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My healthy eating plan

Hi guys ive been an on off member of this website and have done a range of different diets from weightwatchers to lipotrim to orlistat and with help from my husband i am starting the only diet which i have done in the past which has worked which is a healthy eating plan with abit of exercise added in all kept in a weekly chart. i have struggled with my weight all my life and used this diet to lost weight which helped no doubt to enable me to get pregnant with my now 1 year old daughter. I want to have more children but cannot even contemplate that now with being as overweight and unhealthy although no longterm ilnesses as of yet.
i suffer from bouts of binge eating due to boredom or emotional eating and that is were im most likely to fail so im here for support and advice and for anyone to read my food diary and make comments. i intend to keep to this all the way.

so here is my first food diary post which will include yesterday and today.

sunday 26th june
breakfast- 1 slice of white toast with marge
snack- banana
lunch- salad- 1 tin tuna, 1/4 cucumber, tablespoon of salad croutons, 2 tblspns of light mayo and tsp of horseradish sauce.
snack- 2 carrots
supper- 2 small palm sized homemade burgers with plain rice and peppers in redwine and soy sauce.
extras- i also had 1 ice lolly which was 32cals it was boiling!
excersise- 1 mile walk

monday 27th june
breakfast- 1 slice of white toast with marge
snack- banana
lunch- salad- 1/2 tin of tuna, 1/4 cucumber, lettuce, dressing- 1tblspn mayo, 1tspn sugar, garlic powder, white vinegar, water.
snack- 3 quarters of a large red pepper
supper- 2 small palm sized homemade burgers with plain rice and peppers in redwine and soy sauce.
extras- 4 strawberries
excersise- short 15 min walk to the local park and back

will be back as the week goes on to post updates welcome all feedback and help
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hi no replies yet but im hoping some one will come along and give me some support.......

todays food diary
tuesday 28th june
breakfast- strawberry lowfat yoghurt
snack- a banana
lunch- pasta half tin of tuna 1/2 tblspn light mayo and some pickles
snack- 2 carrots
supper- 250g sliced fairy steaks stirfried with brocoli and cauliflower sauce was soy sauce olive oil and teriyaki sauce, with noodles was delicious!
extras- none
excersise- did a 15 min walk


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Hey Michelle, you food looks delicious! It's also really inspiring to know that you've lost weight before and managed to have your little girl. Me and my partner want to start trying for a baby once we're married (next year) so a big reason I'm trying to lose weight is so I'll be able to conceive. I really hope it goes well for you with your next one too! You seem to have the food side of this down already. How are you finding it so far?

If you're prone to suffering from binge eating it can be a good idea to make some healthy snacks in advance so you have something ready for when you feel the urge. I used to get some plastic cups and fill them with sugar free jelly and keep them in the fridge just in case I could feel one coming!

Hope it's going okay and I look forward to the rest of yours posts!
hi emily thanks so much for ur encouragment i havent been fat my whole life but have always struggled with my weight i guess your right it is a motivation knowing what i could look like and that i can be thin because i have been before, i am trying to make the food as nice as possible just because its a diet doesnt mean the food has to be gross! i like your idea about the jelly! so far this week has been hard i havent binged once yet which for me is great as a normal week could be upto 4 binges, it has been reallly hard ive been in tears 2 nights because ive just been desperate to binge! its so weird because i am trying to listen to my stomach alot which i never used to do, you cant really if you intend to binge, i knew i wasnt hungry atall and i could not make any excuses to myself so it was so weird to feel this intense urge of wanting to eat and having to ignore it. but my hub encourages me loads sometimes he works nights tho which can make it harder but so far so good heres the food diary uptodate will add more on sat.

wednesday 29th june
breakfast- low fat strawberry yoghurt
snack- a pepper
lunch- pasta half tin of tuna 1/2 tblspn light mayo and some pickles mixed togetha
snack- NONE :sigh:
supper- grilled chicken salad with lettuce and cucumber my dressing was, 1tblspoon of light mayo, 1tsp sugar, garlic, white vinegar, water. only used about half the dressing.
extras- had a banana had very bad binge pangs was finding it so hard so had a late night banana lol!
excersise- none didnt have time was visiting the inlaws

thursday 30th june
breakfast- small bowl of crunchy nut with skimmed milk
snack- banana
lunch- bought a smoked salmon an creamchese sandwich on brown bread only had half it wasnt nice:cry:
snack- cucumber
supper- busy cooking masses for the weekend having lots of guests over, so only had time to eat a freshly baked roll by me!
extras- a few licks and tastes of my cooking
excersise- no time today been cooking for hours but it must be exercise as my feet were achinng from standing in the kitchen!

enjoy weekends! xx
hiya, i will come spy on you and u can do the same to me lol :) xx
Hi Michelle

Just wondered if you were still doing your diary - I am just trying to get myself motivated and back on track and lots of the stuff you were saying really rang a bell with me. I do wish you well.