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My induction week one meal plans

I have sat with the book and planned every morsel, please tell me I have got it right! If I haven't I am going to have to question my intelligence and maybe scream..any suggestions and corrects are most welcome :)

B: 2x Scrambled eggs, bacon (1.2g)
S: Sugar free jelly and double cream (unsure)
L: Chicken Breast,70g lettuce (0.2), 50g cucumber (1g), pepper (2.1g) , full fat mayo
S: 10 green olives
D: Haddock, 230g tomatoes (5g) and 60g full fat cheese (0.8g)
T: 10.3g carbs

B: Cheese omelette, 2 eggs (1.2g) 60g cheese (0.8g)
S: 10 green olives
L: Tuna, 35g lettuce (0.1g), full fat mayo,50g cucumber (1g)
S: sugar free and double cream
D: Pork chops, 50g cauliflower (1.4g) and 60g cheese (0.8g) 70g broccoli (1.6g)
T: 6.9g carbs

B: Poached eggs, bacon and 70g mushroom (2.4g)
S: pepperami
L: Chicken breast, egg, bacon, mayo. 35g Lettuce(0.1g) ,115g tomato (2.5g), 50g cucumber (1g)
S: sugar free jelly and double cream
D:70g mushrooms (2.4g), 230g tomatoes (5g), 60g cheese (0.8g), pepperami, green olives
T: 14.2g carbs

B: Cheese omelette (2g)
S: 10 olives
L: Chicken salad wraps, 35g lettuce (0.1g), mayo, 50g cucumber (1g)
S: Sugar free jelly and double cream
D: Rosemary chicken thighs,70g broccoli (1.6g) and 30g cheese (0.4g)
T: 5.1g carbs

B: Bacon, eggs and 70g mushrooms (2.4g)
S: 30g cheese (0.4)
L: fish,35g lettuce(0.1g) , 50g cucumber (1g), 115g tomato (2.5g), mayo
S: sugar free jelly and double cream
D: baked meat balls, beef mince, passata, 140g cabbage (2.2g)
T: 8.6g carbs

B: Omelette (2g)
S: 10 olives
L: fish salad, lettuce, cucumber, mayo (3.6g)
S: sugar free jelly and double cream
D: whatever meat and veg is left!

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S: 11st0lb C: 11st5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: -0st5lb(-3.25%)
Most of it looks good Jools, but tomatoes are a lot higher than you've calculated. I don't know the exact carbs, but a cherry tomato is 1.5g! So your amounts will be higher. I think I've read they ar about 17g for 100g in weight! The rest looks great though :D


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S: 11st0lb C: 11st5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: -0st5lb(-3.25%)
I've just checked the 'carb counting made easy' sticky at the top & one medium tomato is 5g. Hope this helps :)


Clean green leafy machine
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This is good stuff Jools, giving me (as another newbie) some good ideas :)


Yummy mummy to be!
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Tomatoes are 2.72NC per 100g so 230g is 6.3g NC.

You are eating all the right things but you need to eat more vege's. Some days you are only getting 5nc for the whole day! This is very low, you are supposed to get 20nc a day with 12-15 coming from vege's.
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Agreed I don't see enough green leaf veggies there.


Being the resident CARB NAZI, why all the S/F and L?C stuff :)
I only have sf jelly...because I know I will crave something sweet!
I wil try and cram some more veg in, I hate veg lol but needs must when the devil drives!! x


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S: 11st0lb C: 11st5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: -0st5lb(-3.25%)
Sorry, I presumed the tomatoes were fresh, not tinned :)

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