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My hair is all falling out! Advice Please!!


The last couple of days in the shower I have noticed that when washing my hair, a lot of it (much more than is normal) is coming out in my hands, and when brushing too.

It also just seems to come out randomly, like right now there are 3 hairs on my keyboard... will blow them off now actually.

I know this is a side effect of CD and is not all that uncommon, but was wondering if there is anything I can do to stop it as I really dont want to lose lots of hair especially as mine grows VERY slowly and I get married next year and weas hoping to grow it nice and long by then, but if it all falls out I will look a mess :(

Help please anyone in the know/CDCs??

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Hun i really don't know what to say to you, maybe give your cdc a call and see what advice she/he can give. This was the one thing that scared me about the diet but heard it was a very low percentage....when i asked about it i was told that it is temporary and should do no long term damage, also that it won't come out in clumps but may thin slightly. Like i said not really sure what to say but i hope that can settle your fears slightly.xx


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Aww your not a freak show...i think if anything people just don't know how to respond if they haven't yet gone through it. You will look beautiful on your big day, of that much i am sure.xx
It could just be the time of year Nikki, we all 'moult' at different times, this could be yours!

Holland and Barrett do hair loss supplements, dont know much about them, just thought i would mention it.


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I don't know about VLCD's and hair loss but I do know what it's like to have hair loss problems. I hope it is only temporary for you but I would also suggest either talking to your CDC or doctor
I have really really fine hair.... and i have a bald patch at the front.... it's small but i hate it.... :( don't knwo if you can stop it happening on SS...

Nas x
Thankyou guys :) my CDC is on hol, was hoping a CDC might come on here and post some words of wisdom. This deffo is not moulting tho- this is BAD. I am so not giving up on the diet tho. I guess I have a lot of hair (my friend who is a hairdresser constantly sighs with dismay when highlighting it as it takes 4 and a half hours due to thickness) so a little bit isn't the end of the world. If it gets bad though I will have to reconsider as I know Sarah (westiegirl) lost a lot and it took ages to grow back... I am not risking no hair for my big day, especially as I will be under my goal in 2 stones time and would rather lose it some other way if it meant not losing all my hair. Will stick with it for now tho! x


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Keep a careful eye on it and get someone else to check your head for patches. It could just be thinning or it could be full on patching. Neither are nice but it helps to know what you are dealing with
just makes me so :( am surrounded by hair, its all in my brush which I only cleaned out just now and ran through my hair once and all on the chair and on my clothes :( cant be good.
Hiya! Just remembered reading this LL thread a while ago, apparently there's somr good supplements at Holland & Barrett. It might be worth giving them a try.

I know it's really difficult not to worry- especially if , like me, your hair is really fine and takes ages to grow, but I'm sure a good dose o' vits will help!

Thanks, might give the supplements a go. This has just made me feel rly down in the dumps and makes me question whether its all worthwhile. But I will stick with it, I cant be bold AND overweight!! x
Hi Wannabslim

Have just copied this from the W8 forum - gives some advice about hair loss - supplements/special conditioner. Hope its helpful

It was Zinc tablets which I got from boots and also a vitamin E spray in conditioner. She told me not to use normal conditioner after shampooing but use the spray instead.

I used all the Vitamin E spray she gave me and now use Aussie Miracle hair Insurance leave in conditoner also from boots - which is about £4, its for weak and distressed hair so thought it might help.

My hair is still coming out more than normal, but has slowed down since using the zinc and spray.

My consultant has advised I go onto maintenance as of yesterday as its my body saying enough is enough and should probably start maintenance a bit early so thats what I'm doing.

Apparently your body holds on to your hair whilst in the first stages of VLCD and then releases all the hair you would have normally lost anyway.

Dont panick, mines been coming out since about mid May and I'm not bold yet, but going onto maintenance just to make sure anyway!! :)

Carol x
wanna be slim i no how you feel ive got really thin hair naturally and my hair has started coming out ive heard lots of people say this happened to then ur not alone my started week 7 or so hairs in the bath lots on brush u can see all the roots on hairs ive started taking perfectal 7.00 pounds 4 a monthes suplly im hoping it will help ....... hair does grow back im told try not to worry to much and endure it till you cant no more


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hey hon. if you have thick hair naturally i wouldn't worry about it too much. most people lose an even spread. when hair drops out it is because a new hair is pushing through. your hair stops growing to conserve energy on a vlcd and then new hair will start growing, pushing out the other hair. i've been told it can take up to six weeks for the new hair to get to a length where your hair will look thicker again, and then obviously it will have to grow to the length of the rest. however we always have hair dropping out and growing again, it's just that it does it all at once. i don't think you'll get patches or go bald...

abz xx


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Hiya, Mine began to fall out about 8weeks ago when I had been ssing for 3 months. So much so that my OH was commenting on how much was blocking the shower everyday! Hair brush too. And everywhere else that I had been, don't even mention running my fingers through it!
The ends began to get sparse, and overall dry. I have just had 2" cut off the length so it wasn't straggly. Lots of new regrowth showing though, especially at the front, and it seems to be an even loss. I don't think it's an event you can stop no matter what you try, just embrace as a side effect of weight loss! Someone on the liptrim forum had a huge loss. Mine seems to be slowing down now after about 5 weeks 'moult'

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