvd!

Will weigh myself on Sunday and hope that it has gone down! (Although I took a sneaky peak at my weight today and it hasn't moved which kinda depressed me!)
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Dinner yesterday was so yummmmmm! My boyfriend loved it as well-kept telling me how nice it was. Although I did have to disturb him and ask him to get rid of some random looking bug I found in my bathroom :S

He's really supportive which is great-he's sort of gotten on the band wagon and is trying to get healthy and lose weight. He loses it really quickly though! It's only been a couple of weeks and he has already lost half a stone! I'm very pleased and happy for him obviously but also a little jealous as it seems to be taking me so much longer!

Anyway for breakfast I had a handful of grapes and a cup of tea. I was naughty today and actually had a second cup as I have a headache and my tummy hurts- ever since having pcos my stomach hurts so much just before I start my period-it's really annoying!

For lunch I had a gluten free pitta bread with rocket salad and 3 baby cubes of feta cheese.

Not sure what to have for dinner though-I was thinking of making carrot soup but once carrots are cooked the gi value shoots up! Maybe a nice mushroom soup or tomato. Or maybe i'll get some salmon and have it on a bed of spinach leaves-yeh actually I like the sound of that better!

Hmmm I think i'm going to have to start planning my meals better. I need like a list of breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the week and pick which ones I want in advance. That way maybe I won't stray.

Is it really bad that I have started to weigh myself every morning when I get up? I used to do a weekly weigh but then I stopped losing any weight and started doing it daily. Like this morning I weighed myself and for the first time in about 7 weeks I actually lost a pound! But would it have been better for me to wait until Sunday? Oh well one pound down...what feels like 7 million to go :(

I am awaiting the day I fit back into my lovely size 10 jeans!
Right so yesterday I ended up having Dill coated Salmon with a spinach, rocket and watercress salad and a yoghurt and parsley dip-It was meant to be 299 calories and low gi-it tasted soooooo good! Although I did add a little cucumber to the yoghurt. I think the yoghurt would have been better with fresh coriander leaves instead of parsley-not sure how that would go with the fish though!

I burnt my finger on my grill and it really hurt :( I ended up sleeping with my hand under a bag of frozen peas :S

I did end up feeling peckish at about 10.30pm though-which shows I didn't eat enough during the day-something I have learnt from now. I ended up eating a crumpet and some more plain yoghurt-weird I know but I tend to eat weird combinations of food when i'm about to start my period

I'm going to see my parents this weekend-my mum normally cooks so much nice food! I hope I can resist!!!

So today, I had one of them little pots of jelly for breakfast (like I said breakfast makes me feel sick so i'm trying to keep it as light as possible!) Some breakfast has got to be better than none at all right?! And I have just finished my cup of tea for the day. I have no food left in the house so couldn't bring in any lunch to work. Will have to pop to the supermarket and pick something up. I've asked my mum to get some food in for me for tonight as I probably won't be able to eat what she makes. Bless her she really tries to accomodate me.

If you're reading this could you have a look at what I am eating and let me know if you think it's too much or too little or what have I eaten that you wouldn't reccomend on the low gi diet and what would you recommend please?

Thank you!
Lunch yesterday was tomato soup-whic according to the tin was gluten freedinner was the salmon again.I ended up having two turkey drummers later on though-which wasn't good!

I was so exhausted that I woke up late today and went straight onto lunch.lunch was a gluten free pitta bread with some home made dried lentils (it tasted so good-nice and spicy) and some plain yoghurt.oh and my usual cup of tea!

My weekly weigh is tomorrow-let's hope this week has been better than the last 7!

Wish me luck :)
Hi KG,
I can't really comment much on your menu but it looks under 1000 calories? Did you trying adding them up? Pitta with salad sounds yummy..
I weigh myself every morning as it gives me more control over what I eat. If the weight goes up it puts me into the right frame of mind for the day so I can watch what I eat/drink/exercise. It depends on your personality - if you can live through a couple of gain days every week then daily weigh ins should be ok for you. It can be frustrating sometimes when you've been really good but it doesn't shift but I find the scales will always catch up next day.
Good luck for tomorrow WI - you are doing great!
Hey Kat!

Yeh it generally is under 1000 cals-is that bad?

I had a not so good weekend-I thought I was doing well but it got to my weekly weigh in and apart from that one pound I lost midweek I didn't lose anything else!

For my food diary..

Dinner on Saturday was nandos-I had a quarter chicken with a mediterranean salad. Sunday I had some toast in the morning (I found some gluten free bread which tastes gorgeous!) and then in the afternoon had some home cooked food-it was mini eggplants-you put a deep cross in the bottom and put some spices in it and then very very very very lightly fry it-I had that with one pitta bread.

Dinner was then an omlette with mushrooms and red pepper.

I was too tired to do any exercise yesterday-yep I know really bad!

I think that might be my problem. I work 9-6 and then am studying and go to college on Tuesday and Thursday nights and I do really try to exercise as much as I can but I don't think it's enough :(

I feel so disheartened today- I really thought I was doing well. I guess i'm meant to start my period on Wednesday so maybe that has contributed. I'm going to hope so and see how next week goes :(

I don't expect it to be quick and I don't want some quick fix job but it's just so depressing because I feel like i'm working really hard and just not seeing any results at all.
A little update...

Today I decided to kickstart my metabolism and ate breakfast-2 pieces of gluten free toast with a small amount of margarine.

Lunch was a gluten free bread sandwich with one slice of turkey and lots of salad. I have so far snacked on grapes and strawberries. Although because I felt so down about the whole weigh in thing I have eaten a packet of crisps :S


Dinner tonight will be soup or a salad to make up for the crisps :(

I have aerobics to go to tonight as well. An hour of running, jumping and dancing around! My mum got me a punchbag as well-just waiting for that to be delivered.
Hey KG,

No I don't think under 1000 is bad. It depends what your aim is and BMR I suppose. So say if you should be eating 2000 calories a day then you are 1000 short every day and that translates to 7000 short a week or 2-3lbs loss. You could still go up to 1500 a day and lose over 1lbs every week. Whatever suits you and some people find it really difficult on low calorie diets as they feel tired and low energy.

Don't worry about last week's loss it's definitely time of the month related. I usually stop trying around 5 days before due date and restart 3 days in. It's all water retention and hormones and next week losses will be much higher!

Oh a punchbag...! what a great idea I would love one of those - exercise and get to punch something as well.. bliss :D

Have fun at your class.

Hey Kat!

Thanks for replying. I feel pretty good with the amount I am eating at the moment-I never feel hungry or tired- in fact I think I have more energy from all this healthy eating!

I did my aerobics after work yesterday-I completely ache today! It doesn't help that I have indeed started my period today and have stomach cramps, backache and jelly like legs :(

I also had a bad day in terms of eating yesterday. I started off so well- I even managed breakfast! But then my boyfriend said he was going to take me out for dinner. We ended up at this really nice tapas place. Weird thing was they gave us complementary bread and oil and I had a small piece of bread and it made me feel all bloated and horrible! So for dinner we had 5 dishes, they were....
spiced pork kebabs-which were grilled, chicken and chorizo kebabs-again grilled but I don't think chorizo is that good for you, patatas bravas-my fave but again not good as i'm not meant to be eating potatoes, chorizo and bacon sauce pasta and grilled chicken which was covered in spices. I also had 2 glasses of wine(one large and one small) and a tiramisu cocktail.

All bad food! It's the first time in 3 months I have eaten like that and I woke up this morning not feeling great. We normally go out and I eat like salmon or something grilled with salad or vegetables!

This morning I had toast and a cup of tea. I have some of the grilled chicken from yesterday and plan to put that in a gluten free pitta bread with plenty of salad-or maybe i'll miss out the pitta bread and just go for the salad with chicken!

Dinner will definately be either more salad or soup!

Thanks for making me feel better about the not losing anything this week because of my period Kat-it did actually make me feel a little better and relieved!

I am really looking forward to the punchbag-i'll find to find a picture of someone I don't like and stick it on there and start punching away! Punch away my stress :)
Morning KG, just enjoyed reading through your diary. I think you are doing really well, and remember losing 1lb is better than losing nothing! I think you should stop being so hard on yourself when you slip up. These things happen! As long as you get straight back on track then it's just a blip! It's one thing i have learnt anyway - i don't want what i eat to rule my life anymore! I have enjoyed doing WW over the last couple of weeks and am feeling really good about things, gotta see this as a longterm lifestyle change. You're doing really well, keep up the good work!
Hey littlepiecesofcheese

I read your name and thought mmmmmm cheese :)

Thanks for your encouraging words-exactly what I need right now!

I don't know how to explain it-even though I know yesterday was just one night and I can still get to my goal- I just kind of feel like I let myself down-maybe my hormones are in overdrive!!!

Like you I don't want what I eat rule my life but at the moment I don't know how else to be-it feels like it's the only way to lose any weight. I went 7 weeks without losing a single pound despite eating properly and exercising and i've had a look on the forum and no one else seems to have this problem. People have gone maybe a week or two at staying the same but i've gone 7 weeks :(

I know I shouldn't be comparing myself to others as everyone is different but I can't help it. When I do it right I don't lose any weight so when I eat something I shouldn't it makes me feel worse if that makes sense :S

All I can do is carry on and hope that somewhere along the line the weight starts to come off.
I am really looking forward to the punchbag-i'll find to find a picture of someone I don't like and stick it on there and start punching away! Punch away my stress :)
Hey KD, what a great idea! :D

It's hard losing weight the healthy way. It takes long and you don't see big losses every week so it's harder to stay motivated. Your calories are already quite low - did you consider doing one of the vlcd's? (very low calorie diets) I just finished 8 weeks on meal replacements, lost 32lbs and it was so easy compared to the last 3.5 years of trying healthy eating+exercise. The plan is to get back on food now and lose the rest calorie counting.

I know some people don't think it's healthy but I did quite a lot of research before starting this and didn't find anything unhealthy about it! I am certainly in a much better health now than I was 8 weeks ago. Anyway thought I'd mention this in case you didn't come across the vlcd's yet.

Your dinner out sounds yummy, can't remember last time I had tapas. We dont' really have a nice place nearby that does them. I think it's great that you had them, you have been strict to yourself for a long time and it's important to let your hair down every now and then. It could have been worse! Lika pizza for example... :D Also as far as I'm concerned we are entitled to endulge at this specific time of the month so you have a perfect reason!

Hope you are feeling better.


It's been a little while since I wrote as I have been away visiting my parents (it was my dads birthday on Wednesday!)

I'll have to try to remember what I ate now! Dinner on Tuesday was grilled salmon with 3 grilled cherry tomatoes and a rocket/watercress/spinach salad. And a splash of balsamic vinegar!

Wednesday-breakfast was a piece of toast with tea. Lunch was half a duck hoison (sp) wrap from Boots- I really didn't like it! Dinner was a beef burger in a gluten free pitta bread-I had a stomach ache that day so wasn't really that hungry.

Thursday-breakfast was missed because I was in a rush. Lunch was some saag (spinach) that my nan made-she had a stroke a couple of years back so has cut back on butter and frying stuff so you know when you eat at hers it's all healthy food! With the saag I had one gluten free pitta bread-even my nan keeps those in the cupboard for me! Dinner yesterday was spag bol with salad.

This morning I woke up and weighed myself-I lost a pound! I know it's only a pound but I got so excited and happy lol. I feel so much more positive after seeing that-it makes me want to carry on.

This morning I had toast and tea for breakfast-i'm getting used to eating breakfast now which hopefully is a good thing!

I've never heard of a vlcd. 32 pounds in 8 weeks-well done! That's amazing, you must feel great! I'll definately be looking into that! I found out that my cousin (who also has pcos) went on weight watchers and lost so much weight. She really does look amazing now!

I didn't even know this tapas place existed until my boyfriend took me-I have to admit the food was amazing! I'm glad I went now :) I think you're right, I have been really good with what I eat for so long! And I resisted the urge to eat pizza! :)

On an aside point-my boyfriend has lost nearly a stone! He says he wants to lose one more and then he'll be done. He is running loads and doing lots of weight training. Awww i'm so proud of him. :) I told him I wanted to go to either Dubai or Hawaii next summer so I guess that is my new goal date! :)
Just as an update before I forget-I had tomato soup for my lunch :)

Haven't had any fruit over the past couple of days-but I think that's because I feel so sick and my stomach really hurts :(
Ok so my family had KFC for dinner on Friday but I opted out and had a pitta bread with salad and a nice cup of tea!

Saturday I missed breakfast and had a piece of toast for lunch. Dinner was salmon in a lemon and chilli sauce with some spinach and rocket salad.

Sunday I missed breakfast again. I had two pieces of toast and tea for lunch. Dinner was grilled chicken with sweet potato wedges and green beans.

Today I did make toast to bring and eat at work but got so busy that I forgot to eat it. I ended up having it for lunch with some spicy grilled salmon mixed with spinach.

I think I might be coming down with something :( Lately I just haven't felt hungry, i'm starting to feel really tired and drained of any energy as well. I'm eating because I think I should rather than if/when i'm hungry. I hope I get over it soon!

Weigh in was on Sunday-I only lost that 1 pound I lost earlier on in the week-but 1 pound is better than none and it's definately better than putting on! Not sure what I'm having for dinner tonight. Need to keep eating very light for this week as it's my boyfriends birthday on Friday. I won't be seeing him until Sunday but I said i'd make him a nice meal.
I wrote on this last night but it isn't showing up for some reason :(

Monday for dinner I ended up having plain yoghurt with cucumber and fresh coriander mixed in-not a lot I know but I was still feeling quite poorly so ate for the sake of eating rather than because I felt hungry. Tuesday I managed a piece of toast at work with a cup of tea, in the afternoon I had the yoghurt again and for dinner I had meditarrean(sp) vegetables with a large mushroom filled with cheese and topped with breadcrumbs- I know not the most healthist meal but something in me really wanted that mushroom!

I didn't have the energy for a full blown workout but thought after all that cheese I should probably do some kind of exercise. I bought this thing-it's like a disc that sits on the floor and you stand on it and twist-it's really great! It counts the number of twists and number of calories you have burnt. I really wanted to get to about 250-300 calories but because i've been unwell I managed 150 and then started to feel quite light headed and dizzy. My legs hurt today, which actually makes me smile because I know I must have done something right!

Had no breakfast today-I don't want to stop eating breakfast now that I have started but I just couldn't face it today. Instead had a cup of tea. I read though that black coffee (with no sugar) wasn't on the gi list because it had no value-so I may try coffee in the morning instead of tea! Also does anyone know if sushi is low gi. I read somewhere that it was but I always thought the rice would make it high gi. Then I read that I was actually right and now i'm a little confused. I used to love sushi but haven't eaten it in 3 months! Would love to know if I could start-i'd be down the supermarket so fast my feet wouldn't touch the ground!
Lunch yesterday was a pitta bread filled with salad-this tastes soooooo good! For dinner my boyfriend bought a burger and chips for me. Not sure how many calories are in this but i'm guessing it's a little more than I eat in the whole day lol.

Got on the scales this morning to look at the damage and i'd actually lost a pound! Just think of what I might have lost if I didn't eat that burger! Definately don't regret it as it tasted like heaven!

I did the disc thing yesterday-didn't really have much time-only ended up burning about 50 calories. Will be doing some proper exercise today as I feel much better :)

Going to have a few oranges and grapes for breakfast along with my cup of tea. I considered having coffee-I love the smell of it but hate the taste! Unless it's in tiramisu!

Right time to do some work :)

Hope everyone is ok xxxx
Lunch yesterday was another pitta with salad. I had no food in the house yesterday-well apart from salmon and I think i'm getting sick of that! I ended up making pasta- so much for low gi!

Definately need to get to the supermarket tonight after work!

I had tea this morning-didn't end up having breakfast yesterday (the fruit) like I planned-things at work were just so hectic! I haven't had breakfast today but am starting to feel reeeeeeeeeeeeally hunger so i'm going to have some fruit now.

Lunch will be what's left of the pasta. Dinner will be whatever I decide to get from the supermarket. I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally want pizza! They have a gluten free base in the supermarket I go to so I might get that- however I won't be eating cheese! I'll have loads of vegetables on it :D

Weigh in is in 2 days! I lost a pound earlier on in the week-lets hope another one decides to go away before Sunday!

Exercise wise-i'm working overtime today so can't get to the gym. Will either try to do my fitness DVD or the twist thing again.

My punchbag arrived!!! Well it arrived a while ago but I don't have a pump to fill it up! Must remember to get one from somewhere.

Anyway I must get back to work!

Take care


Friday night I ended up going out and instead of getting stuff from the supermarket I ate at a lovely restaurant. I was good though! Had myself some seabass with a tomato salsa and it was gorgeous! Seabass is my favourite fish! I had no alcohol either-instead I opted for a nice cup of tea (as it was all cold and windy!) and then apple juice.

Saturday I woke up late and didn't really want breakfast, neither did I have lunch to be honest. I went into town. Was my boyfriends birthday so we went shopping to buy him a present. We did end up at a pizza place though! But that was only because everywhere else in town was so unbelievably placked. Was about 5 when we started eating so I had no dinner after. Pizza was all I had on Saturday, calorie wise I think I might be ok, it's the base of the pizza i'm more worried about! I came home and did my aerobics dvd.

This morning-well afternoon I have just gotten up. I feel asleep at about 2am on my sofa and randomly woke up at 4am. Has anyone seen Paranormal Activity?! All the weird stuff happens at 4am :( So yes I turned into a proper girl and got a little freaked out. I was up till about 6.30am. Then I went into my bedroom and fell asleep until now. I'm gasping for a cup of tea but I have no milk :( For lunch I think i'm just going to have some roasted vegetables.

My dinner is all sorted out-i'm cooking pan fried scallops in a chilli and lemon sauce with steamed baby leeks

And then for the main it's going to be mustard crusted rack of lamb with vegetable and (it was meant to be boiled baby potatoes) but my boyfriend wanted wedges instead.

Which remind me-I need to get the lamb marinating and I need to get cleaning!

Oh also weigh in was today. Just checked the scales and I am 12st 9pounds, which means that apart from that pound I lost earlier in the week I didn't lose anything else. I guess i'm just happy that i've started to lose something again! xx
Ok so Sunday afternoon I made something random. I'd had some of this in the pizza place and loved it! Basically you heat up some sweetcorn and add lots of chilli powder and those green chillis that are really hot! I had some of that and loved it! Sunday night, dinner was great! I hadn't made scallops before so was a little unsure of when they were cooked but i'd actually managed to cook them perfectly :D The lamb was a whole other story though-I like my lamb quite well done, I followed the instructions and it was still raw in the middle! Luckily I was only checking that it had been cooked and wasn't actually eating it!

Yesterday I had soup for lunch and dill coated salmon with roasted vegetables for dinner.

Today I have a gluten free garlic naan with some salad. Dinner will be some kind of chicken with a pitta and some salad I think.

Not very interesting really is it?! I did so much work yesterday-i'm so exhausted :( Will be gymming tonight-lots of running on the treadmill I think!

Oh oh oh and my bras are starting to get too big for me-something which I have to say I am definately NOT happy about!

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