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My food diary


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Ok, i got advice to start my own diary to keep track of what i'm eating so here it goes::eating:

Breakfast: skipped
Dinner: Diet coke chicken w/
onions, mushrooms, peppers, s.corn, sw chips
Tea: Melon and banana
Syns: 3 coors light (15syns i think/hope) lol

If u see that I am goin wrong in anyway, please let me know, any advice is welcomed :) x
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doesn't seem like a lot of food? did the onions/mushrooms with your chicken fill 1/3 of your plate? 3 bottles of coors light comes to 13.5 (4.5 each :))
ive had 2 weeks STS by not measuring sauces and not sticking to it properly but this week having a mainly green week and my very naughty mid week hop on scales show a good loss so far :D I weigh in thurs :)


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Tuesday's diary:

Lunch-fry up with low fat bacon, sausages (low fat)
Dinner-pasta w/meatball and sf tomato sauce 1/3 melon and banana
Syns way over probably about 30 :((


Lunch-remainder of pasta and meatballs
Rest of day very bad :(

Think I need 2 start eating breakfast 2 get myself motivated for the day
Ok back on diet as of yesterday so fingers crossed I can remember how to do this right ;)


Breakfast- scrambled egg, mushrooms and beans 1/2 slice w.w bread
Snack- apple
Lunch- S.W chicken Jalfrezi w/ mushrooms, onions, red and green peppers, 1/2 rice, 1/2 S.W chips
Snack- cantelope
Syns- 2 coors light and handful of low fat crisps (14 syns)


Lunch- one egg on W.W toast w/scraping of butter
Dinner- Steak w/onions, mushrooms and s.w chips

Am I eating enough because sometimes I'm kind of afraid to eat more

Breakfast- 2 poached eggs on toast
Lunch- apple and orange
Dinner- Burger w/ sw chips and salad
Syns- crisps=4 and 3 coors light=13.5



Breakfast- 2 Slices bacon w/ mush egg and beans
Lunch- Skipped
Dinner- keema curry w/mince, onion and sw chips, rice and side salad
Syns- dressing for salad 2 syns and 3 drinks 13.5


Breakfast- apple, cantelope
Lunch- 1 slice w.w toast w/ egg, mush and bacon
Dinner- Curry sauce w/ rice no s.f :(
Syns- 3 drinks 13.5


Breakfast- S.W chips, bacon, mush onions and beans
Lunch- 2 mandarins
Dinner- remainder of curry sce w/ rice and salad

I'm still finding it very hard not to pig out at night, there is only so much fruit I can eat and I don't really like yogurts

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